Venus Retrograde July 2015 – Brave Hearts

venus-1980Venus stations retrograde at 09:28 UT on the 25th July 2015 at 00VIG46.

Oh the irony – I just wrote three paragraphs for this post and deleted them. Not good enough shrieked my natal Venus conjunct Saturn. You can’t put that out there, they both grumbled, snuggled around my Aries MC. So I put on some good music, playing handsome David Fonseca’s ‘Season’s Rising: Falling’ for the Nth time and started again.


During this retrograde period, Venus will station retrograde on the edge of Virgo, the sign of her fall. This may bring up questions about the standards you are setting and/or living up to – and perhaps whose standards. Again, it comes back to exploring your values. What is true for you? Venus invites a critical examination of the people and material things in your life to see whether they are really worth it and in alignment with your core values. Maybe you are working hard and seeing nothing for it – time to reassess.

Venus Retrograde 2015
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In the retrograde chart, Venus is square to Saturn so this re-iterates exploring self-worth. It’s about defining what and who you love and why and addressing where lack of self love are devaluing your life experience. You may ask – what is this costing me; emotionally, financially? Again, is it worth it? Venus conjunct Jupiter square Saturn is like, I have all this, but do I really want it? Or maybe you are feeling denied something you are within sniffing distance of. With Mars also perfecting a square to Uranus on the same day as Venus stations retrograde, there may be questions of freedom and commitment. Passions may be running high yet nothing is happening (Venus square Saturn).

With Venus applying a square to Saturn in the retrograde chart, it brings up questions about love affairs in the past – lost love, old love, unrequited love, your first love. The love who never came back; the one who came back and you wished they didn’t. It can be useful to examine your current and past relationships to see if there is any kind of pattern that emerges or to gain insight into your love nature. Venus retrograde is traditionally a time when old loves reappear. If this occurs, bearing Saturn in mind, there may be issues of closure to address. Traditionally, this is not the best time to start a love affair. Neither is it considered the best time for investing in something expensive, you may throw good money after bad. A loan application at this time may burn a hole in your pocket later down the line. Watch your credit card expenditure – especially when retrograde Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 4th August. Spend some time sorting out your financial papers to get on top of things.

Venus will fall back into Leo on the 31st July. This is the time to explore whether you feel appreciated and what you appreciate in life. Venus in Leo loves attention, she wants to be centre stage but the retrograde period is more like sitting in the wings getting into character – your true character as Leo is ruled by the Sun. Are you brave enough to open your heart to the world – to be who you are and know that you are loveable just as you are now, not in some distant future when you have lost weight, gained weight, toned up or are receiving a large pay packet? Venus in Leo not only has a great capacity to receive love, she also has a great capacity to give love. Think of how a child shows love and affection without shame or restraint – can you do the same? Venus retrograde in Leo draws out your inner child who longs to love and be loved. Can you express sheer joy? Maybe it’s about doing something creative just for you, without worrying about any audience or expectations of performance.

The Venus Retrograde Sabian Story

Venus stations retrograde on the Sabian symbol :-

In A Portrait, The Significant Features Of A Man’s Head Are Artistically Emphasized

This symbol explores our ideals. ‘Artistically emphasised’ tends to play up our best features and play down those that are less desirable. This is Venus as ruler of Libra at play, conscious of appearances. There’s nothing wrong with playing on our best features and attributes inside or out but the problem comes when we attempt to hide other aspects of ourselves. This is a time to ask what picture are you presenting to the world: is it the true you or an idealised image? Self-esteem suffers when we try to live up to an unobtainable image of ourselves.

As Venus retrogrades back to meet the Sun, we receive a message from the creative source.

The Sabian symbol of the Sun-Venus conjunction degree is :-

In A Circus The Bareback Rider Displays Her Dangerous Skill

So the question is, are you willing to risk showing who you really are, even if it means you might make a mistake and fall? It takes great courage to present yourself openly to the world. The caution here is to guard against acting out of character in an effort to impress others. Whilst the audience out there might be applauding, your inner Venus will boo and hiss much louder.

Venus stations direct on the Sabian symbol :-

A Pageant, With Its Spectacular Floats, Moves Along A Street Crowded With Cheering People

Finally, as Venus stations direct, we can celebrate everything we have learned during the retrograde period. With Venus conjunct Mars in the station direct chart, there is potential for us to unite love and action. When you love who you are in your entirety, you can take action, knowing it will be the right action for you. When you love yourself for who you are, you have no hesitation about acting on your desires. True love is spectacular and you deserve to be celebrated.


Venus Retrograde 2015 Dates

21st Jun Entered Shadow Zone
25th Jul Station retrograde 00VIG46
31st Jul Venus re-enters Leo
4th Aug Venus conjunct Jupiter
5th Aug Venus square Saturn
6th Aug Mercury conjunct Venus
15th Aug Sun conjunct Venus 22LEO39
19th Aug Venus trine Uranus
1st Sep Venus conjunct Mars
6th Sep Station Direct 14LEO23
9th Oct Leaves Shadow Zone

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Painting – ‘Venus’ by Walasse Ting
Video – ‘What Life is For’ by David Fonseca

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  1. Love it! Thank you, Leah. Funny how yesterday I made a comment to a friend: “I need prrety things.” She said: “Let’s go to the museum then.” To which I replied: “oh no, let me rephrase that. I want to OWN pretty things!” Guess my Venus in Taurus is showing. 🙂 Venus and Jupiter in the 2nd house makes me want to replace everything and acquire shiny new things. Thank heavens for Saturn and his “Do you even want this?” attitude.

  2. Just started reading this… I needed a love letter. Venus in Pisces conjunct transiting Neptune… Pluto conjunct the ascendant, Saturn return 0 degrees Sag… such a long year… you have been a comfort.. Every morning I make coffee, and open your feed on facebook. I save the art to my tablet and read and think….. Thank you. You make a difference. Mary

  3. Thanks for this Leah. This is my venus return, both annual and synodic. I have venus in Leo stationary direct at 25*26` So I m reading as much as I can. I work as an actor. Lol! Very venus Leo. I turn 40 this year, so a big one for embracing my venus energy.

  4. As Mary said ,every morning when the coffee smells Nice and Fresh your words of wisdom and the Art of your Writing Serving to enjoy the Moment and please the mind . Thank you from the Bottom of the Heart.

  5. Thank you, Leah. Venus stations on my ascendant and I have natal Venus in Leo at 20 degrees so this is hugely helpful to me. I love your analysis of the Sabians in particular. Hope she will be a balm for you. All best.

  6. It’s all about self worth, self care and authenticity for me lately, stepping up to a 2.0 version of myself it seems now I turn my passion into a freelance version and being invited to tag a value in money to that, ha! Great to have your posts in support. And now a musical gesture too, awesome! Listening now. Keep it up and take good care 🙂 loving blessings from the Netherlands <3

  7. How we value ourselves relates to our financial position…. can we get an amen from the choir. Revisiting the post.

  8. Hello Leah, thank you for sharing these insights. I have a question for you: My partner is separated but not divorced yet and currently in the process of letting the past go, getting all the paperwork sorted out etc. Let me also mention that the divorce is not a mutual decision; his spouse did not want to separate, hence he still feels guilty. What could Venus retrograde mean for our blossoming relationship? I know there is no readymade answer to this, but I am just so worried that he will start second-guessing his decision and will long back for the past (for all the wrong reasons; there really is no love and affection left there). I am very understanding and patient, but also don’t want to feel insecure and uncertain about what we have. Thank you for shedding your light on this.

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