Jupiter enters Virgo 2015

jupiter enters VirgoJupiter enters Virgo at 11:11 on the 11th August 2015. Whilst of course the time and even date may be different depending on where you live on the globe, I cannot ignore the significance of the repeated number 11. As one of the Master numbers, many people connect 11:11 to angelic vibrations.

And this is interesting considering Virgo is the opposite sign to spiritual Pisces and Jupiter is the old ruler of Pisces. One of the characteristics most often attributed to Virgo is its desire for perfection. Ughh, they are just so Virgo, wanting everything to be neat and tidy all the time. We hear the moans and of course this is just a stereotype just as all the signs are typified from time to time. But there is a grain of truth in it because Virgo is the embodiment of the perfection of Pisces. Virgo understands at a deep level, the perfection of source, the cosmic order and seeks to re-create this here on Earth in human form. Herein lies the difficulty for those who have very strong Virgo working for them in the chart because ‘less than perfect’ can be so noticeable, so deeply unacceptable that out comes the criticism, more often than not squarely aimed at themselves.

Jupiter as co-ruler of Pisces, isn’t entirely comfortable in Virgo. It’s the sign of its detriment, considered debilitated and ill at ease. But in many ways, I think there are some bountiful blessings to this transit. Back when I wrote the 2015 yearly update, I noted both Jupiter and the Node’s movement into Virgo. The Nodes post will come later but all this Virgo energy made me think of the clean up crew after the mess of the Uranus-Pluto square! Jupiter in Virgo will show us the positives of putting our lives back in order and encourage each of us to take care of ourselves better. Having already made a sparkling trine to Uranus whilst travelling through Leo, Jupiter will go on to trine Pluto. It’s like Jupiter is picking up after both of them, dusting them off after their long battle and cleaning them up ready to make the very best of whatever happened.

Bearing in mind Jupiter likes to be right and Virgo likes to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’, there is a danger of some being highly critical of others methods and falling into holier than thou territory. With an emphasis on mutable signs in the chart for the next year with Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune and Chiron both in Pisces, flexibility will be key.

Those of you who are Virgo Sun signs or Virgo Rising or natal Jupiter in Virgo are likely to see some expansive opportunities opening up ahead. But as Jupiter is generous, we all get a slice of the jovial pie. Look to the house with Virgo on the cusp to see which area of life is ripe for development. Here you are being asked to hone your skills, broaden your knowledge, improve your methods. We will need to work for the gifts that Jupiter brings but mostly likely enjoy earning them. Look also to the house with Sagittarius on the cusp to see where benefits may come as a result of what you learn during this time.

After Jupiter’s jaunt through Leo, the focus is on cleaning up our act so to speak. It’s easy to put on a front with Jupiter in Leo – to blag it as we say up North in England! In other words; act the part, fake it til you make it and all that jazz. Not so in Virgo. This is where it gets real. You either have the skills or your don’t with this sign but Jupiter is likely to trigger a positive response towards the joy of learning. After all, Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. Open your mind. Think like an apprentice learning from a master. Be humble and allow yourself to be corrected. Accept where your knowledge or skill is lacking and be joyful in your studies and practice. Jupiter in Virgo invites us to practice what we preach.

One phrase comes to me again and again – self improvement. It’s the perfect time to start a process of personal development, a new exercise regime or diet. Managing this transit will be about managing the art of keeping one eye on the little picture and the other eye on the big picture. Small actions can have a big effect. Think ‘cumulative’.

The spirit of service may well be strong during the next year. It would be nice to think that on a mundane level this could encourage a little more kindness, a little more help for those who are in need rather than passing the buck. In our own lives, charitable work or simply being conscious of our carbon footprint or how what we do affects others may help that ripple effect to become a tide of positive improvements globally as well as locally.

Jupiter will create supportive trines to Pluto on the 11th October 2015, 16th March 2016, and the 26th June 2016. These two planets together are sometimes linked to the concept of ‘wealth’. Perhaps this is a quiet nod towards a more generous sharing of available funds.

In your own chart, Jupiter’s expansion will support  and compliment the affairs of the house where Pluto is transiting, encouraging positive transformative experiences.

Be humble you are made of earth
Be noble you are made of stars
Serbian proverb

Probably the most challenging side of this Jupiter in Virgo transit comes right at the beginning with a one hit wonder opposition between Jupiter and Neptune. This nebulous transit has a tricky side to it. It’s full of wonder, almost starry eyed. It’s like a giant helium balloon floating up to the heavens. At the beginning of this transit we may be full of hopes and dreams, tripping on the feel good vibes, saying yes to anything the ‘master’ says like a good disciple because we know it’s going to benefit someone somewhere and hopefully clear and cleanse our sullied souls too. False modesty, delusion and falling foul of a sob story are all possible under the more negative manifestations of this aspect.

Jupiter could exaggerate Neptune escapist vibes, floating us away to cloud cuckoo land before the work has really been done. Dreaming of doing the work and actually doing the work are two very different things. It’s possible that inner faith and self believe can be sapped during this transit. Big dreams suddenly fizzle out as you realise you aren’t prepared but maybe this needs to happen so that you know exactly what needs to be done during the next year.

All that said, we will have a little restraint from an out of sign square to Saturn so if we can anchor ourselves in reality, it’s possible to turn this floaty start to Jupiter in Virgo onto something of substance. Most likely the biggest test will come when Jupiter retrograde squares Saturn for the second time next March. Dream big, visualise where you would like to go, then get down to the hard work of making it happen. Revise and refine until you find a Godly mix that works best for you.

Jupiter in Virgo Major Aspects

11-Aug-15 Jupiter enters Virgo
17-Sep-15 Jupiter opposite Neptune
11-Oct-15 Jupiter trine Pluto
03-Nov-15 Jupiter opposite Chiron
08-Jan-16 Jupiter Retrograde
23-Jan-16 Jupiter conjunct North Node
29-Jan-16 Jupiter conjunct North Node
23-Feb-16 Jupiter opposite Chiron
16-Mar-16 Jupiter trine Pluto
23-Mar-16 Jupiter square Saturn
09-May-16 Jupiter Direct
26-May-16 Jupiter square Saturn
20-Jun-16 Jupiter conjunct North Node
26-Jun-16 Jupiter trine Pluto
12-Aug-16 Jupiter opposite Chiron
09-Sep-16 Jupiter enters Libra

Painting – ‘Washing Day’ by Augustus John

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  1. Hi E Laren – Whoops, edited, lol! My astro program always lists ‘conjunct’ for a planetary ingress into a sign but normally I change it to ‘enters’ to make it clear. Perfect Jupiter in Virgo, ‘missed that little detail’ error!

  2. Hi Leah

    Thank you for an upbeat post on this. As a Piscean with a natal Mars-Sun conjunction in early degrees, squared by Moon in Gemini and a Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo (12th house) completing the T-square I’m looking forward to some interesting times during Jupiter’s transit. I’m also interested in what you think the North node moving into Virgo may bring to the feast.

    Claire H

  3. Hi Leah- it seems that the sun-jupiter conjunction occurs on the exact degree that mars went station retrograde in april of 2012. What does this signify for someone who was impacted by a decision then?

  4. Hi Clay – that would depend on a lot of factors from the natal chart, the nature of the decision and whether that degree is occupied or aspected in the natal chart. Generally I wouldn’t think it very significant unless reiterated by other transits or progressions.

  5. please I will like you to tell me how Jupiter in Virgo influence my career,home,love etc. I am born 5th June 1986

  6. Hi,

    An interesting read, thanks very much !

    Can you say a little about what to expect when Jupiter turns Retrograde in January please ?


  7. My DOB is 27/08/1964 Birth Time 5:30 AM, REWA INDIA.
    Plz forecast about coming Days of transit of Jupiter in Virgo

  8. I am reading about this date as my mum passed away on 12th August 2015 at 5.35am in Brisbane Australia, I am a Virgo and my 2 sisters are Leo, and find of interest that Jupiter was leaving Leo and moving into Virgo on or very close to this date depending on where you live…I cant help but think that this change had something to do with the date and time my mother passed … what do you think?… she was a Scorpio… and died from a Traumatic brain injury after a fall, she lived for three weeks from the date of the accident… put in a hard fight, but lost the battle

  9. Hi Angela
    I’m so sorry to hear your Mum passed away. I have found that astrologically speaking there are many different influences that can be active at the time of someone’s passing as death can occur for so many reasons and in so many different ways. That said, myself and other astrologers have sometimes noted that Jupiter is quite often part of the picture which does bring a sense of peace and perhaps reflects Jupiter’s co-rulership of Pisces denoting peace and return to spirit – and maybe the idea of travelling (Jupiter is associated with long distance travel) to new places spiritually speaking. Blessings to you and your family.

  10. Thank you Leah, I appreciate your response….I hope she finds peace soon and travels on that long journey….I have a feeling she is hanging around…

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