November 2016 Astrology Forecast

flightJuno enters Sagittarius on the 6th November spicing relationships with a carefree approach and a need for intellectual stimulation. Juno dislikes being hemmed in here so conflicts can stem from feeling stifled. Outside of the sphere of romance, we may be looking to making a commitment to a course of study or reading material on subjects close to our hearts.

The feeling of needing space is accentuated by Mars entering Aquarius on the 9th November where we need freedom to move and express ourselves. As Aquarius represents group consciousness, we’re fired up by political or social causes and we may be more aware of how our actions can affect others. Mass action can either trigger instability or radically alter outmoded practices. As Aquarius is associated with the new and different, during this transit, we may be tempted to change our battle plan or use new/alternative methods in order to achieve our goals. The driving force now is to revolutionise and seeing as Mars is still stinging from his recent encounter with the square to Aquarius ruler Uranus, he’s perhaps given us all a taste for change.

The 11th November sees the beginnings of the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square which will grace our skies until April 2017. There could be big (Jupiter) shocks (Uranus) that trigger transformation (Pluto) – interesting given that the election results will no doubt have charged the atmosphere! Great discoveries with potent potential are also possible. Jupiter is likely to magnify the consequences of the Uranus-Pluto square and used to its highest potential, perhaps offers us the chance to gain a greater understanding of our collective issues and problems – particularly where we need to change as a race. Jupiter in partnership orientated Libra is pushing for developing peaceful relations but power plays (Pluto) and radicalism (Uranus) may prove to be a challenge.

Venus enters Capricorn on the 12th November, giving us some grounding in money matters and encouraging us to view relationships in terms of long term potential. Whilst Juno still in Sagittarius may chafe at the rules, Venus now in disciplined Capricorn says that relationships would benefit from a little structure at least so that everyone knows where they are with each other.

Mercury’s entry into Sagittarius though also on the 12th November means that our minds are open and receptive to new suggestions. Long and winding conversations and sharing our stories builds rapport and a sense of connection. Our thinking is expansive and whilst there can be a tendency to promise more than we can give, generally the mood is upbeat. With Mars in forward thinking Aquarius and Mercury in visionary Sagittarius, the future is on all of our minds.

The Full Moon in Taurus on the 14th November, urges us to find stability in the face of crisis (Sun in Scorpio). Healing is available with the Moon’s sextile to Chiron. With the Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith in this lunation chart, women’s rights may be in the news, especially as asteroid Lilith also enters political Aquarius on the same day. Whatever is occurring, we cannot be frightened by old ghosts. Instead it’s about taking practical action.

We enter a period of confusion on the 17th November when Neptune conjuncts the South Node in Pisces on the Sabian symbol ‘An Aviator Pursues His Journey, Flying Through Ground-Obscuring Clouds‘. There’s a push to release victim mentality, self pity, idealism and defeatism and push on with our journey, even if we feel a little lost. The problem is that Mercury also squares Neptune and the South Node on the 18th November so it may be hard to verbalise what we think or even to think clearly. En masse, being a victim of lies and misinformation is possible so it is important for us to listen closely to our intuition during this period. Still, we can take the best of Neptune’s offerings (compassion, faith, spirituality and imagination) and put these to work through the Virgo North Node. Neptune stations direct on the 20th November suggesting that this is a pivotal time. Our dreams and ideals are subtly changing after a period of time where old dreams were revealed to be fantasies.

The Sun’s entry into Sagittarius on the 21st November releases us from some of the intensity generated by Scorpio’s vibes. After a period of facing fears, soul searching and dealing with powerful emotions, we’re now in the mood for adventure. This transit prompts us all to go beyond our garden gate into unknown territory to see what we can learn from our experiences with the unfamiliar. It’s time to broaden our horizons and stretch our perception of what we think is truly possible.

The most challenging period of the month lies between the 23rd and 26th November. Mercury is conjunct Saturn on the 23rd November, turning our thoughts to serious matters but also perhaps blocking communications. Jupiter perfects the square to Pluto, increasing power plays and possibly indicating increased government subterfuge or intrigue. Excessive (Jupiter) force (Pluto) may be used by those who demand to be seen as right. Venus conjunct Pluto on the 25th November triggers this aspect making money a big issue. Venus, Jupiter and Pluto connected together is a ‘wealth’ aspect. We may be hearing about the movements of large amounts of money or perhaps there are issues with investments or banking. The corrupting influence of money may be highly visible. On a personal level, it may help to explore our own attitudes to finances around this time, especially if we are compulsive spenders or have issues around our relationship with money. Either way, Mercury’s square to Chiron on the 26th November suggests there are some painful discussions that need to be had.

The month ends with the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th November conjunct Juno and square the Nodes. There’s a feeling that before we can advance any further, we must commit to gaining a deeper understanding of each other. Our different cultures, religions and philosophies should not drive wedges between us, instead it should inform us of the breadth and depth of what is truly possible as a race. For each of us personally, it’s time to explore what we believe.

November 2016 Astrology Forecast – Major Aspects

1st Sun trine Neptune
2nd Sun sextile North Node
2nd Mars square Ceres
3rd Mercury sextile Pluto
3rd Venus sextile Pallas
4th Venus square Chiron
5th Venus trine Uranus
6th Mercury square Pallas
6th Juno enters Sagittarius
6th Mercury trine Chiron
7th Sun sextile Pluto
7th Venus trine Ceres
7th First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
9th Mars enters Aquarius
11th Mars sextile Juno
11th T-square begins – Jupiter opposite Uranus square Pluto
12th Venus enters Capricorn
12th Sun square Pallas
12th Mercury enters Sagittarius
12th Sun trine Chiron
14th Mercury conjunct Juno
14th Full Moon in Taurus
15th Mercury sextile Mars
15th Mercury trine Vesta
15th Mars opposite Vesta
17th Uranus sextile Pallas
17th Neptune conjunct South Node
18th Mercury square North Node
18th Mercury square Neptune
19th Venus trine North Node
19th Venus sextile Neptune
20th Neptune stations Direct
21st Last Quarter Moon in Leo
21st Sun enters Sagittarius
22nd Vesta trine Juno
22nd Pallas sextile Ceres
22nd Mercury sextile Jupiter
23rd Mercury conjunct Saturn
24th Jupiter square Pluto
25th Venus conjunct Pluto
25th Venus square Jupiter
26th Mercury square Chiron
26th Mercury trine Uranus
27th Mercury trine Ceres
27th Sun trine Vesta
27th Mercury sextile Pallas
29th New Moon in Sagittarius
29th Venus sextile Chiron
29th Juno square North Node
29th Sun square North Node
29th Sun conjunct Juno
29th Venus square Uranus
30th Venus square Ceres

Painting – ‘RAF Hurricanes in Flight, WW2’ by Eric Ravilious