Full Moon in Taurus October 2015 – Gold

rainbow-1929The Full Moon occurs at 12:05 (UT) on the 27th October 2015 at 03ยฐTAU44′

Taurus, as the first of the Earth signs deals with the basics of survival. Typically we connect this sign to our resources, material and financial. This is the sign of the farmer who tends his crops and calmly waits for them to grow. The house with Taurus on the cusp in your chart is where you need to be patient, practical and resourceful. It’s where you have a natural tendency to conserve. The Moon is exalted in Taurus which make sense when we think of how the Moon is tender and vulnerable emotionally. Being able to touch and be touched brings pure comfort. Having a roof over our heads and food on the table makes us feel safe.

A Taurus Full Moon brings in the dynamic of Taurus (the Moon) opposed to Scorpio (the Sun). It’s my ‘stuff’ as opposed to ‘your stuff’. It’s life as opposed to death. With Scorpio opposing the Bull, we can begin to see why Taurus is inclined to stubbornly hold on to what it has. Underneath the need for security is a deep fear that everything could be stripped away. Taurus desires to preserve, Scorpio to release. At this lunation it’s time to give thanks for what you have but also to acknowledge what must be allowed to die back for future growth to occur.

Get in touch with your senses – what do you feel, hear, taste, touch, smell and see? What’s right in front of you in the here and now? Taurus has a gift for being present in the moment. Consider what has blossomed in your life, what has come to fruition? The Full Moon is a time of culmination, a climax, a high point.

Full Moon in Taurus October 2015 - Chart
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With the Full Moon quincunx to Saturn, there are some sticking points to negotiate. You may feel guilty that you don’t have enough. There may be a sense that the work is too hard, there’s too much responsibility. Maybe youโ€™re finding it hard to let go of those things that are not working. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck because you’re afraid to jeopardise what you have for the sake of a pursuing a new and potentially more lucrative venture. Perhaps things don’t seem stable enough. But the Moon is also sextile to Neptune so there’s an opportunity to surrender to the moment, to appreciate the spiritual gifts as well as the physical. Using your intuition and imagination you can work through those Saturnian fears that are reining you in.

Venus, ruler of this lunation will perfect an opposition to Chiron shortly after the Full Moon is exact. This could manifest as worrying over whether you’re getting it right, fretting over whether you’re liked. Venus in Virgo feels injured if things aren’t perfect. The more you get caught up in what you ‘lack’, the more it hurts. Venus is also quincunx to Uranus so there’s restlessness, wanting something different, needing freedom but it makes you uncomfortable.

But Venus has just had a meeting with Jupiter so she knows that there are abundant resources at her disposal and she’s about to meet cosmic lover Mars uniting what we want (Mars) with our ability to attract it (Venus). With Venus, Jupiter and Mars travelling together and opposing Chiron, self love, self belief and motivation are key components in the healing process. It’s about appreciating what you have both inside and out and accepting that less than perfect is beautiful too.

The Sabian symbol of this Full Moon is :-

The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

Maybe you’ve been chasing the next dollar, the next relationship, endlessly following rays of hope that fade out of sight before reaching the object of your desires. Hope is a beautiful thing but the more we focus on the outer world to give us the security we need, the more we are led away from the wealth that resides within. This Full Moon gently reminds you that you have all that you need to survive inside yourself. Inner peace lights the way to the real pot of gold.

Painting – ‘Rainbow’ by Martiros Saryan

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