New Moon in Leo August 2016 – Lifted

the-swingThe New Moon occurs as 20:44 (UT) on the 2nd August 2016 at 10°Le57′.

The Sun has just crossed my Ascendant and moved into my first house. Last night I dreamed I was talking to Prince Philip. The Queen was sat somewhere nearby. I don’t remember what we talked about but I remember thinking he was an interesting man but I was concerned about his health. In waking life, I have no thoughts one way or the other about the royal family but astrologically speaking, the cosmos was reminding me of the need to converse with and take care of my inner sovereign. Planetary archetypes have a way of filtering through our dreams unchecked by consciousness to get the message across. [If you’d like some help with analysing your dreams, I offer astro-dream interpretation here]. Out of interest, this New Moon will conjunct Prince Philip’s natal Neptune – ruler of dreams and spirituality.

Where Leo is in our charts is where we too want to be royalty. After all, this is the sign ruled by the Sun – the giver of light and life on planet Earth and symbolised by the lion, king of the jungle. Your Leo house is the area of life which calls you to shine. When you feel connected to your life’s purpose (your Sun), when you are expressing the most positive attributes of your solar sign, your Leo house glows a little brighter.

Leo is where we want to be recognised, appreciated and do our own ‘star turn’. This is the part of life we need to express in our own creative way. It’s where we need to be courageous, push ourselves forward and to take a risk. As a fixed sign, there can also be an element of stubbornness here and occasionally diva behaviour. But still, we need a little drama and colour to fire up our Leo house.

This New Moon is the time to get in touch with your courage – the heart of the lion. Leo takes centre stage, despite performance anxiety. Sometimes we have to perform, we have to express our ideas, we have to let others know we’re here. The Leo New Moon is the perfect time to re-connect with your creative spark and allow your inner child to play.

New Moon in Leo August 2016 – Chart

New Moon in Leo 2016
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The New Moon is trine to Saturn which supports creative efforts and more importantly, give you the impetus to complete what you start. Projects begun around this lunation have a higher chance of succeeding with Saturn’s stabilising influence. Saturn gives form to ideas, he is the planet of manifestation. This aspect is perfect for any of you who (like me) have a strong Aries side that loves to start things but is less inclined to finish them!

Saturn also bring an inner authority and integrity. This Moon can offer a commanding presence to those wanting to be heard by others – whether it’s acting, chairing a meeting, doing a presentation, speaking at a conference or even a job interview – this lunation offers strength and support and helps you to be heard with respect.

The challenge to the New Moon is a quincunx to Neptune. The quincunx is awkward. The other day, after having a fabulous lucid dream, I was Googling ‘how to draw pictures from your imagination’. My inner artist is clamouring to get out! The issue with this Neptune quincunx is that sometimes what manifests (Saturn) is not exactly as you envisioned (Neptune). Some adjustments are needed then to bring what is imagined into the real world. Sometimes this entails letting go of elements of the vision in order to accept the limitations (Saturn) of consensus reality. This is emphasised by the Moon also being conjunct asteroid Siva, named after the Hindu deity Shiva who was both destroyer and creator. Sometimes you have to rub out the lines as you draw to bring your art work into being. Still, Neptune does add some imaginative spice to this vivid Moon.

In the background, there’s a subtle sesquiquadrate to Chiron and yes sometimes there’s the fear of being booed off stage. Rejection can wound our pride. But Saturn says that it’s best to give it a try, make it real. Even if you make a mistake, you can learn from it.
The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

Children Play On A Swing Hanging From The Branches Of A Huge Oak Tree

Push me higher! Push me!

Wrapped up in this lunation is a feeling of delight, the sheer joy of being alive. Swinging higher and higher, we feel like we can touch the Sun. Many of us forget how to play as an adult. Go to the park and play on the swings if you need to connect with your inner child or experience the thrill of a fairground ride. The huge oak tree is like Saturn, supporting and containing all your endeavours, much like the universe smiling down on you like a kind parent.

Painting – ‘The Swing’ by Erte

4 thoughts on “New Moon in Leo August 2016 – Lifted”

  1. Reading the first line of this post left me a bit shocked because I also dreamed about prince Philip last night. I also dreamed of a king in the same room, although he was hidden behind a very ornate chair. With most of my 12th house in Leo, the fact that I wasn’t able to see his face seemed appropriate. Nice post, as always 🙂

  2. None of the brilliant creative geniuses in history became so by expressing it in a conformed way Leah, Neptune is involved, we are in a time of renaissance or rebirth, Saturn is form for sure, not only conforming though, indeed best to just let it flow how it chooses to, the boundaries are expanding, even dissolving, I would love to see what you manifest by just letting it be. (Leo 10th house, MC, BML, Uranus, Mars, North Node) here, GO GIRL! it is perfect order and timing,

  3. I too dreamnt of a royal coming to my home. A formal man, dark bearded, seemed like from early 1900’s in a formal grey suit accompanied by 4 others who were his advisors. They wanted to buy the land surrounding my home.

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