Jupiter enters Libra 2016 – Video

Jupiter enters Libra on the 9th September 2016 and will remain in this sign until 10th October 2017. In this video I discuss the symbolism of Jupiter and Libra and talk about the passage of Jupiter through Libra – what it may mean for us personally and collectively. I also explore the t-square pattern with Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto which will begin in November this year.

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  1. Moving into my 12th house where my Natal Neptune is. Maybe time for another reading? Really hope my health is better with this placement. More spiritual study?

  2. Hi Katy – Yes, spiritual study is perfect when Jupiter transits the 12th, as well as time in nature. I hope you see improvements in your health too! I’m taking a break from readings until October 3rd whilst I write my next forecast for Mountain Astrologer but will be available after that date πŸ™‚

  3. Thank-you ! Wonderful to see & hear you. Wish you could also have a transcript. Will definitely re-play.

    Another side of Libra that has shocked me is the legal one. Can’t remember which astrologer who pointed out how both Aries & Libran are warriors, Libra being the legal, sometimes underhanded one. The dark side can create imbalances in social or courtroom situation as strategy to win or undo the other side.

    With an Aries rising I’m afraid I’ve seen the other side a few too many times.

  4. Thank you Leah this was a great explanation. I am new with these planatary aspects and transits.

    I am Scorpio with libra rising. I hope I get some new opportunities and health gets better because I have been slammed for past six years.:( It has been hard on Scorpios in the past years.

    Appreciate your time on this.



  5. Hi Leah

    really enjoyed this video – very clear and informative introduction to, and celebration of, Jupiter’s transit through Libra.

    And many thanks for the plug for my book “Jupiter Meets Uranus”! It was republished as an ebook in 2015 and is updated to include the research I did on collective and personal lives during the 2010/11 conjunction. It’s available as a FREE download on my blog: https://jupitermeetsuranus.wordpress.com/your-copy-of-jupiter-meets-uranus/

  6. Thank you Leah! Jupiter is now transiting my 7th house. I am currently single. I have also become recently jobless and decided to be my own boss and start my own company. Hopefully Jupiter will bring me some clients – and hopefully also a love partner. What do you think – is that possible?

  7. I’m sure it’s possible Laura. It will depend on the other aspects going on in your chart too but generally Jupiter in the 7th means benefits coming through others. Wishing you success with your business!

  8. Thank you Leah! Thumbs up! Very informative video.

    Waiting for your next videos and posts about Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto πŸ˜‰

  9. Thankyou Leah for a clear and detailed coverage. So satisfying to listen to a presentation that is packed full of coherent material. I’m particularly going to watch the days surrounding Xmas Dec 2016 when Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus all cluster around 20 degrees, with trines, sextiles and one opposition it looks like a great time for weddings, partnerships, love commitments -and general “breakthough” developments in consciousness, a maturity of mind attained affecting interactions with others

  10. Hi Tamzin, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Yes, well spotted re Xmas, there’s a whole lot of 20 degree action going on there. I like your interpretation very much.

  11. Hi Leah, I really enjoyed this video and your other writing, too, it’s a very special thing. I hope you will make more videos in the future!

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