Mars Retrograde 2016 – Slow Down

red-hills-lake-georgeMars stations retrograde at 12:13 (UT) on the 17th April 2016 at 08°Sg54′ R

My boiler is about to break again. It’s losing pressure. It clanks and whirs as it heats the hot water up. I turn the pressure up but within a few days it disappears. It needs fixing. Mars will station in my 5th house but then back up into my 4th house of home. Last night, one of the hot plates on my cooker tripped the electric switch cutting out all the wall plugs. When I turned them back on, the hot plate was dead. In an old post about the Mars retrograde cycle I said “Just a couple of weeks before the station retrograde, the Sun makes a trine to Mars. During that time it can feel like everything’s going well, you’re on the home straight, it’s all up and running. So when he puts on the brakes and reverses, it can trigger a lot of frustration, not to mention possibly knocking you off balance for a moment.” That Sun-Mars trine occurred on the 26th March and that was the week when I started with an ear infection and my balance completely went! Oh yes, Mars is making himself known.

How it manifests for you may be different but either way, Mars triggers a slow down. All that upstart energy is turned inwards. It’s like hitting the brakes right when you were speeding along and sometimes this is necessary. We all need time to pause and reflect, sometimes even more so when we’re charging ahead. It’s time to check in with whether you’re spending your energy wisely. Being forced to change pace means that you have a chance to check whether the actions you have taken are leading you in the direction you want to go. Mars retrograde invites you to examine your goals, check in with your battle plan. Maybe you’re needing to recover your passion and drive. At it simplest, Mars says ‘What do you really want?’. If your motivation has been lacking, Mars will require you to get to the heart of the matter and reclaim your fire.

Mars entered the shadow zone for this retrograde period on the 18th February. You may find that what was occurring from that time up until 17th April is re-visited. Generally speaking, it’s wise to avoid initiating conflicts, law suits or new projects. If a new project must be launched now, it doesn’t mean that it will fail, only that it may be slower to get off the ground.

With Mars being our inner warrior, this astrological period may also bring conflicts to a head – whether inner or outer conflicts. You may be more on the defence than the attack. This is not to be feared however. Both external and internal conflicts have a way of sapping our energy and dampening desires. Being pushed to find a resolution ultimately releases energy to be put to better use. Examining how you assert and defend yourself and how you deal with anger are also appropriate with this transit and may be brought up for reflection by outer events.

Mars stations retrograde in Sagittarius on the Sabian symbol :-

A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway

This retrograde period therefore suggests that it’s time to step up but you’re also protected as you do so. Maybe too it’s about learning to protect yourself, to take things step by step rather than rush, to climb slowly to new heights. With Mars stationing in Sagittarius, collectively, we have been pushing into unknown territory, fearlessly braving wild terrains. But now we have to catch our breath, look around, check our footing. Sometimes we have to lead and other times we have to follow.

Mars slowly does his work, making no major aspects until the 22nd May when the Sun opposes Mars. During this time, Mars turns up the heat, pushing you to confront your ego and become more self-aware when it comes to asserting yourself.

On the 25th May, Mars opposes Venus which may produce passionate encounters or ignite conflicts in troubled relationships. Mars retrograde can sometimes rekindle attraction but be wary of falling into old patterns. Once Mars has stationed direct, the effect can wear off considerably.

Mars re-enters Scorpio on the 27th May. Finding meaning and understanding (Sagittarius), hinges on facing the truth (Scorpio). Mars is also co-ruler of Scorpio so it’s on familiar ground here and it strongly suggests that confronting dark, inner fears may be part of the process. In Sagittarius, Mars fired up our excitement for new horizons but this vision cannot be upheld without an equal inner journey. It’s possible that you may find yourself adjusting your direction once the retrograde period is over now that you have aligned with what truly motivates you and you have gained a better understanding of your ultimate goal.

Mercury opposes Mars on the 9th June. If arguments have been brewing, they could erupt around this time. Used productively, it could stimulate ideas for further examination.

The last major aspect that Mars makes during its retrograde period is a trine to Chiron on the 12th June so even if some uncomfortable truths has been aired or difficult insights acknowledged, there is a healing balm to take the sting away.

On the 29th June, Mars stations direct in Scorpio on the Sabian symbol :-

After Having Heard An Inspired Individual Deliver His “Sermon On The Mount,” Crowds Are Returning Home

The two station symbols together really tell a story of ascension. It’s about regaining your passion for life, building confidence, getting excited by new possibilities. Mars retrograde reinforces you by letting you know where your strengths lies. If you can be patient, you’re likely to find that your inspiration and energy are renewed by the time the retrograde period completes, bringing you back home to yourself.


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Mars Retrograde 2016 – Major Aspects and Dates

18th Feb Mars enters shadow zone
17th April Mars stations retrograde in Sagittarius
22nd May Sun opposite Mars
25th May Venus opposite Mars
27th May Mars re-enters Scorpio
9th June Mercury opposite Mars
12th June Mars trine Chiron
29th June Mars stations direct
2nd August Mars re-enters Sagittarius
22nd August Mars exits shadow zone

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4 thoughts on “Mars Retrograde 2016 – Slow Down”

  1. Good article. I’m feeling him too. The fun part of this is that he stations retrograde conjunct my natal Chiron in Sagittarius. And I’ve developed a red, angry boil on my back – the first one I’ve ever had in my life (I’m in my 60s)! Also I’m getting nasty autoimmune flare-ups – something I’m prone to.

    Am aiming nonetheless to use this time constructively, not to try and madly push forward (not easy when you have Moon in Aries) but just to consolidate where I am now. My birthday is on May 24 with the solar return the previous evening, so after reading this I’ve a feeling he will be very present throughout the next few months.

  2. Brilliant article on Mars Retrograde. Our heating went down too – so did the TV. Your delineation of Mars retrograde in the 6th house is just breathtakingly accurate – right opposite my Ascendent. Then of course Mars retrograding opposite natal Sun 29 degrees Taurus, just to rub it in, before turning direct. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to write your so accurate articles.

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