Solar Eclipse in Pisces March 2016 – Purification

breaking-wavesThe Solar Eclipse occurs at 01:54 on the 9th March at 18°Pi55′.

When I was young, I used to have dreams of standing on a beautiful beach, gazing out to sea. The sea was a deep blue, clear to the very depths. Giant shells glistened in the sand and the Sun was warm. I would always think to myself that it was a perfect day in a perfect place. Then I would see something black on the horizon and would stand rooted to the spot as a giant tidal wave reared up and over me. It was always a curious mix of awe and terror.

Eclipses by their nature have an unpredictable edge and this eclipse has the feel of a great storm blowing up out of nowhere over a previously calm sea. The air needs to be cleared, muddied waters clarified. The eclipse is conjunct Chiron and the South Node. There is a suggestion that old wounds may be re-opened to clear infection. There is a painful edge with Chiron involved and Bernadette Brady links this family of eclipses to separations and grief (p. 334, The Eagle and the Lark) although these endings make way for new beginnings.

Pisces is where everything comes together and we reach the end of the line. All experiences merge and we connect to that which is beyond us. Pisces is where we learn there are no secrets because in truth, we are all connected. Your pain is my pain. Any storms around this eclipse bring the feeling that this is a deep soul cleansing. If you feel sore spots have been pressed, if grief wells up, let it come. Let it wash over you because behind the wave lies peace.

Solar Eclipse Chart - March 2016
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Be aware that Jupiter’s opposition to the eclipse means that everything is magnified. It could feel like a tidal wave of emotion and you could fear being swept away. But Saturn square to the eclipse gives us an anchor and it may be necessary to find yours. Consider what anchors you in reality. What is most real to you? With Jupiter’s influence, there may be a need to explore the judgements you have, the beliefs you hold. Where did you lose your faith – in yourself, in another. What broke you so far you thought you could never come back? You may need to let go of fantasies and illusions in order to dream a bigger dream.

The eclipse is conjunct asteroid Skuld. Skuld was one of the Norns in Norse mythology which are similar to the three Fates in Greek mythology. Skuld’s name curiously means ‘debt’ or ‘future’, perhaps a little of both. Maybe there’s a debt to yourself that was never paid and that’s why you now feel something is out of balance. What promises did you never keep? What is still missing (Chiron)? With Skuld and the South Node here, we have to visit the sorrows of the past to unpick the promise of the future.

The t-square nature of this lunation may reveal where you feel a lack of abundance in your life. Maybe it’s time to grieve for what was lost, for the shipwrecks along the way but we all know that treasure lies at the bottom of the ocean. The trick is to open your eyes under the water. Don’t be afraid of the sea monsters you find there. Show them your compassion.

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse is :-

A Master Instructing His Disciple

This is a moment of grace – a time when you must acknowledge what needs to be learned. Sometimes, the disciple must go through a series of trials or a cleansing process. It’s about surrendering to the wisdom of the universe and being willing to be taught. But remember too, that you are both master and disciple. Your inner self has great wisdom to share. Be open to receive.

Goddess of the Grain Ceres is also conjunct the eclipse. In Pisces. we’re looking at soul food. Have you nourished your soul recently? Did you dance, make art, absorb yourself in your imagination, read a children’s book? Did you sing for the joy of singing, paint, go for a long walk in the wild woods? When did you last make sand castles by the beach, strip off your socks and dangle your feet in a clear stream? When did you last give yourself a foot massage and thank your feet for carrying you? When did you last curl up into a ball and hold yourself whilst you cried?

A sextile to Pluto invites you to go deeper. Yes it’s intense but this is where transformation happens. Sometimes only a deep cut can release what has been festering for too long. You’re not weak if you’re hurting. You’re stronger than you know. You only have to look at the sea crashing against the land to see how your emotions shape you. Now it’s time to acknowledge your feelings, to work through troubled waters, unblock the dam. Purify.

All endings are beginnings. Energy only transforms. Surrender to the process. This is a transcendent moment and promises the renewal of faith.

This eclipse will most affect those who have planets or points around 17 – 19 degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Painting – ‘Breaking Waves’ by Volodymyr Orlovsky

21 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse in Pisces March 2016 – Purification”

  1. Very powerful, Leah. It all makes perfect sense. Thank you for your work. You are greatly appreciated. May the powerful energy of the Pisces new moon & eclipse purify you all. Namaste.

  2. So incredibly helpful and supportive to know what is moving and stirring in the beyond then working with it in the personal. Thank you

  3. Your words are like a comforting friend, they bring clarity, strength and a place to unleash tears. Thank you so much.

  4. Thank you Leah, well said – I have 18 deg. Virgo Sun – a lot happening, right
    now, all around me. Lovely writing.

  5. This totally explains the energy around leading to this eclipse. I have just had breast cancer surgery (so am so interested to read about the conjunction to Chiron). Have been feeling all of that profound deep, deep sadness over so many experiences and losses too. Reading this makes me realise what is going on .. purification. Thank You Leah.

  6. The Eclipse was on the second day of my very first job I’ve had in a while. It’s in my 6th house, of course. It hasn’t gone well. I have never felt so emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausted. I really felt that T-square. Your words really resonated with me, especially this passage.

    ” Have you nourished your soul recently? Did you dance, make art, absorb yourself in your imagination, read a children’s book? Did you sing for the joy of singing, paint, go for a long walk in the wild woods?”

    Thank you for writing this article, Leah. I’m going to give myself a BREAK.

  7. Hi Deborah, I’m sorry to hear you have been going through breast cancer – a tough road and understandably brings up many emotions. Wishing you strength and healing.

  8. Thanks Leah.
    I have a job currently where I am in service and its been tough because I’m not being properly trained. Even though its been tough, I know there are important lessons to be learned. The one I learned today was that I made a positive difference in someone’s life just by being myself. That sometimes being kind isn’t being weak. At first I was going to change my approach to how I was working to suit others’ expectations and then someone let me know it was really valuable and mattered to someone.

  9. It really seems to amaze me how you are so amazing at what you do I sit here and shake my head and say what an amazing amazing person you are at what you do you seem to have A a spiritual soul and an amazing knowledge of something that doesn’t even exist on this earth just on a spiritual level you are so intuitive to everything that you write about that makes us feel wow this is really happening this is what’s happening you got it so right thank you my love I thank you

  10. thank you, leah. your words have been a balm and inspiration ever since a dear friend pointed you out a few months ago.

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