New Moon in Aquarius – February 2016 – First Signs

air-2001-1The New Moon in Aquarius occurs at 14:38 on the 8th February 2016 at 19°Aq16′

As I write, it is Imbolc, the Pagan fire festival associated with cleansing, purification and beginnings. In the Northern hemisphere, snowdrops are bobbing their heads in the breeze and I see crocus and daffodils peeking from the ground. The first signs of spring are emerging and so we cleanse away the old to make ready for the new. The New Moon in Aquarius is fitting as I often feel like this sign is like being blown with an ice cold wind that thoroughly wakes you up and gets rid of the cobwebs!

New Moons are the perfect time to contemplate new ideas that encourage growth in your life. There may be a vague sense of restlessness, a desire to shake off the last cycle and prepare for the new. At this magical and mysterious time, we are closely in touch with our deepest instincts. Seed ideas begin to emerge from the darkness.

Aquarius is an unconventional sign. Falling after traditionalist Capricorn, Aquarius is more focused on the future than the past. This sign promotes experimentation and innovation. Brain waves are a gift of Aquarius! This is the sign of the group mind so under the influence of Aquarius we are drawn to others to share ideas, talk about our experiences and brainstorm possibilities. Through the sharing of experience, we can become a more cohesive society that is respectful of diversity. Aquarius knows that everyone is unique and that everyone has an individual part to play in the world.

The house with Aquarius on the cusp in your chart indicates the area of life which benefits from a detached, forward thinking approach. Objectivity is a key word of Aquarius because it is only by stepping out of our own experience that we can begin to gain a better perspective of our lives and ourselves.

This cool detachment however may be somewhat challenged by this lunation as the Moon and Sun are square to Mars and Mars is not really a team player or inclined towards objectivity! Mars in Scorpio is pretty much every man for himself. There’s a deep desire to be in control and a fear of relinquishing any power to the group. With Mars strongly supported by sextiles to Jupiter, the North Node, Venus and Pluto however, there are times when a good leader can help to give the group confidence and steer them in a positive direction. But still, there are ways to lead and Mars square to the Moon may be more inclined towards exploitation and strong manipulation tactics in an effort to win and especially to save face.

New Moon in Aquarius Feb 16 - Chart
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On an inner level, Mars in this chart could represent that willful, wanting part of us that tries every trick in the book to distract us from what we have consciously decided we want to do. Maybe you have the new seeds of a goal that you are tenderly planting; maybe you’ve got some support; told your friends; visualised your plan but then along comes that part of you that is determined to take over and force you to stay where you are. It’s a piece of the ego that fears losing control or perhaps is overly protective in the face of change.

This square to Mars however does prompt action and can imbue us with some feisty courage in order to initiate new patterns of thinking that promote growth. You just need to get Mars on your side. Show yourself that you are on your side. If your current social group is not supportive, Mars might push you to seek out kindred spirits. For some, the square between Mars and the Moon may mean abrupt separations if connections have become too conflicted.

The New Moon is also sextile to ruler Uranus which offers an opportunity to embrace new methods and ways of being that suit your unique character. If one method doesn’t work, try something else. Look at what works for you. Consider what it will take to step outside of your current viewpoint for a moment. How can you get a different perspective? What haven’t you tried? What flashes of intuition have you ignored?

The Moon is conjunct asteroids Orpheus and Kassandra. Orpheus is connected to the underworld and Kassandra was cursed never to be believed. So deep underneath this cerebral Moon is a bubbling of subconscious material that seeks recognition, that needs to be heard. Perhaps our inner warrior has his defences up too far because he fears that deep down, others aren’t going to accept our truth. Whilst objectivity is important, avoid intellectualising when it comes to your emotions. Acknowledge and feel what is there without beating yourself over the head about it (Mars!).

The Sabian symbol of the New Moon is :-

A Large White Dove Bearing A Message

The dove is a traditional symbol of peace. Make peace with yourself in order to hear the message from the cosmos. Spread hope instead of fear. Brighter days are coming.

Painting ‘Air’ by Constantin Flondor