Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2016 – Questioning Belief

portrait-of-pope-pius-vThe second Full Moon in Sagittarius this year occurs at 11:02 (UT) on the 20th June 2016 at 29°Sg32′

We’re seeing an emphasis on the concept of BELIEF and with the Moon opposing the Sun in information gathering and dispensing Gemini, there’s a distinct sense that the facts don’t add up! I don’t know about you but the news (Gemini) has been challenging to read recently with the terrible attack on the LGBT community in Orlando, the killing of the Labour party MP Jo Cox in the UK yesterday and the ongoing battles in the election race in the States and the EU referendum in the UK. The atmosphere has felt divisive since the last New Moon in Gemini. If any of you ever watched the wonderful sci-fi series Farscape, right now I have a clip of the crazy character Stark screaming ‘my side, your side, my side, your side‘. It’s a tug of war as the media (Gemini) grapples with us, pulling us from one side to the other and all the time issuing the challenge ‘what do you believe?’ (Sagittarius).

The Moon in this chart is on the very last degree of Sagittarius. The 29th degree of a sign is noted to be ‘anaretic’. It’s a critical degree. The analogy I use to explain this is to imagine those last few moments before death, when you’re conscious but know you’re about to die. In those last moments you really LIVE, sense every precious breath, sense every tiny kiss of the wind on your skin. Everything is emphasised in glorious technicolour. And so it is with the signs, that at their last breath too, they are vivid, unstable and sometimes given to showing the extremes of their characteristics. With Sagittarius being ruled by giant Jupiter – key shadows of this sign relate to escalation and exaggeration. We have to be aware that some things are being blown out of proportion.

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2016 Chart
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The Moon is sextile to Juno retrograde and also anaretic in Libra. Juno is about commitment and contracts. With the sextile, it’s an opportunity to re-establish your balance through committing to understanding (Sagittarius) your own position. But it’s painful (the Moon is square to wounded Chiron in Pisces) and it may mean letting go of some cherished ideas (the Moon is opposite Venus in Gemini). It feels uncomfortable and yet it’s necessary.

Jupiter, ruler of this lunation, will perfect the conjunction to the North Node on the same day as the Full Moon. Jupiter is about expansion, development, abundance, potential. The North Node represents our karmic path – where we’re going and where we need to go in order to evolve. With Jupiter conjoining the North Node, there is a powerful impetus to improve through practical means – and to practice what we preach. Over and over the skies re-iterate now that we cannot save ourselves through prayer (South Node in Pisces). Wishing it all away won’t help, no matter how much we might try! Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo promises that small actions (Virgo) have big results (Jupiter) that will benefit us in the future.

And yes it’s hard when we’re witnessing all kinds of crazy in the world. The Moon is trine to Uranus and Ceres. Trines are slippery things – channelled positively they can produce fast results but negatively it’s the same. Nothing stands in the way of a trine to slow the energy down. Kooky Uranus can manifest as oddball beliefs that provoke reckless acts (Uranus is quincunx to stationing Mars). We could at times feel like a stranger in a strange land but using this energy wisely, we can nourish new perspectives that give us courage to move forwards. Ceres conjunct Uranus is about fostering free thinking, being open to different points of view, celebrating diversity. Maybe too it’s about cutting the apron strings and allowing ourselves to think differently from our parents or what we were taught when we were young (Gemini). Ultimately, the Moon’s trine to Uranus says we must learn to think for ourselves and now more than ever this is important given what we are being fed by the media.

The Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

The Pope Blessing The Faithful

This is a complex simple that has several disparate messages. Essentially the Pope is a representative of the divine here on Earth. He is a mediator between God and humankind. The question is, do we need a mediator or can we just connect with the divine that already lives within each of us? There can be a danger here of waiting to be ‘blessed’ by another, to be ‘saved’ by another (falling back into the South Node in Pisces!). Also, only the ‘faithful’ are blessed. What of those who lost faith through disastrous life circumstances? Isn’t someone who has lost faith more in need of a blessing not less?

Sometimes this symbol can hint at investing too much faith in someone or something to the exclusion of all else. It’s about questioning what you believe and why.

On the positive side of this symbol, following wise leaders and finding good teachers expands our horizons of what is possible. We must be open to receiving wisdom, especially with the Moon on the anaretic degree of Sagittarius who can be inclined to think it already knows it all! Be humble like Jupiter in Virgo. Don’t lose faith in these challenging times.

This is a difficult chart with the Mutable Grand Cross formed by Jupiter opposite Neptune square to Mercury opposite Saturn. Mercury opposite Saturn can feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. Sometimes, it can seem like you’re out on a limb, no one thinks the same as you, no one sees things your way, no one believes what you believe.

With the Full Moon on the final degree of Sagittarius, our view of the world is inevitably changing. New information (Gemini) cannot just be ignored. We have to be willing to see the big picture (Sagittarius). This lunation falls at the edge of solstice (summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere). The solstice represents a turning point of the great world axis. We too are at a turning point in history and each one of us must recognise that we all have an important part to play in the unfolding future.

My side your side

Painting – ‘Portrait of Pope Pius V’ by El Greco

14 thoughts on “Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2016 – Questioning Belief”

  1. Yes – everything we have been discussing!
    As to Jo Cox, its utterly appalling. We are so invested in blame collectively, that we overlook the reality that politicians are no more venal, nor corrupt than any other person.
    Most do a thankless job for shit money, or in the case of volunteers in groups such as the the Green Party of which Im a member, for none at all.
    I routinely see commenters on newspapers bitching about politicians lies, all the while lying through their teeth themselves.
    Hypocrisy, another ramification of the dark side of Sagittarius.

    RIP Jo Cox – an honourable humane politician, who expressed the genuine concept of public servitude, sacrificed to the irrational insane hate that is misogyny and racism.
    Brexit is now an obscenity rather than a reasonable option.

    To all those sacrificing their time and energy campaigning – keep safe.

  2. I just love your interpretations of what is happening. You have a wonderful insight and different way of seeing things. Like the sabian symbol for this moon. Questioning “do we need a mediator and what about the unfaithful?” As one who has totally changed my belief system from catholicism to taoism and a bit of the pagan I really appreciate the different approach to how we look at some things.

  3. Brexit is not an obscenity and shows how base you are! You clearly do not like someone with an opposing view, so I have to remind you that this is democracy, something our country is founded on, more than may other in Europe. How awful house this poor woman’s death to make some kind of distorted political statement, how low can you go!?

  4. My GOD you’re good! Now I don’t even have to write in my journal about today; just copy your post and add “What she said.”

  5. If you are going through the death, then its understandable and applicable from experience, if your not, then its astro-poetics.

  6. There is always a greater awareness. Gemini vs Sagittarius although opposing are of course the same energy polarised. A balance is necessary, understanding that both are necessary to realize the truth, a narrow path that meanders and fluctuates depending of the weight of either side. Awareness is the key although sadly is distorted through the common human traits of the ego ; fear, greed, jealousy and self righteousness

  7. Could it be that under this lunation we can get a very painful insight into how old wounds (the square to Chiron) have encouraged us to have beliefs which are not necessarily good or positive for our ongoing development? That is what I feel emerging prior to this lunation. Would be interested to know your thoughts?
    I’m sure the very close station direct of Mars to this lunation must also be considered as Mars seems a huge part of where Sagittarius aims its arrow.

  8. A couple of ideas regarding how our ongoing old wounds from our progressivist, ahistorical and arrogant Male centred evolution ideologies may be socially still holding us all spiritually hostage:

    Firstly our culturally encoded fear of ‘failure’. The warped winner takes all trope in our mass education system as it feeds into our There can be only One economic system, normalises rape in all of its guises, whether of ‘lesser’ others or of ‘undeveloped’ Mother Nature.

    The social isolation following on from this is leading us all to follow any promise of communion with others. The internet seems to answer much if this deep need. However, the narrowing of symbolic human cues, especially those key visceral emotional ones, as we move from face to face, to telephonic, to electronically mediated communication is leading us all into the belief that we are becoming more socially various when, in fact, the medium we use is effacing difference in its essentialisation of the same. So although it looks like we are are all being allowed to be different but in exactly the same way. This results in a Tower of Babel ontology wherein the narcissisms of minor difference this medium works to create means that any communication unless moderated by an Overseer soon descends into bloody conflict.

    High time for Perseus to wake up and slay the Neptune Cetus sea monster that continues to hold beautiful Andromeda, the mother of human creativity and fecundity, prisoner.

  9. All this is above my head. As a Sagittarius, I can tell you that there is no hypocrisy involved . On the contrary, the problem is honesty; i.e. expressing what is in our hearts which some times may hurt other people. Questioning? Religion? Other 2 points worth of a comment: Feelings, faithfulness, trustworthiness and faith are true characteristics of Sagittarius: believing that the present is better than the past and the future even better than the present – because God so much loved the world. Believe is a matter of faith and faith is what keeps Sagittarius moving forward and upward. The Geminies I know are fully of vitality and faith. Wind can brow the fire but also keeps it going: it is all a matter of perspective: Let’s keep ours positive and enjoy the full moon (!) because it appears that this site will not be possible for many of us – in another 70 years (?)

  10. Thanks for this perceptive, poetic post, Leah. The position of this Full Moon is an amplifier for all the rage, hurt, confusion and delusion there seems to be in the collective right now. However, as we have seen, evil deeds seem to evoke outpourings of kindness and generosity of spirit in people’s responses. The great grapple goes on…

  11. Sagitarrius….there are always two sides of a coin, or astrological sign, in this case. No one is just one sign. We are the sum total of all our unique planetary placements. This is what makes one Sagitarrius much different from another. Even if you have half your planets in Sagittarius you can’t quite say you’re just sag, and…I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to have ALL PLANETS in one sign. If that chart is out there, I would sure love to see it!

    Not taking away your identity as a sag, I’m sure you have many sag qualities, likely many positive ones, but all the planets and their signs make us who we are, not just our sun sign or rising sign or even moon sign.

    This article has been highly on point for me. I mostly study vedic astrology, but I’m finding that even those western uses tropical zodiac, the ways of interpreting often draw similar conclusions, so I definitely do not discount it just because it’s not in my original language.

  12. i just want to say: this is the BEST reading of this energy transit that i have read. best because it addresses everything and reminds the reader to read from more than one perspective. beyond writing style or orientation, a universal articulation is a lovely lovely GIFT. thanks!
    and quite the band of commenters here, too! further affirmation 🙂

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