Full Moon in Virgo February 2016 – Perfect Imperfections

portrait-of-a-girl-against-a-persian-carpet-1886The Full Moon occurs at 18:19 (UT) on the 22nd February 2016 at 03°Vi33′.

Virgo is precise in its execution, exact in its approach. Under Virgo we learn to perfect our skills which comes from a desire to be of service, to be useful in the world. Virgo is analytical, discerning and able to sort the wheat from the chaff. Being naturally opposite divine Pisces, Virgo brings the spiritual into the every day. She is faith in practice, a disciplined disciple. She keeps her body pure because it’s a holy temple for the soul.

When we reach the Full Moon in Virgo, the seeds planted at the last Virgo New Moon (13th September 2015) come to fruition. The spotlight shines upon your work and you cast your critical eye across it to see whether it’s good enough. With the Moon opposite the Sun in Pisces, you look to see if reality has lived up to your vision.

The fine, technical lines of Virgo however are blurred by Neptune opposing this lunation. Virgo has a tendency to get lost in the minutiae and to prize logic over intuition. But during this lunation, psychic impressions and nebulous feelings threaten to overwhelm Virgo’s microscopic approach. Widen the lens, recognise that there’s a bigger picture. Remember to go with the flow and allow for fallibility or weakness without feeling like it’s all falling apart.

Full Moon in Virgo Chart
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The Moon is the focus of a Thor’s Hammer pattern with the waning Uranus-Pluto square at its base. The two sesquiquadrates to the Moon suggest that over-reactions are possible and you may be tempted to rip into your handiwork because it wasn’t what you wanted, anticipated or expected. There could be a tendency to fuss, to keep chipping away at the same thing over and over again to make it ‘perfect’ but the other descriptor for Thor’s hammer is ‘God’s Fist’. You could become heavy handed, like an artist constantly painting over the same piece of canvass or a writer deleting every word because it isn’t quite right. The opposition to Neptune could make you feel like something indefinable is missing. Things may not be ideal but it doesn’t mean they are unworkable. Neptune in the tarot is connected to the Hanged Man. Turn things on their head to see them in a new light before casting away what you’ve done. Neptune can generate victim consciousness, a feeling of ‘I can’t fix this’. Perhaps it’s less about ‘fixing’ and more about accepting.

Ultimately, our vision (Neptune/Pisces) changes when it’s brought into reality. Sometimes we have to surrender, to let go of the image we had in our minds in order to make it manifest. This doesn’t mean giving up on dreams however, this is about recognising how the dream is just a guide.

The Virgo Full Moon also asks you to explore how your physical health (Virgo) can be better balanced with your spiritual health (Pisces). On a physical level, it can be helpful to see what foods or substances in your environment could be undermining your overall health and welfare. If this Moon is strongly activating your chart, you may be more sensitive to foods and chemicals. Be conscious of how your body reacts and what it’s trying to tell you. Be attentive to the needs of your temple. Love your body unconditionally.

Explore whether you’re putting your spiritual life into practice at an everyday level. Do you make time for meditation, prayer or contemplation or do the needs of the mundane world dominate your life? Maybe you get frustrated that real world issues take away from the peace and quiet of soul work but the Virgo Moon reminds you that every moment is sacred. Prayers can be said whilst washing up or walking to the office.

The Sabian symbol of this Full Moon is :-

Black and White Children Play Happily Together

Balance and inner harmony then, are clearly raised as issues during this lunation. The black and white children could be said to represent different aspects of yourself – the parts that live in shadow, the parts that live in the light. This is a time of integration, for resolving inner conflicts, especially those that surround your daily life and soul’s yearnings. It’s possible that there are some grey areas in life, pieces of the puzzle that doesn’t seem to fit, parts of life you don’t understand. But we all have these grey areas within and they aren’t to be feared. Just being conscious of them may help to give them more definition.

Ultimately, the chart for this Full Moon reminds me of a Persian carpet. Sometimes things are all the more beautiful for their flaws. There is perfection in imperfection.

Painting – ‘Portrait of a Girl against a Persian Carpet’ by Mikhail Vrubel

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  1. Great article Leah! I will have this full moon conjunct my natal moon. I can already feel the energies you described.

  2. As above thank you, after a month of not having migraines the moon has wiped me out with as this is the same as my natal moon, so wonderful to find this in my in box.

  3. Hi, great website, thanks. An aside, I stopped taking any and all pharmaceutical antibiotics and as an unintended consequence, I have not experienced migraine since, almost 30 years now. cheers

  4. I really felt the full moon being I’m a Virgo….I was very emotional leading up to it….just felt like everything was falling apart with some personal issues I’m facing….I know everything will pan out as its meant to be but I feel better already

  5. Hi Binty, that’s great you haven’t had any migraines. I haven’t had any antibiotics in a long time. Unfortunately my migraines are hormonal but hoping my body is starting to sort itself out now 🙂

  6. Beautiful piece of writing Leah. Meehh, you do this all the time. But the lesson, Leah, the lesson is priceless. For me it was like 1, 2, 3, Knockout. I have been looking for the way to find leverage in the loss of a close loved one. I had, maybe a year ago, and It’s been almost three years since the loss, a brief instance when I knew, KNEW, that there could be found a beautiful alliance, partnership, ally to be found in such a loss. This piece, Leah, this piece brought me such joy because of the lesson. Thank you once again for your wisdom, your insight, and your wonderful ability to touch, with words, those things which could only be spoken of in song.
    Knowledge Is power and freedom

    Thank you once again Leah

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