Full Moon in Pisces August 2015 – Flood

sea-at-night-2Yesterday in a foggy mist of migraine I drifted through the day, thoughts bubbling up – old pain weaving with head pain, a heavy chest. My grandmother always used to say grief is held in the lungs. She often related the story of how, after my Grandfather died, she was diagnosed with pneumonia and the doctor didn’t know how she’d managed to continue walking around. It hasn’t escaped my attention that my moments of breathlessness*, whilst most likely having a chemical cause as I transition into the crone period of life, may also be a manifestation of my own grieving process. With hormones raging, tears come easily but then I’ve always cried easily – happy tears, sad tears, lonely tears, joyful tears. The lack of water in my natal chart is countered by the endless inner lake that I can never cry dry. Sat at its shores is a wise inner Goddess who gifts me with stories, poetry, music, imagination and intuition.

I awoke early this morning, climbing up from dream-filled sleep and immediately felt a shift. The Sun was shining and despite the mournful toll of the church bells, I felt released once more. I wandered down to the canal with this post on my mind; planning whilst sitting under the weeping willow and peacefully watching the geese glide past the canal boats. I’m learning to ride the waves, the emotional tides of life.

Full Moon in Pisces August 2015 – Chart

Full Moon in Pisces August 2015 Chart
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The Full Moon in Pisces occurs at 18:35 (UT) on the 29th August 2015 at 06° PISCES 06 and as the Moon is close to Earth this is a Supermoon. This lunation will certainly live up to this popular term as it’s also conjunct ruler Neptune and opposite co-ruler, gas giant Jupiter. Emotions are brimming over.

Pisces is the last of the zodiac signs, the place where everything merges together into oneness. Neptune dissolves all boundaries and reminds us that everything is connected. We are all part of a whole. Pisces tugs at our heart strings, reminding us of what connects us rather than what divides. There is no separation.

Neptune spiritualises what it touches. This may be a Moon for great dreams, psychic or ghostly experiences, heightened intuition, instinctive knowing. Write down your dreams, try a guided meditation, practice lucid dreaming or astral projection.

Your compassion and empathy may also be at an all time high tide. Maybe you want to help, to rescue, to save or be saved. With Jupiter opposite to this Full Moon and Neptune however, these energies could become all encompassing, a tidal wave rushing to break. It may be easy to slip into feelings of wanting to escape this cruel, world, lost in thought, daydreaming of better days, drifting, drinking, listless, lamenting losses and falling into puddles of victim thinking.

Even the wide square to Saturn does little to anchor this chart. The billowing energies of Jupiter and Neptune puff out sails and send us on an emotional journey deep into the unconscious mind. Whether we find monsters or mermaids is all down to perspective. Great benefit Jupiter urges positive self reflection and in Virgo it encourages us to balance fantasy with practicality. Whilst it’s important to recognise pain, sorrow, loss and grief, it’s also about finding meaning in experience.

Sometimes it feels like there’s no meaning to the events that happen to us. It can feel like life tosses us around on a whim but once the seas are quiet again, understanding drifts in to meet us where we are.   Pour these creative energies into art, music, journaling. The unconscious mind and the universe speaks in symbols. Express what you are feeling in ways other than words – especially if you feel like you are drowning. Engage your imagination to open a dialogue with these unconscious and cosmic forces. These influences are magical and extraordinary.

The Full Moon is on the Sabian :-

Illumined By A Shaft Of Light, A Large Cross Lies On Rocks Surrounded By Sea

During this lunation, it may be important to recognise what is dead and gone; to celebrate what once was and to mourn its passing because it is only by surrendering to this process that the light finally comes. And that light is hauntingly beautiful, sweetened by tenderness; adorned by compassion and unconditional love. If you were hurt, forgive yourself, release the past, reframe, paint a new picture to inspire you for the future – because you are still here, standing at the shores of new adventures, if you allow it.

Mars in Leo perfects a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn shortly before the Full Moon, pointing the way ahead. It’s about knowing that you can take action, even when in the face of death – physical or metaphorical. It’s about recovering your passion for life when everything else has been stripped away. It’s remaining young at heart and vital, even when old age creeps up, tapping at the door.

Love unconditionally. Accept what was, surrender to what is and trust that the tides of life will carry you to further radiant experiences.

Painting – ‘The Sea at Night’ by Ivan Aivazovsky

* Re: breathlessness – Just a note to let people know I have had my heart and lungs tested and both are fine! Perimenopause can bring up all kinds of weird and ‘wonderful’ symptoms!

16 thoughts on “Full Moon in Pisces August 2015 – Flood”

  1. tears, oh how I know them so well. I’ll / You’ll never get over it because we CARE. As I write this, still I have the tears from reading your post. Sympathetic, empathetic, what the matter, we are life’s conscientious living it out as It Will. To deny them is no good. Just living them is so special, because Life CARES. As a bit of life talking / writing to a bit of Life we are perfected by our Feelings. Nothing else can touch us. Nothing else needs to. In the caring are all peoples, all of life’s experiences and what the difference here and now. We have lost the war of forgetting because Life Cares for us. What else do we need. We Care. This one thing alone is such a jewel.

    Love this post. It is all we need here and now. breath it as deeply as it will allow
    that is all that IS needed . . .
    caring is as close to god here on earth as it gets

    but of course you know this
    you live this. it is the caring that sustains us, if only to cry, to care

  2. Hello Leah! Again I am impressed by your writing talents! Your essays are a joy to read. Just wanted to let you know:))

  3. I was glad to see your interpretation of the sabian. I just couldn’t ‘see’ what a few other astrologers I check in with were saying in their interpretation; validation is always nice. 🙂

    glad your getting the weird *and* the wonderful.

  4. Leah, you are a dear!
    What a beautiful text! You are special, my dear friend!
    I am very thankful to you.
    Much love!

  5. Just beautiful.thanks so much as you expressed so perfectly how ive been feeling leading up to this full moon right on my Chiron Pluto opposition….I cry all the time too and felt a deep grief and drpression this week but today the light returned. Im sure your weeping willow gives you comfort. ??

  6. This has been a cruel week for me, words can not explain. Past is dredging itself up. Tears on and off for days. This eve of the full moon the worst! But, of all I’ve read about this Pisces full moon, you have hit the nail on the head in more ways than one. Thank you for addressing the emotionalality of this super Pisces moon! And how I identify with the pre-menopausal angst, or perhaps I am there at the crossroads of menopause and Crone! I don’t know for sure, but thank you- I needed to know that there’s at least one woman out there grieving for all sorts of things this eve… It’s a whopper for me with so many of my planets in Scorpio and my moon in Pisces! Thank you, I’ve finally stopped crying 😉

  7. Thank you Deborah 🙂 Yes, I love weeping willows – I always have since childhood. When I was little, a friend had a giant weeping willow in their garden. I used to love sitting amidst its circle of branches <3

  8. Just found your website great write up. I have also had two days of migraines unwarranted as I am not stressed and on holiday in a beautiful setting could not work out why. May be this up coming full moon was the culprit !!

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