Lunar Eclipse in Libra March 2016 – Decisions

campfire-kachanovkaThe Lunar eclipse occurs at 12:00 (UT) on the 23rd March 2016 at 03┬░Li17′.

As the Earth’s shadow falls across the face of the Moon, we’re pulled back down to earth, grounded, realised. Lunar eclipses have a way of revealing that which was not known before which brings a conclusion, completion or sometimes crisis. With the emotional Moon’s light diminished by earthly shadows, what we feel becomes real.

The Full Moon in Libra eclipse brings to a head issues connected to partnerships, relationships, harmony and justice. You may find that this eclipse makes you aware of where there are imbalances that need to be addressed. Look to the house in which the eclipse falls in your chart to give you a clue to the area of life that may require compromise and/or decisions. Libra is a natural peacemaker, seeking to offset the fiery ‘me first’ impulses of Aries. Libra would like us to work together. Aries however is inclined to compete, to go at it all guns blazing, to just get it done without dithering so we may feel pressure to act, especially with the eclipse sextile to Mars.

But the sextile is an invitation to take diplomatic action. Mars is in Sagittarius, sign of higher understanding and the big picture. It may be easier now to see what needs to be done without further inflaming the issue.

Ruler of the eclipse (Venus) is in compassionate Pisces and still conjunct Neptune so there are visionary overtones to this chart, especially with both opposite to giant Jupiter. Maybe you feel tuned in, switched on, aware of the subtle forces at work. Maybe you have a sense of the meaning behind events which gives you options you hadn’t considered before. However Venus is part of a t-square with Saturn at its apex so we cannot get carried away on flights of fancy nor pretend all is well if it isn’t. If we want to make things better, we have to deal with reality.

Lunar Eclipse in Libra Chart
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The struggle with this eclipse is that it opposes Mercury in Aries which is tightly conjunct the Sun (the aspect perfects on the same day). It may be difficult to see past ego, to separate your thoughts from who you really are. It’s possible that others may say things that stir you, goad you or push you to take a certain stance. Know that you can choose whether to react or to maintain your equilibrium. Maybe your mind is pushing you to get off the fence and yes at some point, a decision needs to be made. Tap into the courage of Mars. Know your real motivation. Understanding your goal helps you to get clear about where compromise is needed or where you have compromised too far. This eclipse may also show you where competitiveness becomes divisive but also where healthy competition can promote growth.

The eclipse occurs on the same day as Jupiter squares Saturn for a second time. Expansion meets contraction. Optimism meets pessimism. Abundance meets lack. Jupiter is presenting you with a chance to explore the limitations you place upon yourself and asks that you carefully release restrictions. Jupiter and Saturn can work well together but it can be a struggle to know what needs to be cut back in order to make room for growth in other areas. You cannot continue to do everything. Whilst the eclipse doesn’t aspect either Jupiter or Saturn, the need for choice, the domain of the Libra Moon, is clear.

The eclipse is on the Sabian symbol :-

Around A Camp Fire A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion

Bearing in mind the Moon is opposite Mercury, it’s about listening to alternative viewpoints, being willing to share ideas, opening up to a dialogue. An exchange of thoughts may be crucial to come to an understanding. The sextile from the eclipse to hot Mars is like the flickering flames of the fire that draws us forward. Perhaps also it’s about finding like minds to share your views rather than wasting breathe on trying to persuade others to agree with your position. Mercury in Aries wants to shout and is so focused on its opinion under the glare of the Sun that it’s hard to see anything else. Then again, sometimes people shout when they don’t feel heard. Giving someone space to express their thoughts may be all that is required to maintain peace.

If your struggle is an internal one, communing with nature and leaving the rat race behind for a while may be just what is needed to calm angry voices and bring you back to a state of harmony. Decisions made around the Lunar eclipse may have far-reaching consequences so finding your balance is essential before taking action.

Painting – ‘Campfire. Kachanovka’ by Konstantin Makovsky

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