October 2016 Astrology Forecast

darkThe New Moon in Libra on the 1st October is conjunct Jupiter and introduces the upcoming square between Jupiter and Pluto. Right now, these two big players are out of orb of the square but the Moon is connecting the dots. Emotionally now, it’s important to look to where we can develop our relationships and how we can introduce more harmony into our lives. The Moon’s square to Pluto and Mars however is frustrating. We want control, autonomy and to ‘do it my way‘ but the Libra emphasis advocates compromise. Thankfully, a sweet sextile to Saturn may help us to go for the mature approach. Saturn is a stabiliser for a wobbly-wheeled bike so it’s easier to find our balance despite the influence from stroppy Mars and controlling Pluto.

Mars however, never one to be beaten, moves in to square Jupiter on the 5th October. Mars and Jupiter can work well together as we can do (Mars) an enormous amount (Jupiter) under this influence. If you have a big project coming up, use this energy to your advantage. The square however does mean that sometimes we can take on too much or over-reach. It’s difficult to know our limits and the rush of enthusiasm from these two says ‘I can do it all!’. Follow Jupiter’s example and ensure the work/life balance is there to prevent burnout.

Mercury’s entry into Libra on the 7th October is a charming influence but with Mars square Jupiter still in the background, there could be a tendency to promise the Earth to someone to keep them sweet. Whilst the urge to people please can make for some delightful conversation, agreeing to more than our fair share could make for a bumpy ride later on. Still, as the Mars-Jupiter influence begins to wane, Mercury’s passage through cerebral Libra can help to clear the mind, especially as our cosmic messenger has now left the shadow zone from last month’s retrograde. In relationships, we’re more diplomatic and find it easier to see another’s point of view. Sitting on the fence however is also a possibility.

Saturn squares the Nodes on the 8th October. There may be a dilemma about what to leave behind in order to move forwards. Perhaps we’re carrying too much baggage from the past or maybe we feel responsible for someone or something that is holding us back. There is a need to clearly define our duties to break the deadlock. During this time, we must explore where we may be limiting ourselves through feelings of fear or lack. Development requires that we face the insecurity of being outside of our comfort zone. The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn on the 9th October echoes this message. The Moon is square the Sun in Libra so part of us wants to keep everything running on an even keel – ‘as long as it looks good, why worry’ says the Sun in Libra. But emotionally, we’re ready to take ourselves seriously and do the work.

Mars sextile Neptune on the 11th October makes a spiritual warrior of us all. This is an invitation to act on our intuition. Under this influence we may feel spiritually energised, even if physical energy is a little lower than normal. It’s the perfect time to rest and re-charge. With our defenses lowered, we are more receptive to others and this is a wonderful time to get involved with charitable work and help good causes. Creatives too can benefit from this boost to the imagination.

Ceres backtracks out of Taurus and returns for an extended stay in Aries until February next year on the 13th October. The Goddess of the Grain, is comfortable in earthy Taurus but her return to Aries suggests that perhaps some of the crops we have been nurturing have not turned out as expected. Maybe, seeds sown in the past have become smothered with weeds or maybe you can see that what you were growing, isn’t going to sustain you. The return to Aries means that it’s time to look again at the projects started to see if they really have the potential they promised. It’s possible too that whilst Ceres was retrograding through Taurus, we have been worrying that we’re not good enough. The return of Ceres to Aries allows us time to nurture our courage. Brave Mars comes along to help on the 15th October with a trine to the North Node that encourages us to follow our passions as they lead to our soul’s evolution.

Fiery energy is still uppermost at the Full Moon in Aries on the 16th October. With the Moon tightly conjunct retrograde Uranus the focus is on independence in this assertive sign. Ceres is also conjunct this lunation but this is less ‘kiss it better’ if you fall over and scrape your knee and more ‘oops, quick get up, try again’. Mars, ruler of this lunation, is conjunct Pluto so we’re more inclined to be brave little soldiers but with Uranus in the mix, there’s also the potential for bloody mindedness. This lunation could be highly invigorating or be peppered with a desire to shock.

Pallas stations direct in Aquarius on the 17th October cooling hot heads with her wise negotiating skills. Venus then enters Sagittarius on the 18th October where we become more adventurous in our relationships. There may be a desire to travel, to mingle with people you haven’t met before or to study material that you find attractive. Whilst this transit can be quite light-hearted, old romantics may be frustrated by Venus’s lack of commitment during this time. Footloose and fancy free is her motto here but sometimes the heart needs space to roam to add a little spice to life.

It’s possible that a little spice could turn into way too hot to handle with a chilli dipped Mars conjunction to Pluto on the 19th October. All joking aside, these two are not to be messed with when they get together. On the plus side, there is intense desire, passionate ambition, powerful energy and a wealth of courage. The shadow side however is that Mars and Pluto together can be somewhat of a warmongering aspect. It can feel like ‘kill or be killed’ and there’s a danger of going to extremes. This is compounded by the fact that magnifying Jupiter is now in orb of a square to Pluto and Mars and Pluto are also square to unpredictable Uranus. Anger can quickly tip into rage so if someone presses your buttons around this time back off if possible, especially if it feels like things are spiraling out of control. Used to their best effect, its possible to eliminate what hasn’t been working for you without even a backward glance.

Vesta enters Leo on the 20th October where we become more focused on creativity and self-expression. Children too benefit from special one-on-one time to nurture their inner light. Family is in the foreground with the anaretic (29 degrees) Last Quarter Moon in Cancer on the 22nd October which may bring some tensions in relationships. Perhaps family commitments take away from quality time together. Maybe it’s just that we’d prefer to stay home rather than socialise. The Sun’s entry into mysterious Scorpio also on the 22nd October switches the light on in the dark. What was unseen now becomes visible. Whilst we might be more suspicious and less inclined to trust, the more we face our own personal shadows the easier it is to make profound, intimate connections with those we care about.

Jupiter forms a quincunx to Neptune on the 23rd October, the first in a series of three. As the old ruler of Pisces, Jupiter has an affinity to Neptune so these two normally know how to talk to each other. However, with the quincunx, something is slightly out of sync. We may have reverence for something which ultimately turns out to be far more ordinary than we imagined – especially as Jupiter is moving through Libra which is all about appearances. Positively speaking, our beliefs and imagination grow during this time. Ultimately, this quincunx seems to asks us to have faith in the unseen worlds, even when we don’t understand everything that’s going on.

We’re willing to dig deeper though when Mercury joins the Sun in Scorpio on the 24th October. Mentally now, we’re like a detective following clues. This is an excellent transit for all kinds of research but the tendency towards suspicious minds is increased. Speaking our truth however brings honest conversations and an opportunity to connect more deeply with others.

Mars sextiles Chiron on the 28th October asking us to actively participate in our own healing process. However, a square between Mars and Uranus on the 29th October is restless and sometimes reckless. Impulsive actions stem from impatience. We can get hurt if we try to move too fast or demand ‘my way or the highway’. Generally speaking, Mars square Uranus brings an unpredictable edge which can be surprisingly exciting if you are open to spontaneity.

The second New Moon of the month falls in Scorpio on the 30th October. With Mars and Pluto still close enough to be conjunct and Venus conjunct Saturn in the chart, the atmosphere feels sombre but perhaps, this is in keeping with the time of year as the ancient festival of Samhain follows on the 31st October. With the New Moon in Scorpio trine to soulful Neptune, this is a time to remember those who have passed. The gateway between the world of the living and the world of the dead is thin now and whilst often we don’t want to think about death, we all have to contemplate our own mortality at some point. The cute ghosts and ghouls that come knocking at the door looking for sweets are a modern day reminder to let go of the fear. The New Moon in Scorpio is a cathartic beginning. All that dies, is reborn.

Samhain Blessings to all.

October 2016 Astrology Forecast

1st Mars trine Ceres
1st New Moon in Libra
1st Venus trine Neptune
2nd Mercury opposite Chiron
3rd Venus sextile North Node
4th Mercury sextile Vesta
4th Sun sextile Saturn
5th Mars square Jupiter
5th Venus sextile Pluto
7th Mercury enters Libra
7th Sun square Pluto
8th Saturn square North Node
9th First Quarter Moon in Capricorn
9th Venus square Pallas
11th Mars sextile Neptune
11th Mercury conjunct Jupiter
11th Sun trine Pallas
11th Venus conjunct Juno
11th Venus trine Chiron
12th Chiron trine Juno
13th Ceres enters Aries
13th Mercury square Mars
14th Mercury sextile Saturn
15th Mars trine North Node
15th Sun opposite Uranus
16th Mercury square Pluto
16th Full Moon in Aries opposite Sun
17th Pallas stations Direct
17th Venus trine Vesta
18th Mercury trine Pallas
18th Venus enters Sagittarius
19th Mars conjunct Pluto
20th Mercury opposite Uranus
20th Vesta enters Leo
21st Sun opposite Ceres
22nd Last Quarter Moon in Cancer
22nd Sun enters Scorpio
23rd Mercury opposite Ceres
23rd Sun square Vesta
24th Mercury enters Scorpio
25th Mercury square Vesta
26th Venus square Neptune
26th Venus sextile Jupiter
27th Sun conjunct Mercury
27th Venus square North Node
28th Mars sextile Chiron
29th Mars square Uranus
30th Mercury trine Neptune
30th New Moon in Scorpio
30th Venus conjunct Saturn
31st Mercury sextile North Node

Painting – ‘Dark’ by Gerhard Richter

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