Full Moon in Capricorn July 2015 – The Hand that Feeds

the-rime-of-the-ancient-marinerThe Full Moon occurs at 2:19 (UT) on the 2nd July at 9CAP55

Whilst Venus and Jupiter delight in their meeting, the Moon asks that we keep our feet firmly on the ground at this serious and somewhat intense lunation.

Capricorn is the sign of conservation and conservative in its approach. Its earthy energy is highly practical and business like. It doesn’t have time for emotional input – get the job done, cry afterwards is Capricorn’s attitude. The Moon is in detriment in this sign, like a fish out of water struggling to match intuitive gut instinct with worldly reality. The Sun in the Moon’s sign Cancer, pitches feelings against rational, family against work. Both signs are fighting for attention and emotions run deep with the Moon conjunct Pluto. You want to achieve something of note; to leave a legacy; to provide for your family or support your home life. But the Sun in Cancer conjunct Mars is fighting hard – or fuelling your ambition, it could go either way. If there are been tensions between work and home this lunation may bring things to a head in order to clear the way.

The Moon forms a sextile to Neptune so maybe you have a powerful vision of your ultimate aim. Pay attention to your dreams, especially to those that feature family members who have passed on. Neptune reminds you that you are connected to all that has been and all that will be. It is the invisible thread that binds us. It’s an inkling of your ancient history – the quiet voice of your ancestors whispering on the wind. Consider what your family taught you whether it was a good or bad experience. Were you shown you can achieve your dreams or were your hopes torn down when you were young? Were you taught that there’s no point even trying? Pluto says it’s time to eliminate old influences that are no longer relevant to your life – or to draw on the power of those who support or supported you.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 2015 Chart

Just before the Full Moon becomes exact, Mars will form a square to the Nodes. The Moon is also square to the Nodes providing a powerful point of tension. We are at a crossroads. Mars currently rules the transiting South Node so we are dealing with old stuff, getting out of our comfort zone. A key here is that we can’t do it alone. Find the right support for personal and spiritual development.

Mars says, what did you miss? What hasn’t been done? Where did you lack the courage? Where did you try to do it all alone? The Moon’s conjunction to Pluto is pushing for transformation – things will change whether or not you take action. The difference is whether you instigate that change or let it happen to you. A square to Vesta also pushes you to focus. The Moon in Capricorn suggests we need to handle this with maturity.

This is a crunch point, noted by ruler Saturn square to asteroid Juno. It’s time to make a commitment one way or the other.  If you have been delaying a decision or hedging your bets, this lunation may force things to a head.  A very wide square from Saturn to the brilliant Venus-Jupiter conjunction simply says you can’t have it all. The trine from Saturn to Chiron however is a gentle reminder that yes, you are strong enough.

The Sabian symbol of this Full Moon is :-

An Albatross Feeding From The Hand Of A Sailor

Marine superstition says it’s bad luck to kill an albatross and that to sight an albatross meant that land is near. Whilst the latter is a fallacy, this symbol brings up issues about facing fears as well as suggesting where we sometimes need to make unusual alliances. As a wild bird, the albatross has a natural fear of humankind yet in the image it feeds from the hand of the sailor. Overcoming our fears ‘feeds’ us. It may be literal, such as overcoming your fear of asking for a promotion which ultimately puts more money in the bank or it can be symbolic in that overcoming fears is a necessary part of the journey. Pluto says sometimes you have to face the ‘enemy’, whether it’s internal or external. This is how you connect to your own powerful inner authority. Sometimes certain relationships in life facilitate our growth, even if they are challenging ones. No one is an island.

On the flip side of this symbol, maybe there is something here about ‘biting the hand that feeds’ – especially Mars conjunct the Sun and Pluto conjunct the Moon. There may be a danger of reacting, particularly with authority figures and more so if you feel disempowered. Back off if you feel provoked. Perhaps you are haunted by past failures. Remove the albatross from your neck.

Ultimately, with the right support, a realistic vision and commitment, you can nurture your ambitions and continue to build upon all that you have achieved so far. This can be a transformative time. Those of you with planets or points around 8 – 10 degrees of the cardinal signs will feel this most.

Painting – ‘The rime of the ancient Mariner’ by Gustave Dore


4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Capricorn July 2015 – The Hand that Feeds”

  1. I’ve experienced a lot of warmth from those with Capricorn planets – and I’ve also experienced the opposite. My Capricorn Sun sister used to be cold for no reason – I walked up to her open bedroom door, and cheerfully said something to her one day, and she got up, stared at me, and shut the door in my face. ??? I’ve never understood how someone can be that way. She later offered a rare apology.

    I’ve had Capricorn Moon friends do the same sort of thing, and I don’t like it. I had one just ditch me a couple of years ago, and when she warmed up again, I couldn’t trust her. I’ve gone with the flow, and accepted people as they are my whole life, and I just can’t anymore.

    I do have one Cappy Moon friend who has never been that way. She’s a Cancer, with Venus in Leo, and Mars/Jupiter in Aries – the fire signs aspecting my Mercury/Ceres/Chiron/Sun in Aries. We’ve been friends since we were eleven years old. My Jupiter squares her Sun and Moon. She’s one of my favourite people.

  2. Thanks or your comment Melissa. Yes, a strong Capricorn overtone in a chart has the tendency to put up walls sometimes. Choosing the right people to walk the life path with and drawing boundaries is necessary even when it is difficult. I have had to do the same but I have a wonderful small group of friends who have been in my life for many years. True friends are a real blessing.

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