April 2016 Astrology Forecast

pink-shell-with-seaweedVenus kicks us off with her ingress into Aries on the 5th April making us more direct in matters related to love and money. Venus here is all about the thrill of the chase. Love becomes a conquest, but whilst playing hard to get may be a fascinating challenge now for Venus, she may just as quickly burn out and get bored. There is a certain amount of impatience when it comes to relationships so if troubles have been brewing, this ingress can bring them to the surface. Whilst the blunt nature of this sign may be uncomfortable for some, it does mean that everyone knows where they stand, bringing some clarity after Venus’s transit through wishy-washy Pisces. Subtle flirtation and romantic dreaminess is replaced by boldly confident declarations of love (or distaste!).

Thankfully, we do get some staying power from Mercury as he enters Taurus also on the 5th April. Mentally, we’re more inclined to ponder and it perhaps takes the edge off the hot-headedness of Venus. Give yourself time to think things over, especially if passions are becoming heated. Mercury in Taurus advocates getting back to basics and taking the tried but true path. Let common sense prevail.

There’s a sense of being elevated to a new level of understanding with the New Moon in Aries on the 7th April. The Sabian symbol for this lunation is :-

The “Magic Carpet” Of Oriental Imagery

The Moon is also conjunct perspective altering Uranus so it’s possible that there could be surprises and/or excitement that gets blood flowing. The Moon is also supported by a trine to Saturn which helps to deflect some of the more erratic energies of Uranus and offers a chance to methodically test out new scenarios should you be struck with a brain wave. The challenge is that there’s a square to Pluto which means that any new start necessitates elimination of outworn patterns and old ways of working. This can be stressful but ultimately allows for change.

On the 11th April, Mercury moves into orb of a trine to Jupiter and Pluto (perfecting on the 14th and 17th April respectively) which marks the beginning of a Grand Earth trine which will form the backdrop to events until the 21st April. With Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto all connected together, we have big ideas, insightful understanding and transformative opportunities blended with a grounded approach. It’s possible now to conceive of possibilities that have life changing potential.

The First Quarter Moon in Cancer on the 14th April squares the Aries Sun and sparks tension around the need to initiate action and the need to feel secure. The question is do you fight or retreat?
The Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Wilful Man Is Overshadowed By A Descent Of Superior Power

This suggests that maybe there is an alternative approach. The use of the word ‘wilful’ suggests that perhaps ego is at play and it may be important to step back and observe, to see where you may be overly aggressive or defensive, especially when you feel threatened (the Moon is also opposite controlling Pluto). Feeling dis-empowered or scared can provoke over-reactions which fall out of alignment with your spiritual nature. Still, with the Moon in Cancer’s natural sensitivity and the Aries Sun’s desire to be straightforward, combining these two energies can mean that it’s easier to get to the heart of the matter quickly and kindly.

Mars stations retrograde in Sagittarius on the 17th April signalling a time of withdrawal of combative energies. During this time, you have the opportunity to examine your goals and consider your battle plan. Mars retrograde encourages reflection on what you’re fighting for and may also challenge you to acknowledge unfulfilled desires or unexpressed anger. With Mars being a planet associated with speed, the retrograde period tends to signify a slow down and frustrations are possible. In Sagittarius, there may be a sense that the world or opportunities are growing smaller, a loss of enthusiasm or a sense that you are unlearning what you learned before. Mars will also fall back into Scorpio during this retrograde so shared resources, debts and intimate relationships will also need examining. Generally speaking, this is not a time to initiate new projects but it is the perfect time to connect with your inner warrior and ensure that he’s on your side.

A slow pace now becomes the theme for the rest of this month. The Sun’s ingress into Taurus on the 19th April reminds you to take time to smell the flowers. The first of the earth signs is concerned with being in the present. It’s a sign of sensuality and savours every moment. Ruled by Venus, Taurus enjoys languid caresses, hearty food and home comforts. There’s also a great strength and determination to Taurus so being consistent is the key to getting things done. The downside is that there’s a tendency towards resistance, especially in unfamiliar situations. Guard against stubborn refusal.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 22nd April makes no major aspects aside from the opposition to the Taurus Sun. The Moon in Scorpio feels intensely and hungers for a deeper connection. This lunation may bring to light where you feel discontent and what needs to change to re-establish a sense of security. Changing things however means upsetting the status quo – something that the Taurus Sun finds a challenge.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is :-

A House-Raising Party In A Small Village Enlists The Neighbours’ Cooperation

It may be necessary to call upon the help of others, especially where major life renovation is occurring. Scorpio can be very secretive about its plans but sometimes, if you want to change things, you have to let others in. Cooperation is the key.

Mercury follows Mars’s direction and stations retrograde in Taurus on the 28th April so we will have five heavenly bodies in retrograde motion (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto). For some, it may feel a little like walking through thick mud. The trick is to accept that nothing is going to move as fast as you would like for the time being. Instead of fighting against it, use this time to review plans, re-consider old ideas and check back on your progress. With Mercury in Taurus, you may be exploring where you need to see tangible results. It may help to look at where your thought processes connect to what has manifested in your life. For more about this Mercury retrograde, read my post here.

Venus enters Taurus on the 30th April. Now in the sign of her rulership, the pleasure principle is at work. In fact, with all these s-l-o-w vibrations, perhaps the cosmos is inviting us to enjoy some down time. Spend time with your lover or get out for a walk in nature. Focus on what makes you feel attractive and work on your self esteem. In money matters, stick with what’s practical and functional. Invest carefully in things that have long term value.

The shadow side to Venus in Taurus is that she can be inclined to claim ownership over what she loves, partners included. Possessiveness can become an issue. People, much like plants need space to grow. Love cannot come at a price.

The month ends with the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius on the 30th April squaring the Aries Sun. The Moon in Aquarius is cool, objective and group orientated. The Aries Sun however is hot, passionate and competitive.

The Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

During A Silent Hour, A Man Receives A New Inspiration Which May Change His Life

With all the retrograde action and the inevitable cosmic slow-down that accompanies it, we’re given time to enter into silence and stillness. The Moon’s sextile to retrograde Mars in Sagittarius shows that we benefit from initiating an inner quest for truth and higher understanding.

In many ways, this month may sometimes feel like hitting a traffic jam on a long road trip. You can either angrily tap your fingers on the wheel and swear or you can use the unexpected opportunity to meditate, listen to your favourite album or phone a friend. Be patient. Things are evolving at a pace that is just right for you, even if you chafe against it.

April 2016 Astrology Forecast – Major Aspects

5th Sun trine Saturn
5th Venus enters Aries
5th Mercury enters Taurus
6th Sun square Pluto
7th New Moon in Aries
9th Sun conjunct Uranus
12th Mercury sextile Neptune
12th Venus trine Mars
14th First Quarter Moon in Cancer
14th Mercury trine Jupiter
17th Mercury trine Pluto
17th Mars stations Retrograde
18th Venus trine Saturn
19th Sun enters Taurus
19th Venus square Pluto
21st Mercury trine North Node
22nd Full Moon in Scorpio
22nd Venus conjunct Uranus
28th Mercury stations Retrograde
30th Venus enters Taurus
30th Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

Painting – ‘Pink Shell with Seaweed’ by Georgia O’Keefe

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