June 2016 Astrology Forecast

FanfareMake yourself a cuppa – June is a busy astrological month!

June begins with a tense Grand Cross pattern with both the Sun and Venus opposing Saturn and square Jupiter and Neptune. This pattern came into orb right at the end of May and will be in orb until the 10th June. However, hot on the heels of Venus and the Sun are Vesta and Mercury so in fact, this Grand Cross will be in play until the 29th June.

The t-square with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune has been on going since the end of March and is now reaching its grand finale as the pattern will begin to break up around the second week of July. For now though, especially with the Sun involved, light is being shone on the problem. With Jupiter opposite Neptune we may want to save or be saved but Saturn says there are no heroes, only ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Here we have endless compassion, unlimited possibilities, starry eyes, boundless hope…and yet everything presses onto Saturn who grumbles that the world is hard work. But Saturn’s ultimate vision here in Sagittarius is that he knows that without putting the work in, we can’t get anywhere. ‘Dream all you like’ says Saturn, ‘I’ll be over here slogging my guts out to make sure my dream actually happens‘.

Saturn knows we need limits, we need to define where we’re going. I keep saying it but I’ll say it again (which will please Jupiter as he likes over-emphasis) – you have to state where you’re going! You can’t just try all avenues and hope for the best. Dream big by all means but you have to figure out a way to bring it into reality.

In the wider world we have political campaigns in the States selling more of those ‘big dreams’, the UK about to vote on whether to exit the EU (playing into the hands of Saturn who is keen on borders in Sagittarius) and yet Jupiter and Neptune remind us that no matter how much we try to ‘shut down’ on each other, we are all connected. Recognition of that fact would seriously make the world a better place. We could put that love into something real and tangible. But maybe the politicians have other ideas…When Vesta takes her place in this Grand Cross, issues raised cannot be ignored. They become concentrated and we need to devote attention to it. Mercury then stepping into the picture creates a talking point and by this time, we’re close to the Brexit election. No doubt, the media will be talking of nothing else.

There may be some hard choices to make during June and you may feel tugged in different directions. The best advice I can give is that in times of uncertainty, default to Saturn. Deal with what you know to be true, focus on practical measures, take your time, be realistic.

On the 1st June, Ceres squares Pluto. In mythology, Ceres was the mother of Proserpina, the Roman counterpart to Persephone. Ceres lost her daughter to Pluto who took her to the underworld. In her grief, Ceres withdrew her life-giving forces so the land withered and died. Eventually, Proserpina returned to her mother for six months of the year (Spring and Summer), spending the rest of the time in the underworld (Autumn and Winter). Ceres square Pluto therefore brings in themes of loss and separation Recognition that loss and death are an essential part of life is empowering. There may be a need to let go, to release, to mourn, to create space for new growth.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 5th June plays into the Grand Cross pattern as it’s conjunct the Sun and Venus, opposing Saturn and square Jupiter and Neptune. Gemini is the sign of choice and you may have a multitude of them due to the Jupiter/Neptune influence. This pleases Gemini immensely but can quickly become overwhelming. Saturn says you have to narrow your options, be more discerning with the information you receive and don’t assume you have all the facts.

The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :- Two Dutch Children Talking To Each Other, Exchanging Their Knowledge which emphasises that perhaps there are still things we have yet to understand. Without speaking the correct language, the conversation is incomprehensible. Another factor here is that there may be a need to find those who ‘speak your language’ rather than talking to a brick wall (Saturn!). Sometimes you just have to find the right people to talk to if you feel like you’re not being heard.

Juno retrograde re-enters Libra on the 7th June suggesting that there are relationships contracts and agreements to re-negotiate or review. There may have been jealousies or resentments brewing whilst Juno was in Scorpio but now with the pressure released, it’s clearer to see what needs to be done to address power dynamics to make them more equal.

Pluto is back on the Sabian symbol A Repressed Woman Finds A Psychological Release In Nudism by the 9th June where he creates a trine to the North Node. This is a powerful symbol. Be honest with yourself in order to move forwards on your path of spiritual and personal development. Take off your clothes and let your partner just look at you or regard yourself naked in the mirror. This ritualises the process of revealing the truth of your soul.

The First Quarter Moon in Virgo on the 12th June sets the first challenge from the tense Gemini New Moon. There is a need to sift through the information you have to figure out what is useful and what isn’t. The Moon is on the Sabian symbol A Royal Coat Of Arms Enriched With Precious Stones. Be aware of where you may be holding on to certain ideas because that’s what you learned from your family when you were young. That said, certain skills and facts handed down from generation to generation are worthy of repetition.

Also on the 12th June, retrograde Mars forms a trine to Chiron which advocates healing anger issues and old resentments that have been boiling below the surface. Neptune however may confuse the issue momentarily on the 13th June when he squares Vesta so it may be difficult to know what to focus on. There’s a danger of devoting too much to what has been said rather than forgiveness/compassion. However a few hours later, Neptune stations retrograde so this slowly begins to evaporate confusion and reveal what was magically hidden before. Whilst this may take the shine off things in some cases, intuitively you are more able to see through veils of illusion. Saturn’s opposition to Vesta on the 15th may pose a challenge to stick to your word or it may be difficult to focus due to outside commitments and responsibilities. A compromise is needed to satisfy the work load and also allow time for what is sacred to you.

Venus enters Cancer on the 17th June which creates a warm and cuddly atmosphere. Love needs to feel secure and safe with Venus in Cancer. This is the perfect time for family gatherings and to connect with loved ones. A quiet home cooked meal with your partner or a friend gives an opportunity to reconnect. The challenge is that Venus in Cancer can be overly sensitive. The powerful need to be loved can drive some towards codependent and dysfunctional relationships. A little self nurture can soothe away old hurts and reclaim self-value.

The second of the three squares between Saturn and Neptune occurs on the 18th June. With both planets now retrograde, it’s easier to see where unrealistic ideas may have got in the way of manifesting potential by practical means. You may feel like you’ve woken from a dream and whilst the reality may not be to your liking, there is a chance now to re-assess your highest ideals, your greatest vision. It’s not an easy aspect but we cannot continue to try to shore up foundations built on shifting sands. There need to be boundaries and some kind of order to offset Neptune’s nebulous energy. Saturn is an authoritative figure, the ‘Dad’ of the zodiac. If you’ve been absent in some way from your own life, escaping or deluding yourself, Saturn will drag you back to reality in no uncertain terms but it is for your own good. Not all dreams die when these two get together, only those that are impossible, naive or impractical.

The tension of the Saturn-Neptune square may incite frustration when Mars retrograde quincunxes Uranus on the 19th June. There may be a strong desire to act fast but Mars is retrograde so as ever, it’s about exploring motivation. Tentative experiments with new possibilities however may be the ideal way to use this energy.

The second Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on the 20th June. I entitled my last Sagittarius Fill Moon post ‘Frenzy’. The night before the Full Moon, a lad with a baseball bat thrashed a car to bits at the end of my street – frenzied indeed! This lunation is a little quieter in tone but is challenged by a square to Chiron. Some of the beliefs you hold may have to be reassessed, released or re-negotiated (with a sextile to Juno retrograde). There may be a loss of faith, a feeling of being exposed (with the Moon opposite security conscious Venus in Cancer) and somewhat out on a limb. Trines from the Moon to Uranus and Ceres suggest that rather than feeling rejected or hurt from finding ourselves alone in a strange land, it would be wise to enter into the spirit of adventure.

The Sabian symbol for this lunation is The Pope Blessing The Faithful. Those who retain hope, even when the Gods seem to have deserted them are indeed blessed.

Jupiter, ruler of churches, religion and beliefs is also conjunct the North Node on the 20th. This is typically seen as an opening of the gateways and a beneficial transit. It takes place on the Sabian In The Zoo, Children Are Brought Face To Face With An Orangutan which makes me think that there is a chance here to become aware of your primal nature as well as to see clearly what within you needs to evolve.

Finally on the 20th June, the Sun moves into Cancer, signalling the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere. The wheel turns, a new season dawns. Give thanks for all that brings you light and happiness. Light a candle to honour the Sun which gives us life. Give yourself a duvet day or plan to spend some time at home in your own four walls, especially if you tend to be out most of the time. Your home represents yourself and you need to be comfortable within it.

Jupiter squares Vesta on the 22nd June which sets the big picture against a pinpoint of light revealing only a tiny detail. Your ability to focus may be compromised by the need to know everything. Juno stations direct in Libra on the same day which pushes you to come to an agreement and find a compromise.

A conjunction between Uranus and Ceres on the 23rd June promotes innovative ideas to save the planet, alternative methods of food production, new ways of eating. This is the perfect time to try something different and experiment with what you eat to introduce some novelty into your diet. On a deeper level, this combination prompts a cutting of the apron strings, breaking away from Mother’s expectations. The Mothers amongst you may benefit from a day away from the kids if possible to reclaim your individuality.

Jupiter moves in to create one last trine to Pluto on the 26th June. This beneficial aspect can perhaps give us a helping hand with the more challenging Saturn, Neptune square – especially as Jupiter disposits Saturn*. Jupiter trine Pluto offers a power boost. You feel stronger when you face life with a positive attitude. Have faith, things are changing!

Chiron follows in Neptune’s footsteps by stationing retrograde on the 27th June. This begins a five month journey which prompts dealing with old wounds that have not healed. In Pisces, Chiron whispers, ‘you aren’t here to suffer, you aren’t helpless’. Alleviate your pain to find peace – find peace to alleviate pain.

The Last Quarter Moon in Aries also on the 27th June pitches heated emotions against the watery security conscious Cancer Sun. The desire to fight or brave a new challenge conflicts with the need to feel safe. The Sabian symbol for the Moon is A Man Succeeds In Expressing Himself Simultaneously In Two Realms which suggests you can satisfy both sides by being flexible.

Mercury joins the Sun in Cancer on the 29th June. Thoughts may turn to old memories, childhood times, sweet nostalgia. Reacquaint yourself with old photographs to make new mental connections between what was then and what is now. Words become more tender and we are all generally more sensitive to what is said. Speak kindly.

Finally, June ends with Mars stationing direct in Scorpio also on the 29th. After being restrained for so long, it may take time to get your motivation and energy levels back but at least there is now a sense that the brake has been released and it’s time to move forwards. Don’t expect everything to get up to speed at once. You’ll mostly likely need to wait until Mars gets off its station degree on the 12th July to really start to feel re-vitalised and ready for action after almost three months of slow going but still, onwards and upwards!
* Jupiter is the dispositor of Saturn at the moment because Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius where Saturn currently resides.

June 2016 Astrology Forecast – Aspects

1st Pluto square Ceres
2nd Sun square Neptune
3rd Venus square Neptune
3rd Sun opposite Saturn
4th Venus opposite Saturn
4th Sun square Jupiter
5th Venus square Jupiter
5th New Moon in Gemini
6th Sun conjunct Venus
7th Venus square North Node
7th Sun square North Node
7th Juno enters Libra
9th Mercury sextile Chiron
9th Pluto trine North Node
9th Venus sextile Ceres
9th Mercury opposite Mars
10th Sun sextile Ceres
12th First Quarter Moon in Virgo
12th Mars trine Chiron
12th Venus sextile Uranus
12th Mercury enters Gemini
13th Neptune square Vesta
13th Neptune Retrograde
13th Venus square Chiron
14th Saturn opposite Vesta
14th Sun sextile Uranus
15th Sun square Chiron
17th Venus trine Juno
17th Venus enters Cancer
17th Mercury square Pallas
18th Saturn square Neptune
19th Mars quincunx Uranus
20th Sun trine Juno
20th Full Moon in Sagittarius
20th Mercury opposite Saturn
20th Mercury square Neptune
20th Jupiter conjunct North Node
20th Sun enters Cancer
21st Vesta square North Node
22nd Mercury square North Node
22nd Jupiter square Vesta
22nd Juno Direct
22nd Mercury square Jupiter
23rd Mercury conjunct Vesta
23rd Uranus conjunct Ceres
23rd Venus trine Pallas
26th Jupiter trine Pluto
27th Mercury sextile Uranus
27th Chiron Retrograde
27th Venus trine Neptune
27th Mercury sextile Ceres
27th Mercury square Chiron
27th Last Quarter Moon in Aries
28th Sun trine Pallas
29th Mercury trine Juno
29th Mercury enters Cancer
29th Mars Direct
30th Venus sextile North Node

Painting – ‘Fanfare’ by Miriam Shapiro

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