New Moon in Cancer July 2016 – Wolf at the Door

red-riding-hood-meets-old-father-wolfThe New Moon occurs at 11:00 (UT) on the 4th July 2016 at 12┬░Cn53′

At the New Moon in Cancer, our focus is on home, family and what feels safe. The Moon is at home in her own sign and emotions are heightened. We already have Venus here mothering everyone and Mercury too is talking about his feelings now that he is also in Cancer. This stellium of planets make us want to hold those we love a little closer and snuggle in for heartfelt conversations. The Moon’s trine to Neptune adds compassion and unconditional love into the mix. Memories of times past could be the topic of conversation as Cancer rules our history, ancestors, roots and homeland. Behind closed doors, we feel safe enough to express ourselves naturally without the guard normally worn in the outer world.

The challenge is that Pluto opposes these soft and tender Cancerian planets. Pluto is like the wolf knocking at the door – ‘let me in, little pig’. Our Cancer quartet would like to pretend they can’t hear it but there’s no ignoring Pluto. The world ‘out there’ is demanding attention too. None of us can close our eyes and wish it away, no matter that the trine to Neptune is the closest aspect in this chart.

With Pluto opposing the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus, we may be confronted by truths that we would rather not hear. What we hold dear may feel threatened (Venus opposite Pluto). Mercury opposing Pluto may not know who or what to trust. There are secrets being revealed and it’s not pretty.

Cancer’s impetus is to retreat. Whilst it may be natural to try to shut out what is happening this can paradoxically increase the sense of unease. The quincunx between the Moon and Saturn says there are questions over what is real and not real. What we imagine is often worse than the actuality. Emotionally closing down can feel safe at first but eventually it becomes a trap. It’s only by facing fears and accepting what isn’t in our control that we can proceed ahead, however cautiously.

It’s natural for Cancer to try to side-step issues but that will only take us straight into the awkward path of Saturn. This lunation requires us to grow up and take a mature approach.

New Moon in Cancer July 2016 – Chart

New Moon in Cancer July 2016 - Chart
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The New Moon is conjunct asteroid Eurydike, named after Eurydice in mythology. Eurydice was the wife of Orpheus. When his beloved was killed by a viper, Orpheus so charmed Hades with his sweet music that the God of the Underworld granted that Eurydice could return to the upper world. The only caveat was that Orpheus could not look back to see if his wife was following him until they had passed the threshold of Hades. Unfortunately, Orpheus couldn’t resist looking back and Eurydice disappeared back to Hades forever.

Despite Cancer’s nostalgia, this Moon asks us to resist the urge to look back. Pluto opposing the Moon shows that change is already in play and clinging to the past is no longer an option. What is gone is gone. Now it’s time to open the door to Pluto and welcome him in. With this Moon playing into the heart of the Saturn-Neptune square, Pluto’s purging is a necessary part of the process to resolving tension.

The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Hand With A Prominent Thumb Is Held Out For Study

Our opposable thumbs are one of the features of evolution that have aided humankind’s advancement. Perhaps we are now required to study just how far we have come. The thumb is also related to will and character in palmistry. In the face of Pluto, the Cancer Moon may feel weak as a kitten but the Sabian symbol asks that we look closer to discover formidable inner power. Instead of wanting to gobble you up, the wolf at the door may have much to teach you about listening to your instincts and the quiet certainty of emotional strength.

Painting – ‘Red Riding Hood Meets Old Father Wolf’ by Gustave Dore

6 thoughts on “New Moon in Cancer July 2016 – Wolf at the Door”

  1. Wonderful! So right on for me at this moment. Life has been brutal, but when we can discern the energies at play it becomes possible to feel our way through even the most uncomfortable of times. Thank you for the illuminating insights.

  2. Thank you, as always you bring light to transits that are in major play in my life.

  3. Ive really been feeling weak and tiny and small today which is how the child feels in the face of a huge parent. But surely there is value in the most vulnerable part of us, the part that senses and tries to respond from a deeper place. Its how I often feel in a masculine dominated world which over rides the feminine and yet it is the feminine that holds the birthing power. Just some thoughts.

  4. Leah. Happy Fourth. Wonderful insight. Yes i too feel it is time to be in present dont look back dont hold regrets. Something new and better is waiting for me. Keep the faith.

  5. Thank you for this insight. It helped me to realize i was projecting the past into my future. And that i have the power to change that. This is my go to astrology page at the beginning of every month, for just this reason. Thanks again!

  6. Hi Leah, It sort of figures in the aftermath of the referendum. Interesting that Eurydice is involved. The Sabian symbol is the perfect analogy of the UK at the moment. Thank you for all your work.

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