Solar Eclipse in Virgo September 2015 – Chronic

dead-poet-borne-by-centaurThe Solar Eclipse occurs at 06:41 (UT) on the 13th September 2015 at 20°VIR10′.

This partial eclipse will be visible only from South Africa, Antarctica and places in the Indian and Atlantic ocean. The eclipse belongs to Saros cycle 125 which began way back in the year 1060. Bernadette Brady describes this eclipse series as “…one of physical concern, as well as worry or obsessive thinking” p.334 Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark

Brady’s interpretation of this Saros comes from an analysis of the initiating eclipse in the series however with Chiron opposing this eclipse, it does raise issues regarding to health as well as general ‘woundedness’.

At a solar eclipse the Sun’s light is shrouded as the Moon crosses between the Earth and Sun. The Solar principle, consciousness slips from view and the shadows of the unconscious are revealed. Sometimes these are welcome interludes where we suddenly understand something; at other times something dark comes to light that we may not want to see. Either way, the process is a necessary one. Solar eclipses have a way of showing us what we need to know, not necessarily what we want to know. At eclipse time, we bypass the ego and go straight to the source.

This Virgo eclipse is an amped up New Moon so all Virgoan attributes are accentuated. Virgo is associated with details, hard work, service and health. The challenge with this sign is that sometimes Virgo worries – and worries and worries. Virgo can worry itself into a nervous wreck, especially with the eclipse quincunx Uranus and opposite Chiron. Ruler of the eclipse Mercury is also opposite Uranus making this chart wired with nervous energy.

Solar Eclipse September 2015 – Chart

Solar Eclipse September 2015 - Chart
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Where Virgo is in your chart may indicate the area of life where you are inclined to worry needlessly, where you may be so caught up in the details that you can’t see the wood for the trees. The problem with worrying is that it takes up so much energy and at its worst can become anxiety (Uranus). Excessive worrying can eventually manifest in physical health issues and analysis paralysis. Worrying over problems, whether large or small invariably doesn’t change them (and I’m talking to myself here too as I am one of those chronic worriers!). Mild worrying may serve a purpose in that it encourages us to look for solutions but unless we act on those, the worrying becomes a pointless exercise. A wide trine from the eclipse to Pluto reminds us gently to focus on those aspects of life where we do have control and where we can make an impact. Worrying over what you can’t change is a sure fire route to a world of pain. Give yourself a break. The quincunx to Uranus requests that we get to grips with those things that have been a thorn in the side for too long.

The eclipse is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Girls’ Basketball Team

This is about teamwork. Are you on your own side? Do you have a support system in place?

The eclipse is conjunct asteroid Isis. In mythology, Isis travelled the globe searching for the missing pieces of her husband who had been torn apart by his jealous brother. It’s possible that this eclipse may reveal something is ‘missing’ or something you thought was there, isn’t available. However at the same time, Isis is there to help you locate those missing pieces. It’s about paying attention to the details; refining your approach; learning the correct skills; using the correct amount of force and most of all knowing that you don’t have to be or have everything perfect. The eclipse chart contains the overblown, upcoming Jupiter-Neptune opposition so there’s a danger of defaulting into lala land or alternatively slipping into a puddle of ‘woe is me’, limping alongside Chiron. Neither is productive and Virgo…well, she likes to be doing something so give her something to do.

As this is a New Moon, set the seeds of positive intention by making a small move towards whatever it is you are working on or is worrying you. Whether it’s ringing the bank; signing up at the gym; tackling an untidy closet; booking a shiatsu massage; reorganising chores or learning to meditate, these small practical steps are all tiny pieces of the bigger puzzle. The more you put things in place, the more the grand picture begins to be revealed.

There may be painful revelations around this eclipse but much like a boil that needs to be lanced, sometimes it’s necessary in order to begin healing. Perhaps something arises that makes things feel messy or unveils a weakness. Don’t be afraid to reach out for support if you need it. Chiron is the symbol of healers, teachers and mentors. The key in all cases is to work with it rather than worry about it.

Painting – ‘Dead Poet Borne by Centaur’ by Gustave Moreau

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8 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse in Virgo September 2015 – Chronic”

  1. Hi there Leah,

    I can see how this would possibly apply to the 1st House- How others see or about a person’s appearance. 2nd House -Income or self esteem, 3rd House-travel or siblings, 4th family?, 5th inner child, children, creativity…etc But what about the 12th House?

    That’s the house its in there for me…. I’m sitting on my hands metaphorically, cause literally I’m typing… Several surprising things have popped up in my life, so from my experience I would suppose, with the 12th House, is Worry about the Unknown.

    What about which House Virgo rules on the cusp versus where the Moon actually is? For focusing intentions on any Moon cycle, would you recommend paying attention more to the House the sign is on the Cusp or where it actually is present in the chart?

    I have the Ascendant Virgo at 27 degrees and My Progressed Moon natally at 13 degrees.

    So how close would you interpret for a conjunction to the Eclipse? This is an astrology question, but I’ve heard that when the angles are involved, some astrologers allow for a wider degree of separation, such as a planet being within 10 degrees of a person’s IC on either side natally for example.

    I would also love to see an article from you, that is if you would like to write one, about why you use asteroids. I have yet to see any other astrologer with the amount of wealth you have in regard to use and information to them. Personally I like reading about how you interpret and interlace them. I know that it probably comes down to personal preference, but I would love to know what drew you to use them and your experiences in discovering how rich it has made your interpretation of astrology. So many questions, sorry.

  2. Hi Mimi – sorry for the delay in response! Thanks for your questions. I think you answered your own question re. the eclipse in the 12th house. It can indeed be worrying about the unknown.
    For focusing intention, I would say pay attention to the house that the New Moon is in but bear in mind that those intentions may also affect the matters of the house with Virgo on the cusp.

    I’m very stingy with orbs, lol! I normally say up to 3 degrees for a conjunction from a lunation.

    Thank you for your question about how I work with asteroids. I shall make a post about that – in fact I do have a topic like that on my list of videos to make so I may do a video post but I will put a transcript as well if that’s the case 🙂 New Moon/eclipse blessings to you.

  3. Thank you for the response! I look forward to watching/reading your articles. 🙂 New Moon/Eclipse Blessings to you too.

  4. Dear Leah! Thanks for your article. My question: the Eclipse falls in my chart just 2 degrees before the 11th house cusp. Would you then count it as being in the 11th house? In a natal chart I do put planets in the next house when within 5degrees of the next cusp but with this I am not so sure.
    The Eclipse sextuplets my Moon/Jupiter conjunction in the 12th house and my Ascendant so I am curious as to what will occur. I would also see an effect maybe in the houses ruled by the Moon and Jupiter in my case. Would that be correct?( because of the sextile) or would you discard that? Thanks!

  5. Hi Carolina, I’m quite strict with orbs and cusps so I would put the eclipse as being in your 10th house. If the sextile is within a couple of degrees of orb of your Moon/Jupiter it could have an effect although I tend to find that the hard aspects – conjunction, square, opposition make a bigger impact.

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