July 2016 Astrology Forecast

the-head-of-lionAre you ready for a quieter month? I certainly am! After all the craziness of June, the cosmos gives us a bit of a break from major movements.

On the 2nd July, a Grand Water Trine begins to form between Venus, Mars and Chiron. Venus will then make way for the Sun so this pattern will be in effect until 24th July. This background Grand Trine feels like a long soothing bath after a really rough day (or Mars retrograde!). The cosmic lovers (Venus and Mars), divine masculine and feminine forces are brought together through healing. Venus trine Chiron brings love and empathy. Mars trine Chiron motivates us to find healing solutions. The Sun trine Chiron soothes sore egos and reminds us that (with Mars) our scars can be our strength. Sun trine Mars helps us to regain our energy levels.

Despite the potential relief of the Grand Water Trine, we can perhaps still hear the wolf scratching at the door with the New Moon in Cancer on the 4th July opposing Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Mercury also sits with the New Moon opposing Pluto, whispering secrets and lies in our ears. It’s difficult to know who to trust. We have our nearest and dearest nearby with Venus widely conjunct the lights and maybe we want to hold onto what we love a little too tightly for comfort when feeling under threat. A trine from the Moon to Neptune invites us to trust…or plays on our imagination. What’s real and what isn’t is questionable with the quincunx to Saturn. Listening to your intuition will help you to see where fears are unfounded.

The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Hand With A Prominent Thumb Is Held Out For Study

In palmistry, the thumb relates to will and character so there’s an underlying suggestion here that this may be a test of will when you’re up against it with Pluto. Instead of feeling over-powered, focus on your strengths.
Juno moves into Scorpio on the 8th July where she demands deeper commitment. The asteroid of contracts will not tolerate anything but the truth in this sign. Check over what you have agreed to, both personally and professionally to ensure that there has been full disclosure on both sides. Working at its best, relationships of all kinds can be regenerated and given a new lease of life.

The First Quarter Moon in Libra on the 12th July is the first test since the New Moon. After leaving the safety of the Sun in Cancer, it’s now necessary to work closely with others to find your balance. Maybe you’re negotiating for a better deal or trying to smooth out problems. With the Moon now square to Pluto and opposing Uranus, it might not feel easy to hold your own when placed under pressure but it is possible. Thankfully, the mood lifts with Venus skipping into Leo also on the 12th July where we’re now more willing to risk our hearts. This creative transit eases tensions and encourages you to express your feelings. We are generous with our love under this sign but tend to call it quits quickly if our heart’s just not in it. We all need to feel treated like royalty sometimes so a lack of attention now can really hurt.

Mercury joins Venus in Leo on the 14th July so mentally too we’re freer now to take a chance on speaking our minds. This is great for those times when you need some confidence to strengthen your words but it could be harder to listen to other points of view. Watch the 16th July when Mercury conjunct Venus could induce a little kiss and tell!

The entry of Ceres into comfortable Taurus on the 17th July feels peaceful. I often find Ceres seems naturally at home here. Others feel nurtured when you offer simple, practical support or provide for their physical/material needs. Being touched and held fosters a sense of profound security. On a personal level, connect with your inner Mother by ensuring you have attended to your basic needs.

Mars trine Chiron also on the 17th July motivates us to build bridges. Chiron is a natural bridge builder between the old and the new as his orbit is between Saturn and Uranus. The Grand Water trine is now at the height of its power. The key to healing is courage.

This theme of Mars and Chiron plays into the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 19th July as the Moon is sat on the midpoint between the two (and therefore creating sextiles to both). The need for professional advancement and feeling like an authority in ones own life (Capricorn) is challenged by a square to free-wheeling Uranus in Aries and the opposition to the Sun in security-minded, family-orientated Cancer. No matter how much we want things to stay the same, Uranus promises to shake it up to free us from constraints. We do however have to take care that we don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. A wide trine to Jupiter from the Full Moon may make us aware of big ambitions but we’re going to have to break the established pattern in order to make it work. The Full Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Large Aviary

This symbol suggests that we’re not quite as free as we think we are. There could be many dissonant voices during this time and we may have to work hard to stay grounded.

Still, the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in Leo on the 22nd July, giving us all a moment in the limelight. It’s time to shine. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. Let others see the real you.
Quiet Vesta enters Cancer on the 25th July where our spiritual service shifts towards nurture and care. Vesta in Cancer is tender, kind and averse to cruelty. You may need to spend some quality time with your family or dedicate some attention to your home to make it a sanctuary for your soul.

The Last Quarter Moon in Taurus on the 26th July shows a need for practicality versus the desire for risk-taking and fun. To diffuse the tension, ensure you have worked some playtime into your busy schedule else your inner child may disrupt your plans.

Wilful rebelliousness is a possibility with Uranus stations retrograde on the 29th July but as this eccentric planet slowly withdraws, you have a chance to take an objective look at the areas of life which are undergoing a shake-up (symbolised by the house where Uranus is currently transiting). Now is the time when you have an opportunity to step back like Uranus and ask the simple question ‘why?’. Under this influence, it’s easier to get in touch with the internal impetus towards change, even if it has been previously hidden. Disruption in outer life often equates to inner aspects that you have been separated from. Uranus retrograde will help you to connect the dots and awaken a new perspective.

July Astrology Forecast – Major Transits

1st Venus opposite Pluto
1st Venus sextile Jupiter
3rd Mercury trine Pallas
3rd Sun trine Neptune
4th New Moon in Cancer
5th Mercury trine Neptune
6th Sun sextile North Node
6th Mercury sextile North Node
6th Venus trine Mars
7th Sun conjunct Mercury
7th Mercury opposite Pluto
7th Venus square Uranus
7th Sun opposite Pluto
8th Juno enters Scorpio
8th Venus trine Chiron
8th Mercury sextile Jupiter
10th Sun sextile Jupiter
11th Mercury trine Mars
11th Venus square Ceres
11th Mercury square Uranus
11th Mercury trine Chiron
12th First Quarter Moon in Libra
12th Venus enters Leo
12th Uranus sextile Vesta
12th Venus square Juno
13th Mercury square Ceres
14th Mercury enters Leo
14th Chiron square Vesta
14th Mercury square Juno
16th Sun square Uranus
16th Mercury conjunct Venus
17th Sun trine Mars
17th Ceres enters Taurus
17th Sun trine Chiron
17th Mars trine Chiron
19th Mercury trine Saturn
19th Full Moon in Capricorn
20th Venus trine Saturn
22nd Sun enters Leo
23rd Sun square Ceres
24th Sun square Juno
25th Vesta enters Cancer
26th Last Quarter Moon in Taurus
27th Mercury trine Uranus
29th Mercury square Mars
29th Uranus stations Retrograde

Painting- ‘Head of a Lion’ by Theodore Gericault

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