On Brexit – The Astrology of the EU Referendum and Result

the-volcanoI’m absolutely devastated by last night’s result. I hadn’t looked at the astrology until yesterday because my intuition, a nagging feeling in my stomach, said this would be the result. Anyway, below are the two posts that I put on Facebook – one yesterday as the polls drew to a close where I examined the UK chart and the second is my analysis of the chart for the moment when it was announced that the ‘Leave’ vote had won. They are in quick note form but I thought I would share my thoughts here for those of you not on Facebook.

Posted around 9.30 p.m. 23rd June 2016 
Honestly, I have been too scared to look at the astrology for the EU Referendum because I have such a vested interest in staying part of the EU but anyway…after a few people asked for some thoughts, I have just made a few notes below. I haven’t studied it extensively, but these are the things that stood out to me…The chart used is the 1801 chart for the United Kingdom.

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The first thing I noticed is Mars, ruler of the 7th house (partnerships) is on the cusp of the 12th house in the progressed chart. Now, we could read that many ways but I don’t think it bodes particularly well. It’s all hidden motivations, back room dealings. There’s a lot going on that we don’t know about.

Of course I would read this in other ways for a person’s chart but still, Mars in the 12th can mean hidden enemies as well as self-sabotage (acting against our own interests). The progressed Sun is also about to square natal Mars in September so there’s a whole lot of Mars going on here – independence, fighting, anger, aggression, the struggle to assert ourselves. Mars in the 12th is also hidden anger and Mars is going to be in that part of the chart for a VERY long time to come…

It’s fascinating too that right now, the progressed Moon is about to conjunct the progressed ASC – the Moon represents the people so that’s a real literal symbol for the people changing the face of the country…The conjunction between the Moon and the ASC will take place on the Sabian I talked about today in my cosmic tides update!

The Head Of A Robust Youth Changes Into That Of A Mature Thinker‘. Hopefully, we can learn something from all of this, whatever way it goes. The progressed MC is currently on ‘During A Silent Hour, A Man Receives A New Inspiration Which May Change His Life‘. Let’s hope so.

Transiting Saturn will conjunct Mercury – ruler of 9th house (overseas) in September so some kind of serious negotiations around that time where we may have restricted (Saturn), dialogue (Mercury).

Also, what catches my eye is that transiting Pluto will oppose the Moon (the people) in 2018 – it would take around two years to leave. Pluto is a force to be reckoned with. Saturn will also conjunct the Sun that year – again, restrictive.

Uranus transiting the 7th house generally is a separative force – we want [as a country] change in our relationships with others. But progressed Uranus will conjunct the progressed South Node in years to come in the 12th house – our ‘independence’ could be our undoing.

The chart for the end of voting time (10pm UK time) puts Pluto on the ASC. Whatever the outcome, there is irrevocable change coming.


Posted this morning
This is the chart for the moment it was announced that the Leave vote had won – Time was 4.40 a.m. 24th June 2016 – London. It was announced on the BBC – time confirmed in the media link here. Later on the news, they kept replaying this with the line ‘This is a moment of history in the making’.

The astrology is extraordinarily symbolic.

Leave Vote
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Ascendant On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One
This one doesn’t need much more explanation!

MC – A Garage Man Testing A Car’s Battery With A Hydrometer
Interesting…brings up the image of ‘breakdowns’. Aquarius is the sign of distance.

It’s all about money – Sun conjunct the ASC ruling the 2nd house. Venus, ruler of money conjunct the Sun. The Moon as dispositor of the Sun suggests that the people (The Moon) may have voted for this because of debt (8th house). EDIT – To qualify – I’m adding here that ‘it’s all about money’ because people have become very aware of ‘the haves’ and the ‘have nots’, the sharing of resources (8th house). People are worried about their jobs, the fears of ‘not enough to go round’ and much of the problem has been deflected by the media and politicians onto immigration as the ’cause’ of these problems. The Sun is on the Sabian ‘A Cat Arguing With A Mouse’. Playing cat and mouse. This may also represent how people felt like they were being tormented by the EU. It also represents the split again in the country (and with the head of state) EDIT – Note this was written just before Cameron resigned. Whether we are a cat or a mouse now is anyone’s guess.

The Moon – ‘the people’ in the 8th house (death, complexes) square Mars (anger). The Moon is sesquiqudrate the Sun and Venus – slippery slope. Moon quincunx the North Node – yes, we have to adjust to what was ‘meant to be’. The Moon is on the Sabian ‘A Man’s Secret Motives Are Being Publicly Unmasked‘ – interesting. Was this the plan all along?…We can also say that this result has revealed the discontent of the majority.

Pluto in the 7th house – symbolic of the ‘end of a relationship’. The trine to Jupiter and the North Node. Jupiter trine Pluto is the closest aspect in the chart. Jupiter is on ‘A Volcanic Eruption’. Trines are typically seen as positive and yes it is helpful – but trines can also go out of control…

The North Node is on In The Zoo, Children Are Brought Face To Face With An Orangutan
Personally, I think this reflects how this referendum has brought out people’s primal/primitive animal instincts – territorial. Note that it’s in the house of ‘information and media’. We are looking at each other like we are completely different species. Jupiter rules other places, other cultures, worldwide.

Mercury in the 12th house (silence, silent voices) opposite Saturn (limitation/authority) and part of the grand cross in this chart. Saturn in the 6th house – public health. The mood is low (well amongst half the country anyway!). Feeling unheard (the opposition to Mercury).

Neptune, Chiron and the South Node in the 9th house of overseas relations/communications. Again, self evident – wounded, dissolving, ending, draining.

I woke up with a start this morning with a bad, bad feeling – now I know it was just after the time it had been announced. Personally, I’m devastated by the result. I cried. I think there will be a domino effect.

Spiritually speaking, I feel as though these are powerfully important times. The North Node conjunct Jupiter is suggesting we need to come to an understanding, to make the best of it, to truly see each other as we are rather than believing we are different or better than another. Somehow we have to piece it all together (Virgo), understand the details of what has happened. Many of us will mourn what has been lost (opposition to Neptune) but we do have to pick ourselves up…me included. Somehow, it’s about staying optimistic.

Painting – ‘The Volcano’ by Arnold Bocklin

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  1. Margaret Motheral

    I did a chart and explanation on my facebook page. I found the time 5 am for call for Brexit. I’m more optimistic. I try to look at potential and there are fortunate guardians.

  2. Perhaps a comparison should be made of the EU Counsel, IMF, World Bank, Brussels, etc and how destructive these forces are to the collective. .

  3. It is certainly a brand new day. Thank you Leah for this very insightful blog, especially for one not acquainted with British politics. It seems that the people in Great Britain and the U.S. share a lot of the same sentiments about the body politic. We need to uphold each other in the clearest, positive light. I wish you all well.

  4. People are tired of corruption and politicians flipping their noses at them while taking bribes under the table. In astrology we tend to underestimate the potential impact of waning but powerful aspects……in this case the Pluto Uranus square, especially given the fact that UK is a Capricorn natally. Mars retrograde in Scorpio just adds more fuel to that fire. It is a major groundbreaking event. Many will be delighted if this results in Rothschild loss of power. We aren’t done yet. The cycles of nature and the cosmos guarantee that.

  5. Thank you Leah for this wonderful but sad look at the UK chart plus more. My understanding of the Pluto transit into Capricorn in 2008 is that: Everything that has No Integrity falls into Collapse. This contractive movement includes humans as well as structures and corrupt unions. Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 and I’m hoping to see a more humanitarian world with brilliant achievements in finding natural, sustainable energy resources for all beings.

  6. Thank you Leah – enjoyed reading your delineation, this morning. I’m sorry this vote has upset you. I understand. I have Pluto in 7th – been divorced twice. (Cap asc.) (Cancer des.) Moon at MC sq. Pluto. Both husb. in military; both very ‘controlling’. I empathize with people of UK . I also have Sun sq. Uranus – so push come to shove – ‘I left’. Has it been better since I made that decision yrs. ago?
    …..lonely. My mother used to say: “No man is an island unto himself”.

  7. Leah, I’m so sorry that you and your beautiful country is going through such a hard time….sending love and light to the UK from the States. <3

  8. Morning from the other side of the Atlantic. That was a pretty wild referendum.
    Oh well, best you can do is stay optimistic. At least now the powers in London and Brussels may finally get their act together and truly fix the many problems in the EU. Remember love Europa not the EU.


    I really enjoy your political articles. Please write more !!!

  9. Leah, so much fear coming through from your thoughts on Brexit. This has been building for some years, since 2008 in fact when Pluto entered Capricorn. The opportunities for change then did not take place. Even after Uranus came along to square Pluto from Aries no change took place. What we see today is the culmination of no action – especially now Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius and squaring a recently turned retrograde Neptune.

    Just to make things more interesting along with Mars having retrograded back into Scorpio (the swift sting from the Scorpion’s tail) and which is now inconjunct Uranus in Aries, indicates we have been forced into action, AND coming so soon after the very important full Moon on the Summer Solstice and anaretic degree 29 of Sagittarius (the people (Moon) and endings regarding people from other countries), we have no choice other than to move forward without looking back.

    The really interesting bit will be watching the domino effect as the EU unravels – which will happen whether we want it or not and to hold on tight as we travel on the astrological roller-coaster for the next few months and emerge triumphant and wiser after the ride.

  10. I am Swedish working since 20 years for the European Union in Brussels and I am, as you, devastated by the Brexit. It’s a very sad day, dark forces has won this battle but we shall continue to stay unified continuing promoting values such as solidarity, peace, free movement.

    No way we give in to hatred, separation and fear.

    We stand behind you. Blessings ??

  11. Hello everyone – I just wanted to say thank you all for your comments – whether you are commiserating with me or happy for the Leave vote, I appreciate all of your thoughts and comments. And the end of the day, even though we may be divided by opinions, we are all still human, still connected.

  12. Leah i agree..sad time..this is not a political comment just an observation. Neptune(inlPicies) wants us to morph into a universal union but saturn draws the boundaries. ..Saturns Sagertarian strength is actually asking us to stretch our beliefs…seperation is loss. . I think this is a loss of union for humanity. ..the small isle just made a sad mistake. .

  13. Thank you Leah for your insights as always so resonant. Every reason for concern. Further, taking the wheel further to June 22, 2024 brings a stellium in the 12th. Thinking about some major floods of some sort with Neptune aspect. (?) What a concern for the longterm outcome……. Condolences and thoughts with you all.

  14. Hi Leah
    I feel there is a potential higher harmonic to all of this. The Brexits have set something in motion and certainly I believe not what they intended. Although I voted remain I knew I was voting for the status quo and we are all aware that big changes are needed for us to really move into the Aquarian Age. This is change and we must see potential in this change. I feel this is the beginning of the breakdown of the establishment. I’m convinced we’ll see more unbelievable changes e.g. Boris as PM and Trump as President and it will undoubtedly be messy but we need to stay focused and not get caught up in fear and despair but keep our vibrations high and trust that in time we will see that this is the point when the old systems finally started to crumble.

    Much love x

  15. Neptune in Pisces conjunct the South Node square Saturn in Sagittarius also enourages giving into fearful propoganda and beliefs/conspiracy theories.
    Stirred up by all these trickster Gemini politicians and the Gemini/Sagittarius media.


  16. I agree this was a fated vote – with a rare conjunction of Jupiter with the North Node happening on voting day, the result is what the heavens have decided. Jupiter in Virgo means whoever becomes the next PM, has to work extremely hard and pay attention to minute, contractual details and read the small print…..the God is in the detail – this will ensure the transit of Britain out of the EU, is not that rocky. I belive had Britain voted to remain (go towards the past, comfort zone, South Node – stay in the EU) – with Neptune being in Pisces along with Chiron – they would have regretted it and they’re expectation from staying in the EU, would be nothing more a Neptunian illusion. I fully support Britain’s decision – I don’t think the EU will survive Pluto’s transit through Capricorn and once Uranus enters Taurus in 2018 – it is the end of the road for not only EU, but the entire financial system as we know it – Uranus the ruler of the Brexit vote, is the planet of shocking reversals, a thunderbolt out of the blue, the planet of revolt – Uranus in Taurus is in it’s fall and Taurus is the sign that rules money and banking – it’s going to a roller coaster ride for banks and currencies (the Euro is done for). As much as the Brexit vote is unexpected, it was bound to happen, Britain will have got it’s house in order (hopefully) by the time the rest of the EU collapses. Much depends on who takes over from Cameron.

  17. I see this as a preview of the end of the Jupiter-Saturn Earth cycle & entry into the Air cycle for 200 years from Dec 2020 -so “all about the money” has a lot of significance re the dematerialisation effect on all things Taurean – and highly problematical energies around money, greed, inequality – many aspects that have already begun in the transition years towards the Air focus – starting with ideas, community, networks, humanity, social justice.

  18. Can you do an analysis of the EU chart? While base instinct of the mob is dangerous, so too is the autocratic tone of EU officials. Will EU take this opportunity to sort out a proper democratic union of its members or will it seek to impose it’s paternalistic will on its members with threats & making an example of the Brits who dare to leave?

  19. I’m a casual observer of astrology but very much believe in its power. The astrological interpretation of Brexit is most fascinating and we take much from it. We are all being tested at this time and we mustn’t give in to pessimism and fear. The Gods are making big moves behind the scene. Something greater is going on and the still voice inside me says that it’s going to be alright and that things will work out better for EVERYONE. The status quo was not the answer. I’m from the UK and feel more European than ever. I feel like I’ve woken up! Astonishing times. I just hope the right leader comes along soon to lead us out of this apparent, but no doubt illusional, chaos.

  20. Hi Leah, you give a thoughtful analysis. It’s interesting to read other’s comments/thoughts too. I share your feelings about the UK remaining by the way, and speaking as a geographer more than an astrologer, I believe the UK will have to transform and face that barely unspoken reason for ‘leaving’ – racism and prejudice. There WILL have to be changes, and Neptune’s influence may be either a spiritual guide or fear/confusion run amok. The EU will have to change as well because racism/prejudice is not unique to one place or people. If the EU wishes to remain viable they must adapt. What will that mean? At worst it could mean a closing of access to Europe if some nations get their way, and that will mean the suffering of thousands more trapped in a hellish war zone. Do we turn a blind eye to our fellow humans? To make us wake up to our interconnectedness, I think the climate will jolt us in ways we can’t yet imagine. She will either kill us all or make us realize our need to work together as one. Hopefully the latter before it’s to late. Climate change requires a change in the way we think about and do everything. Something else to ponder – Russia seems to have a vested interest in destabilizing Europe. Plutonian power grab?

  21. When Pandora’s box is opened. the last thing to come out is hope and then renewal. The EuUhas become, like all huge organisations, a monster, undemocratic, controlling, wasteful, and in today,s dangerous world, having open borders and free moment is crazy. Continental Europe was saved by the UK, USA and Commonwealth from dictatorships, even the German Finance Minister has said that democracy is quite new to Europe ( not the UK). Tough times ahead, but we must hold to a new kind of global relationships not tied to massive bureaucracies. The EU will have to change, not least because they will lose our financial contribution, second only to that of Germany, and the Euro will fail.

  22. I too voted Remain and I too feel utterly devastated by the result. There were a large number of people in the UK who did not really understand what they were actually voting for, and who were whipped up into a nationalist frenzy by extreme right wing politicians. It is all too easy to use the EU and immigrants as scapegoats but the real reason for social unrest, anger and discontent is the greed of bankers and the recession in 2008, which Britain and Europe have still not recovered from economically.

    All the nationalist slogans of “We want our country back” have led to is the collapse of government, a deeply divided and angry country, a massive increase in racist attacks on immigrants, and the country they have actually got is starting to resemble Germany in 1932. Germany had a deep recession, the people were angry and depressed, Hitler held 4 referendums during his rise to power and during the same period there were increasing attacks on “others” such as Jews, gypsies, homosexuals etc. The rise of the Nazi party with all its subsequent inhumanity followed. Do we learn nothing from history?

    I feel utterly ashamed to be British at the moment. I did not vote for this terrible mistake and I feel like I am watching the British people commit national suicide both economically and socially. I feel as if I am watching my country lose its basic values of kindness and decency, only to be replaced with ugly mob rule. I hope that the current Pluto retrograde period will mean that this is a period in which the country will reflect, the poison will come out of the closet and ultimately we will see a better and more united country which understands the need for peace, global unity and construction instead of destruction. But it is a horrendously painful experience for British people at the moment who woke up on June 24th feeling that the world had changed, and at the moment, not for the better.

  23. Unlike most commenters here I was thrilled by the vote to leave the EU – something for which I have worked and hoped for forty years or so. I am old enough to have voted in the 1975 Referendum, when we voted to stay in the ‘Common Market’ or EEC. We were completely conned by the politicians at the time who assured us that there was no question of joining a Federal Europe. Only gradually did we realise that was a total lie: the obliteration of nationhood was the intention all along.

    The first big battle came with the imposition of the metric currency, very much against the wishes of the country. As each EU treaty leached power from out Parliament, our MPs became more and more impotent and irrelevant. The Treaties of Maastriht and then of Lisbon consolidated the political power grab by the EU – most of our MPs didn’t bother to read them, the signatories included (Ken Clarke and Gordon Brown) – but there were a few brave journalists who did their best to plough through the tomes of fine print, and to alert us to what was being done.

    The Lisbon Treaty is self-amending. That is to say, the unelected EU Commissioners can in the future amend it in any way they so choose, without further recourse to national parliaments. Not that they much need to – it already gives them the power to ban political parties of which they disapprove, and to fine parties and politicians who ‘bring the EU into disrepute’ ie agitate against the EU and its administration: several EU MEPs have been fined already.

    The EU is a sclerotic, top-down, completely undemocratic institution riddled with corruption, and dedicated to the neo-liberal globalist policies which are impoverishing workers and creating unemployment everywhere in Europe other than the UK – and in America of course. These policies have caused the ever-widening gap between rich and poor, unseen since the 1930s.

    It sells itself to the young and to the Left on idealism but that’s not what it’s about at all. Our economy has been systematically asset-stripped, in the last 15 years, by the use of EU grants and loans to export ownership of most of our major companies to other EU countries.

    There was quite a bit more in the pipeline of this kind, notably a directive which would have decimated the business of our port cities (notably Harwich and Felixstowe in my region), transferring much of their business to Germany and the Netherlands; and another law concerning movements of capital would have wrested much of the funds from the City to be distributed in some giant ponzi scheme throughout the EU. The City is probably our biggest net earner, so that would have crippled us.

    There were also plans via the same directive to grab our company pension funds, also to be shared out with all EU pensioners, inc in countries which have made no pension provisions, and others like Greece which pay ridiculously generous pensions they cannot afford.

    I’ve spent 35/40 years delving into every aspect of the EU and its opaque form of government, and I am convinced we need Brexit and the sooner the better. Nobody under about 50 remembers living under a parliamentary democracy; we old people who voted Leave do remember, and know what has been lost. Like myself, most of my friends who voted Leave are university educated and well informed. We all resent extremely the attempts to classify us as uneducated numpties who don’t understand the issues.

    On the contrary we maybe understand the issues better than most voters: a country which has no say over huge swathes of policy making, including its Agriculture, Fisheries and coastal waters, it’s Environment, and esp its Energy policy is no longer a sovereign power, but a province of some foreign entity. I understand that people who have bought property or who live on the continent are worried for very personal reasons, but nothing in my opinion is more important than the restoration of control over our own affairs via a democratically elected government, in the Mother of Parliaments.

  24. As a once major supporter of the EU, I was sad in my heart to put a cross to Brexit but knew, following years of research into its hidden and dangerous agenda, that I was doing the right thing. And people subconsciously knew that the direction the EU was – and still is – heading is bad for all Europeans. The agenda to add Turkey to the EU to carry on the invasion of Islam, the TTIP and CETA secret negotiations, the directives to curtail truth dissemination of information, the laws to quell free speech and dissent over anything EU, and the Jensen report to limit payments to EU citizens at the ATM to thieve monies to support the next bank crisis. The transference of national powers to an unelected leadership presided over by the totalitarian Jencker (plus a German dictator, Merkel who Europeans of 27 memeber states were unable to vote for ) is not good for anyone.

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