New Moon in Cancer July 2015 – Origins

ship-in-a-storm-1879The New Moon occurs at 01:24 (UT) on the 16th July 2015 at 23CAN13.

Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother. Symbolised by the crab, Cancer is where we reconnect with the great ocean of history stretching back from lifetime to lifetime. It’s your Mother and hers and hers and so on, back through aeons, back to the first fish that scrabbled out of the ocean and onto land. The house with Cancer on the cusp in your chart shows the area of life which expresses something of the origins of your emotional nature.

Cancer is both the tenderness and fierce protective instincts of a Mother, animal or human. The crab may be soft and tender on the inside but its protective shell is rock hard and you don’t want to mess with those claws. When Cancer has hold of something, it doesn’t let go. This tenacity can see it through tough times but it can also mean that it can hold onto those things that are long past their sell by date.

This New Moon is emotionally intense and has complex overtones. On the one hand, the Moon is in a lovely flowing Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Chiron. Love can be supportive, healing, gentle, kind. It’s stumbling into the arms of your Mother after you’ve scraped your knee. Love can be what holds you up when the chips are down. But on the other hand, the Moon is square to Uranus so some part of you wants to cut the proverbial apron strings and be free to do your own thing, even if you make a mistake, even if you fall.

Mercury and Mars are both conjunct in Cancer and in a feisty and oppressive opposition to Pluto and all are square to Uranus creating a t-square pattern. The New Moon is also square Uranus and conjunct Eros, God of desire. Love is edgy, dangerous, compulsive – you need it and you need it now. If a relationship has become smothering or all consuming, it’s possible this Moon could see sudden splits in a bid for freedom, self-direction and some space goddamit! Coupled with the fierce urge to express our truth, we can see that this Moon could manifest as some tortuous scenes.

On an inner level, this lunation brings up questions of how safe is too safe? You may feel stifled yet vulnerable. You may hunger for something different but at the same time you want things to stay the way they have always been. You have the potential to use the powerful Mercury-Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination to heave yourself out of your comfort zone and take a risk but it won’t be without cost or consequence with Pluto involved. Tune in to the power of the Grand Water Trine. Take the time to connect with your own inner parent (Saturn) and mentor (Chiron) and consider what is best for you. Cancer says, if you loved yourself unconditionally, what would you choose? What is the wise choice (Chiron) for the long term (Saturn).

New Moon in Cancer July 2015 – Chart

New Moon in Cancer 2015 - Chart
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The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Woman And Two Men Castaways On A Small Island Of The South Seas

At first glance, this symbol takes us right back to the idea of origins. These castaways have the potential to give birth to a new population later down the line but there are choices to be made. Who will be with whom? This Moon offers us the choice too – something safe, something different; this person or that person, something old or something new? But it’s wise to acknowledge that many of the choices we make are firmly rooted in our emotional history. This Moon may make us aware of where we may be inclined to just react based on gut instinct and preconditioning.

Considering they are stranded on an island, one way or another these three people in the Sabian must learn to get along despite their passions (indicated by the direction South which equates to ‘fire’). With only the three of them, each has to rely on the others for care and support. It’s easy to see how this could quickly develop into an oppressive situation if one person falls for another. Sometimes this symbol can relate to triangle relationships and as they say, three’s a crowd. With the t-square in this chart, it’s quite possible that this gorgeous south sea island is home to a slumbering volcano.

And then there’s the same old faces, day in, day out. The urgent desire for fresh content, stimulation, a different perspective. This small island can either be idyllic or utterly claustrophobic. And that’s how I feel looking at this chart – it makes me feel claustrophobic, like I want to climb out of my skin. It’s funny because this thought immediately made me look for asteroid Icarus and I wasn’t at all surprised to see the Moon is moving towards a trine to Icarus just a couple of hours after the New Moon. Oh yes, there’s a whole lot of ‘anywhere but here’ going on in this chart.

This Moon invites us to move with the tide, acknowledge and explore the feelings we have. Hold your breath and dive deep to get to the bottom of it. Giving voice to this complex array of emotional depths may be cathartic or cataclysmic. The truth will set us free but how we handle these truths will make all the difference as to whether we have a supportive network still in place afterwards! The danger in this Moon is that we may be inclined to burn bridges that would perhaps help us to cross high seas in the future.

We may also be challenged to let go of what we have been so tenaciously holding onto in order to free us from suffocating restriction. Whilst this may feel painful, ultimately this release creates the space for growth. Anchor yourself in these stormy seas by approaching any conflicts with the humility of Chiron and the maturity of Saturn. That way you can build bridges, instead of destroying them.

If you have planets or points around 22 – 24 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) this lunation will make more of an impact.

Painting ‘Ship in a Storm’ by Henry Ossawa Tanner