Lunar Eclipse in Aries September 2015 – Ascending

play-shadow-1977The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon occurs at 02:50 (UT) on the 28th September 2015 at 04°ARI40′ –

The Harvest Moon eclipse is the last in a tetrad – a series of four total lunar eclipses. This is also a Supermoon so as the Moon appears bigger and brighter than usual, its energies feel more intense.

The eclipse is a complex mix of heightened emotions. The Moon is in Aries, sign of independence, me-first, the ego, leadership, anger. These fiery energies are highlighted and called into question. As the Earth’s shadow passes across the Moon, so we too must acknowledge our shadow self to understand those unconscious motivations, reactions, responses and habits that can block us from developing positive relationships (Libra) or finding our own inner balance.

As a South Node eclipse, we are asked to let go of anger, rage, ego-centric and immature behaviour. The South Node asks us to look to our past, to get down to the roots of why we are as we are. The South Node in a chart can represent the comfort zone and can also be a drain on energy. If we have been determined to go it alone for fear of getting hurt, determined to stay angry because that’s easier than dealing with the pain – these are the issues that will rise out out of the depths of the dragons belly. In fact, it’s almost like being on the receiving end of the dragon’s fire! We must descend to ascend.

The Moon is conjunct Vesta. Vesta represents pure devotion to the exclusion of all else. It alludes to where we may have been single minded in our approach. Maybe we’ve been devoted to a cause, fighting for our rights or endlessly paying homage to the past – but the future is calling.

Lunar Eclipse September 2015
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There is a strong Goddess overtone to this chart. The closest aspect the eclipse makes is an opposition to Black Moon Lilith who is screeching her truth from Libra, calling for equality. BML is often where we finally say a firm no. BML is conjunct Juno, wanting, needing and even demanding that there is a formal commitment or a contract. It’s not enough to say we will change, there needs to be action. We know things are out of balance in the world and within ourselves. Vesta conjunct the Moon is a subtle reminder that we need to stop blaming what is ‘out there’ and start looking at what’s ‘in here’.

Libra is where we are inclined to project and what we project is our shadow stuff, the darkness that we can’t accept; the creativity that we bundle away because we were told it wasn’t acceptable or we weren’t good enough. The shadow is everything you deny you are, everything you hate in others. It contains your sneaking envy, the anger you swallowed, the part of you that still silently bleeds from old wounds. Lilith and Juno have a pact around the North Node – they say, I will be seen, I will be heard. Seriously, if you try to dump shadow material on Lilith, she will dump it right back in your face.

With the opposition to retrograde Mercury in the Goddess mix, we may be examining the unwritten rules we have with others, the subtle agreements that we never speak of but lie heavy in the air. The eclipse may make us painfully aware of what is unsaid. And you can bet your life that Lilith will take those unsaid words and spit them right out because Lilith knows the power of the word.

Eclipse ruler Mars is still in a tight square to Saturn which builds frustration but also provides a key clue. This is about taking ownership of our shadows. We can’t make the right move until we know what we are really dealing with. This is about stepping up, reclaiming our authority, growing up.

The Sabian symbol for this eclipse is :-

A Triangle With Wings

The triangle is associated with the number three – triplicity. This is a Goddess orientated number – Maid, Mother and Crone. Duality by its nature separates – me and you, them and us. Triplicity unites. By examining our own shadows, both personal and communal, we have an opportunity to rise above the darkness, the blood and division and ascend to a new place of understanding. We can become more than the sum of parts. This time of culmination has the potential to reveal new ways of being.

This Full Moon eclipse contains some heady energies. We may be looking at issues around fidelity, women’s rights and the divine feminine, triangular relationships, anger or unspoken agreements that keep us in a holding pattern. We will be asked to examine where we project our shadow onto others for fear of claiming it as our own.

But there’s nothing to fear, Your shadow is a piece of you – an energetic, vibrant, writhing storm of energy awaiting recognition, direction and purpose. Give it a name, own it, step up, find your true fire. Ascend to the next level.

Painting – ‘Play Shadow’ by Leonora Carrington

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