New Moon in Gemini June 2016 – Before You Speak

fields-of-tulip-with-the-rijnsburg-windmillThe New Moon occurs at 02:59 (UT) on the 5th June 2016 at 14°Ge52′ D

Gemini is about the mind, communication, learning, making connections. It’s a mutable air sign, endlessly curious, communicative, changeable and flexible. The New Moon in Gemini signals a mental fresh start, especially since Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, went direct after a period of retrograde action recently.

Gemini is symbolised by the mythological twins Pollux and Castor. Pollux was immortal whereas Castor was mortal. Gemini then introduces the concept of duality, right brain and left brain, intuition and logic, the spiritual and the material. Gemini eagerly absorbs all kinds of information because it seeks to make connections, to learn and ultimately to balance both sides of itself. Gemini learns through exploring contradictory opinions.

This lunation plays right into the t-square formation that we currently have in the skies, creating a mutable Grand Cross. The Moon, Sun and Venus are all in a tight conjunction in Gemini and are opposed to Saturn and square to Jupiter and Neptune.

Gemini New Moon Chart
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So we have a highly complex pattern here. The Moon (emotions) and the Sun (identity) and Venus (love and values) are all united in the social sign of Gemini. We want to communicate what we feel and think to others. We want to be liked. But there’s a sense of not knowing enough (Saturn) or the fear of disapproval. It’s possible that we’re unclear about what we think or are communicating (Neptune) or perhaps we’re picking up on collective feelings that sway our decisions. Media distortion may be highly virulent during this time. Be discerning in what you read and hear. Judgmentalism too may be an issue with Jupiter involved or alternatively we could be tempted to brush off unease by pretending everything is OK (Jupiter opposite Neptune!).

But Saturn says it isn’t OK. It’s time to analyse why you think what you think. With the square to Jupiter, Saturn asks – why do you believe this to be so? What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about the world? Saturn says there’s still room for improvement which Jupiter is pushing us towards in Virgo.

Saturn’s square to Neptune says that we can no longer live under illusion or disillusion. Face facts says Saturn…but not unkindly. With Venus involved, what we think and our core values may be misaligned, distorted by the push and pull of Jupiter and Neptune.

The chart as a whole says that it’s important to speak from the heart during this time, even if we fear rejection, judgement or being misunderstood. The danger is that we could say too much or too little so we would all do well to mind the following :-

“Before you speak, ask yourself: is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence?” – Sai Baba

The Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

Two Dutch Children Talking To Each Other, Exchanging Their Knowledge

This symbol talks of being privy to certain information. The Dutch children can understand each other because they both speak the same language. If you’re feeling like no one understands you, you may need to seek out the right connections. Sometimes if we choose the wrong person to talk to at a sensitive time, it can exacerbate or unduly influence our own thought processes. Knowing who are the right people to speak with is one of the teachings of this Moon.

For those of us who don’t speak Dutch, the conversation of the children in this Sabian is incomprehensible. Therefore, this Moon brings us issues that we find incomprehensible too. You may struggle to understand laws, authorities or why the vast majority of people seem to think something different to you.

Your world view is being challenged and is changing. What you thought you knew is now up for analysis and debate and sometimes this is hard because it may be difficult to separate thoughts and feelings from your identity.

Ruler of this lunation Mercury is opposing Mars retrograde so clashing opinion is a marked feature of this chart but Mercury is also part of a Grand Earth Trine with Jupiter and Pluto showing that true understanding and bone deep honesty are potentially empowering and transformative.

En masse, we need to shed our confrontation approach. Let go of judgement, helplessness, self denial. Before we can truly listen to each other, we each need to listen to ourselves. It’s not about what the world out there thinks. It’s about what you think.

Painting – ‘Fields Of Tulip With The Rijnsburg Windmill’ by Claude Monet

35 thoughts on “New Moon in Gemini June 2016 – Before You Speak”

  1. Brilliant as always Leah – sheds so much light on what each of us is going through right now. Thank you!!

  2. Liked the article! By the way, did you mean to say ‘mutable’?

    “It’s a multiple air sign, endlessly curious, communicative, changeable and flexible.”

  3. Thank you Nuria – oops yes, I clearly let spellchecker choose a random word!

    I’m amused that in a post featuring Gemini, the sign of words, communication and learning, I somehow skated over my typos/spelling. I’m blaming Neptune 😀

  4. Hi Leah,

    Thanks a lot for the interesting article. This new moon occurs on my birthday so I’m a bit scared about what it will bring. I will also have retro Mars in my 12th house transiting close my natal Saturn at 28 Sag. Along with that, Saturn will be almost directly on my ascendant at 13′ Sag. I guess I’m focusing too heavily on what I think are negative aspects – maybe the Sun, Venus and Moon all joining on my birthday will bring about benefits. : )

    Thanks again for the interesting insight.

  5. Oops! Sorry, Leah, in my above comment I meant to say my natal Saturn is at 28′ Scorpio, not Sag.

  6. Hi Michael – My friend is also has this in their solar return 🙂 I’m sure there will be some benefits with that Sun, Moon, Venus conjunction. Wishing you birthday blessings!

  7. ‘Two Dutch Children Talking To Each Other, Exchanging Their Knowledge’
    I suspect its also a word play for the expression ‘speaking Double Dutch’
    which also has dual meanings, if not it should 😉
    Gemini heaven!
    I agree wholeheartedly with your words of caution re the media influence, and I would include online troll factories and factless fear driven propoganda wether it be from Putin bots, Birther conspiracy theorists, NRA, MRA, Bernie Bros Brexit etc etc

    Personally I would give strategic emphasis to the Virgo angle of this complicated T square, North Node conjunct Jupiter as the current evolutionary path for humankind, suggesting growth through discernment, analysis, rationality and research.
    Currently I think the unhelpful side of Pisces desperately needs collective and self analysis, as symbolised by the south Node Chiron Neptune fantasising, weak boundaries vulnerability to lies and lying, fear inducing us against them, propaganda that enables Media created Tulpas such as Donald Trump [ Gemini/Sag] to manifest our irrational fears into living nightmares.

    And the desperate need to be realistic about the environment and how we continue to poison[pisces] the ocean the air the earth, with plastics and fuels that are part of our piscean addictions to conveniences and comforts of have habit that have long since stopped being convenient or comforting but rather are destroying us all, and feeding the displacement of peoples and rise in fanatacism and terroism.
    And the New moon pattern emphasises, that we needlesly overcomplicate what is in essence quite simple, as a form of procrastination and justification for inaction.

    For example, in 35 or so years it is estimated that there wil be more plastic bags in the Ocean,than fish! Words fail at the hideousnous of that thought, and yet it is so avoidable.

    In my small city of roughly a million, lets say everyone uses only one plastic bag/wrapping a day [of course many use multiple bags for seperate items] thats roughly a million bags – A DAY in one small UK location.
    Multiply that, with all other plastic packaging, bottles etc etc world wide – the numbers are incomprehensible, uncountable.

    Yet if tommorow for instance, we all began using Re useable bags, wether that be canvas string, hemp, cotton etc, the differnce would be massive.
    Small Virgoan useful economical low tech improvements, that multiplied internationally make an enormous difference.

    The power [and god and the devil] is in the North Node/ Jupiter detail 😉

    Talking of which, god Im going to miss Obama and his Mars in Virgo, Ceres/Vesta, Saturn. Grand Earth Trine.

  8. And talking of Virgoan precision and Piscean carelessness, my previous post is full of typos. Sigh.

  9. Hi Aqua, thanks for your comment. Yes, ‘speaking double Dutch’ is certainly associated with this symbol. And yes, we absolutely need to move towards that North Node Virgo side, sorting the wheat from the chaff. The plastic bag situation is absolutely atrocious. Like you said, tiny improvements can make a big impact (especially with Jupiter currently in Virgo). I think a lot of people are going to miss Obama. I’m in the UK but heck if I could have voted for him, I would have done. let’s hope the nightmare of Trump doesn’t come fully to life!

  10. My pleasure , and thanks for the excellent article. Yes heres hoping, re Trump. Its hard to tell with the media onslaught how much and what is real.

    Although there can be no doubt the media is garnering him support among the less discriminating members of our species.
    And if he gets in then they will spend endless column inches examining their own role in the debacle, without any genuine self reflection or comeuppance for their responsibility.

    What I cant encapsulate is how short peoples memories are of all the Trump related scandals in the 80s and 90s.
    I put that down to Uranus in Aires, the Zeitgeist at the moment is all about the self created moment ‘if I wasnt involved it didnt happen’ thinking, and ‘dont bother me with facts cos reality is of my making’ ‘History pffft who cares, this time it will be different’…..

    Wholely appropriate that he is a ‘reality’ star from way back.
    Never has a word been so abused.

    But have we seen such an appropriate chart for lies ,self inflation, and lack of emotional self awareness as his?
    I swear he and Boris are clones from the same factory – Dangerous Buffoons Ltd

  11. P.S Talking of Obama, I was fascinated by your article on the asteroid Kassandra.
    Im keen to get your asteroid report but am reluctant to give so much info over a webconnection currently.
    Is there any chance of ringing you and ordering over the phone, as Im located in the UK too?

  12. Hi Aqua – I’m giggling at ‘Dangerous Buffoons Ltd’ although I know the seriousness underneath that concept! Unfortunately I can only take orders via the internet as all payments go through Paypal, apologies.

  13. Thanks Leah. Brilliant post and very helpful as were the comments by Aqua. I have a question for you both. How do you see the mutual reception between Venus in Gemini (conjoining the Sun/Moon in the fourth leg of the Grand Mutable Cross) and Mercury inTaurus (making up one third of the Grand Earth Trine) playing out ? Do you think that this reception might place the origins of the Virgoan Jupiter evolutionary trajectory in the hands of globally often socially effaced individuals such as nature loving beautiful women (Taurean Venus) and bright, sunny children and LGBT communities (triple Gemini) ?

    Could they be the catalyst within this stellar kaleidoscope for the discerning elephant in the room (jupiter in virgo) to begin pushing our degraded world back towards ecological and emotional balance within this stellar kaleidoscopic,through their equal exchange of practical ideas and aesthetic sensibilities ?

  14. hi Wovoka
    pardon the lack of caps, my shift key just went kaput.
    ‘How do you see the mutual reception between Venus in Gemini (conjoining the Sun/Moon in the fourth leg of the Grand Mutable Cross) and Mercury inTaurus (making up one third of the Grand Earth Trine) playing out ?’

    given the squares from saturn and neptune/south node and mars backward journey in scorpio – the dark twin is much in evidence.

    bearing in mind that often events that symbolise an exact transiting aspect or lunation, happen a few days prior – we are already seeing that mutual reception expressed by richard huckel
    it is unbelievably grim reading but very descriptive of the t square – dark twisted fantasies, children , religion, exploiting foreign cultures, the dark web, a perfect neptune in pisces square saturn in sag analogy, as is the censorship that is likely to follow this event.

    and of course the recent expose of trumps ‘academy’ again perfectly described by that mutable cross and the mutual reception. his constant boasting of wealth and business skills continue to be undermined by the truth.

    which brings us back to the positive virgo theme of discernment integrity and accuracy.
    the previous examples show the capacity for dualistic amoral behaviour, fantasies run amok boundaries blurred .

    the issue of the eu is one claim and counter claim after another as is the us election. lies are being promoted as the truth without shame or consequence online and all this smoke and mirrors is detracting from the most important issue, our planet.

    women’s rights are primary in turning this around.
    educate women worldwide and they are more likely to be employed and financially self sufficent, less likely to have children young, or multiple children, keeping population in check and use of limited resources. ditto access to contraception and abortion.
    so yes the mutual reception venus in gemini mercury in taurus speaks of the fundamental right of education for women and autonomy of their own bodies and finances.
    women generally, ‘earth mother’ or otherwise have consistently been front and centre in all activism to protect our planet, from nuclear weapons, such as the women of greenham common, dr helen caldicott, helen clark etc from pollution from exploitation of workers rights from land grabs.
    a perfect example of what you describe is the great and wonderful rachel carson and her seminal work, silent spring, that really kick started the environmental movement.

    she has sun conjunct mercury in gemini opposite moon in sag and venus in taurus. such an apt title given her chart and the current new moon, silent spring focuses on pesticides such as ddt and its impact on song birds and the ecosystem as a whole.

    needless to say a tsunami of propaganda and disinformation was directed against her by the corporations. check her chart and the mars uranus conjunct in capricorn, where pluto is currently.

  15. Hi Aqua,

    Thanks for all these insights. I can certainly only wholeheartedly agree with every impassioned word. I know of the heroine Helen Caldicott but did not know how her natal chart plays into this New Moon event.

    As for the ongoing revelations in regard our global epidemic of sexual assaults upon children and the vulnerable by narcissistic sociopaths whose ‘winner takes all’ approach to others is echoed in the actions of our corporate and political establishment, for personal experiential reasons I can only hope that this continues to take fire until all that has been hidden to so many for so long is exposed to open view. The social blame game and effacement that survivors of such childhood violence that hound and haunt us all our lives might then be dissolved, freeing so many innocents from the calumny that should have justly been the lot of the triumphalist rapists.

    If both the extent of the abuse and the men and women in high establishment positions responsible for it are finally held to account, whether long dead or alive and flourishing, at the very least it will force a social crisis of conscience that might see that in every aspect of our lives and the life of our earth, just how selfish, destructive and poisonous the postwar neo-liberal ideological consensus truly is.

  16. Hi Wovoka – Thanks for your comment. The mutual reception is certain a redeeming factor in a tough chart and yes, it would be nice to think that certain groups may be a voice for love and understanding in an often intolerant world.

  17. Hi Wovoka

    Yes, agreed on every point!

    And damn the BBC…

    Rachel Carson just occured to me at the time as a perfect example reyour query and googled her chart. Prior to that I had no idea of her planetary positions…
    Queue Twilight zone theme music, as she bows to Jung 😉

  18. FixedGCAquarian

    This Mutable GC is sitting tight on all my angles.

    Jupiter/NN on Vir ASC, Neptune/SN on Pis DSC, Saturn on Sag IC, Sun/Moon/Venus on MC.

    That Full Moon we had in May with Moon/Mars opposite Sun/Venus packed a wallop for me … I was let go from my job and my sweet 13-yr-old dog passed away a week later. Despite the losses, I was feeling thankful anyway that I didn’t have to work and got to spend a lot of quality time with my canine companion before she left. And I also leapt immediately to the task of searching and applying for a new job.

    I’m full of unease and definitely not pretending that everything is OK! In fact, I’m trying not to assume disaster (rather easy to do at the moment) and just trying to focus on working/solving the problem. Even though I fear rejection from job applications. I’ll need to get another job fairly quickly to keep my home … though I didn’t lose my home last time Saturn passed through my 4th. In fact, that time around I bought property. However, last time around I didn’t lose my job even though layoffs were happening at the company I worked for.

    Well, this is certainly an interesting setup, to say the least. Maybe I’ll see if I could figure out a way to work independently from home (like I used to), Saturn might like that. Oh no! … I can’t make any good decisions right now with that t-square of Sat-Jup-Neppy and Neptune is sitting on the cusp of contracts, shoot! Maybe I should wait until tomorrow at least. 😉

    Best to everyone feeling the effects of these transits. I’ll come back and let you know how it all turns out and I have the perspective of hindsight. 🙂

  19. Yeah Jung ! I do not know how historically true this story is but apparently on a lecture trip to the US of Freud and Jung when their ship drew into New York to be met by jubilant crowds, Freud turned to Jung and said: Don’t they know that we are bringing them the plague ?

    I look back at the global mass mediated advertising techniques developed by big government money with the help of that psychological Svengali, Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, and the unfolding devastating consequences of this bullying murder machine for humanity and our planet and well, Freud was right about that. Although in my humble opinion, not much else. Any real insights attributed to him were plagiarised but he was first and foremost a canny self-salesman.
    Unlike Jung, whom I recognise as an early saint of the Aquarian Age.

    I do hate to be participating in this squaring off of one v other of the Dead but your referencing Jung just set off my self-righteous rage in regard to the still too pervasive Great Freud Fraud.

    And Jung’s posthumous Red Book has been demanding to be taken down from the shelves and consulted these past few weeks…

    Perhaps the Avatar of Aquarius will be an individuated Collective.

  20. Hi FixedGCAquarian – I’m so sorry to hear about your dog 🙁 It sounds like you’re having a tough time right now. I wish you luck with your job search and decisions.

  21. Thankyou for your analysis. This complex New Moon has so many elements to synthesise in interpretation and reading several posts is worthwhile to build a composite picture of the multiple issues and facets involved. To add to the dialogue, I have posted some thoughts re this New Moon on my blog

  22. Hi Wovoka

    I dont know if you will see this but I had reply given whats happened in the news since we last spoke.
    Firstly regarding Edward Bernays, I dont know a lot about him bu t I do know he influenced my fathers guru, David Ogilvy, my dad was a ‘Madman’ back in the 60s 70s 80s 🙁 So Im up on group manipulation techniques [unfortunately]
    And I have all sorts of issues with Freud…
    But re headlines and events related to this months lunations- given your earlier question- a woman or even two are now in a position to ‘save the world’ !
    Warren is a Cancer/Taurus mix with Gemini and Hillary has that Pisces moon so despite the hate and frothing conspiracy theories we might be good.

    On the otherhand what I was afraid of has just happened, today we have just had the worst shooting in America, possibly ever. And the shooter has a Muslim name, its been called terroism… you can imagine the petrol this is going to fling on the flames to be manipulated by Trump/Brexit etc
    Seriously disturbing.

  23. Hi Wovoka
    I had to come back and comment as I suddenly remembered what you said above :-

    “Do you think that this reception might place the origins of the Virgoan Jupiter evolutionary trajectory in the hands of globally often socially effaced individuals such as nature loving beautiful women (Taurean Venus) and bright, sunny children and LGBT communities (triple Gemini) ?”.

    After today’s news, let’s hope that evolution happens fast. I feel so desperately sad at the loss of life and trauma. I see the media circus has already begun. I’m just saying a prayer right now.

  24. Excellent point Leah – and maybe this ghastly thing will force Americans en masse to consider gun control, at the very least regarding automatic weapons. Its obscene that they are sacrificial victims in this process.
    If this shooting doesnt get through to the national conscience though, then its a nation that has lost its collective sanity – through imagined fear.

    At some point the media has to start taking responsibiity and being held culpable for its constant onslaught of dishonest alarmism, superficiality of analysis and covert, if not overt propaganda.

    Myth making through the stories we tell ourselves – a diet of hysterical 24hr disasters, a film industry that is near incapable of making stories that arent predicated on killing and guns, a whole genre now dedicated to ‘torture porn’, fake Springer and Oprah style emotiveness, hate fuelled porn industry, online gaming devoted to death and butchery.

    America,with us following, is literally scaring itself to death through Neptunian fantasies.

    At some point hopefully [maybe in July] America will start to genuinely grapple with the dark side of the issues inherent in the nations Cancerian Sun/mercury/venus need for ‘protection/isolation/security/defensiveness’ and the Aquarian moons kneejerk fixation with ‘personal freedom at any cost/2nd Amendment obsession’.
    Which is such an ironic stand to take given the greatest immediate danger to Americans, is not their government but the person down the street, or even their own child, and only because that very fear has armed Americans to the teeth.

    An endlessly circular argument like a mobius strip.
    So with all due respect Im not saying a prayer, because that has now become a collective excuse for inaction – just as a human being Im no longer saddened, Im sickened and furious by this oh so avoidable news. Its time for Americans to harness their incohate anger into righteous non violent action.
    As Obama said non action is a decision in of itself.

  25. Hi Aqua – Agreeing on every point, including what you said about saying a prayer…I do believe prayers help (and for that’s my way of saying I’m actively sending out healing) but yes, the Virgo North Node shows very much that it’s about what we DO that counts. I mentioned this in a previous article – I think on the Nodes changing signs…anyway, yes non violent action, the choices we make about where to spend our money, supporting grassroots organisations and so on. We can’t just dream the better world into being 🙂

  26. No Leah, we absolutely cant.
    Its why we must remain in the EU to have any influence on our environment.
    Have you seen this
    And then despite signing the Paris accord the Conservative government has emasculated our solar and wind industry – IT LITERALLY BEGGARS BELIEF.

    As to Trump, words fail re his response to climate change.
    And everything including refugees/ terrorism is predicated on it.
    Yes with neptune on the south node its critical we leave behind, fantasy, lies, and wishing /praying things will be better. As the saying goes ‘God helps those who help themselves’
    Its our choice,we cannot rely on any rosy concept of divine intervention.
    On that note Im going to write to Elizabeth Truss and demand some kind of explanation.
    True one letter is nada, but combine that with petitions marches etc etc we can do it. Small actions [Virgo] add up if we all do it, whether thats not using plastic or writing to our elected ministers. [ and you never can tell when a word is going to take root in someones mind]
    We must remind ourselves, we employ them, they are our servants [virgo].
    If I was on social media I would write an open letter.

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