New Moon in Capricorn January 2016 – No Shortcuts

the-goat-1904The New Moon occurs at 1:30 (UT) on the 10th January 2016 at 19°CAP13′

This lunation in Capricorn signals a time of beginnings, especially around issues connected to work, commitments, responsibilities and general ‘real world stuff’. Capricorn desires to get things done, to achieve, to climb the mountain. It’s approach is structured, measured and deliberate. This conventional sign prefers to do things the old way, sometimes the hard way.

The challenge with this New Moon is that it’s conjunct Pluto and square Uranus so it triggers the last vestiges of the Uranus-Pluto square. There are perhaps still some loose ends to be tied up. Capricorn is associated with authority so with the Moon conjunct Pluto, it may bring up issues of ‘who holds the power’? Uranus, square to this lunation, is tempted to shake this up, to disrupt the old order but Pluto isn’t going to like that because Pluto wants to remain in control. So we get a sense of being tugged one way and another, knowing things have to change but not wanting to let go of the reins. The Moon in Capricorn wants to stay within safe, pre-defined limits but Uranus say we need to break down the walls and do something different. Positively speaking, Pluto could help us to ruthlessly eliminate what isn’t working, even if it causes some anxiety with Uranus. The trick with this square is not to get too distracted by the future. Whilst it’s important to be considering long term aims and goals, we also have to focus on the present. Capricorn deals with what’s in the here and now.

We may not like what needs to be dealt with as Venus is conjunct Saturn. It may be necessary to delay our gratification and accept things are a little uncomfortable – especially as Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn. The whole chart makes me think, you can’t make a start until you’ve finished what you were doing. For some this may be a time of closure or digging through old material but this is a no-nonsense sign so whilst it may be challenging, it’s not overly emotional. In fact, it may be easier to hold feelings in check whilst you deal with some tasks and obligations that require attention. Yes it’s intense but for some this may mean feeling extremely focused.

New Moon in Capricorn Jan 16 - Chart
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Having just done my tax return, Pluto’s involvement here puts me in mind of dealing with tax demands, governmental agencies, banks, bosses and landlords. Venus conjunct Saturn is perfect for financial management so if money has been an issue, now may be the time to get things in order and under control again. It’s about dealing with adult responsibilities but again, this isn’t a bad thing. Dealing with real world issues is part of growing up, part of feeling in control of our lives. It’s a time to be pragmatic and do what needs to be done to provide stronger foundations, especially in the area of life indicated by where the New Moon falls. New beginnings here will pay dividends.

Look to where Uranus is travelling in your chart – this shows where there may be disruption or stress but also where you are awakening to new possibilities. Look to where Jupiter is – this is what is developing and where you are being asked to expand your horizons. It’s where you need to have more faith. The Moon is trine to Jupiter along with the North Node so this tells us that there will be benefits further down the line but we have to wait for them to manifest. We can’t have it all now, however much we want it. It’s about doing the work on a consistent basis, being persistent and knowing there aren’t any short-cuts to that Jupiter bounty. We’ve got to go the long way round, sometimes even backtracking (like Mercury), covering old ground to ensure we know what we are doing and filling potholes. The Moon is also sextile Chiron so this is an opportunity to discover weak points. Those weaknesses are shown by the house where Chiron is transiting.

It’s time to step into your authority but also to recognise that some things are out of your control. Instead of beating your head against obstacles, engage with Uranus and see if there is a new way of approaching things. In the long run, facing our own limitations and uncertainty can make us more sure of our direction, firming foundations and strengthening resolve. Dealing with what’s making us stressed (Uranus) will free up energy to put towards climbing our own personal mountain. We are in the process of seeding new structures that will support our efforts later down the line.

The Sabian sybol of this New Moon is :-

A Hidden Choir Is Singing During A Religious Service

I mentioned in my January forecast that this lunation chart has a dark overtone on first glance and let’s face it, none of us really want to deal with bills, authorities, power struggles and stress. Sometimes being a grown up feels like now fun! The ‘religious service’ in this symbol reminds me of what we are told we ‘should’ do. There are some rules we have to follow, whether we like them or not but the hidden choir singing in the background is a reminder of the beauty around us which is sometimes muffled by real world concerns. It’s easy to get caught up in the material world and yes, this is one of those periods where we have to attend to such things. But the Sabian asks that you don’t forget the soulful singing that also accompanies you through these times. Listen to your inner voice for guidance. Stay tuned in even if you’re tempted to tune out with Saturn square to Neptune. A combination of self-discipline and spiritual awareness will help you to manifest your vision despite the pressures.

Painting – ‘The Goat’ by Mikalojus Ciurlionis

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  1. wow this really hits home for me. it really illustrates much that i’ve been pondering lately and the direction my life is headed (after continuing pluto transits) and this new moon is right on my ascendant! thanks for another great post 🙂

  2. This really describes my current predicament, and how I’ve been feeling about unfinished business, unrealized dreams, and power/authority issues. There’s a lot of helpful advice here, if I can just apply it to my particular situation. I really appreciate your comments about the hidden choir singing in the background, despite overarching concerns of a pragmatic nature. This gives me so much to think about. Thank you.

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