New Moon in Sagittarius November 2016 – Pact

youth-holding-an-arrow-1505The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 12:18 UT on the 29th November 2016 at 07°Sg42′

After boiling in the depths of Scorpio’s intense waters where we experience endings, complications, crisis and transformation, life is renewed and invigorated by the fires of Sagittarius. Often, irrevocable change in our lives such as loss and bereavement can become a catalyst that sparks the question ‘but what does this all mean’? This is the domain of Sagittarius who sees a light in the dark and follows the gathering flame as it crackles to life and quickly burns a trail into the distance. In Sagittarius we’re animated by the spirit of adventure and discovery. We all become pioneers, searching for new experiences, knowing that there’s something bigger, something better than this. Ruled by Jupiter, the centaur instinctively knows there’s more to discover.

Sagittarius is connected to the 9th house in the natural chart and is a sign related to religion, philosophy and belief. The beliefs we hold shape our experience and even skew our perception. The 9th house and Sagittarius are also associated with publishing and we’ve only got to put several newspapers together, all covering the same story to see how the facts (a Gemini, 3rd house matter) can be distorted or blown out of proportion (by Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius). Our beliefs about ourselves and about each other, can limit our experience and at worst can keep our lives small. Sagittarius positively encourages us to go beyond the safe borders of the known and experience what is unfamiliar. By encountering other faiths, languages, cultures and ways of being, we begin to gain greater depth of understanding. Our vision is expanded and academic knowledge becomes the wisdom of experience.

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The New Moon in Sagittarius is a time to engage with the intrepid explorer within. What ‘spark’ has caught your attention recently? Where do you want to go? What do you want to develop? Set intentions that are connected to growth, the creation of opportunity and welcome abundance. This sign is commonly associated with having a positive outlook and a desire to meet life head on. With the glyph of this sign showing an arrow, under Sagittarius we need to aim high and have the faith that we can reach our goals. It’s time to blaze a trail.

This New Moon is tightly conjunct Juno, the asteroid associated with marriages and contracts. During this lunation, we’re asked to find ways to agree, even if there are differences in belief. Jupiter, the ruler of this lunation has just squared Pluto and for many of us, what we believed and envisioned has been seriously challenged. Issues of wealth (Jupiter) and power (Pluto) are clashing. There’s more than a hint of fanaticism coming from all sides and extreme agendas make it harder to fulfill Jupiter’s primary motivation right now which is to develop balance, compromise and equality (Jupiter in Libra). Judgmentalism of those who hold different views to our own isn’t going to help us right now. Jupiter’s upcoming opposition to Uranus pushes us to develop the kind of future that will facilitate growth but it all hinges on confronting our personal shadows (Pluto).

This New Moon asks us to make an agreement to learn together, to find common ground in this alien landscape. It’s what we missed somewhere along the line. The New Moon squares the Nodes which often represents a skipped step. The square to the Nodes highlights that in the past, we had a choice whether to follow the high or the low road. The wrong choice in the past simply brings us back full circle and offers us a chance to choose again. There’s no punishment, only consequences. We’re already beginning to see and understand.

Neptune’s recent conjunction with the South Node makes it all seem a little surreal right now. The square from the Moon shows that we might feel like we’re trying to make sense of the nonsensical. It’s important we don’t confuse the effort to understand differences of belief with accepting the unacceptable. The two are not mutually exclusive. We need to renew our sense of faith, even in the face of loss.

Sagittarius by its nature is thought provoking. It’s not hampered by intense feelings like Scorpio. In the grip of anger, hate and despair it’s impossible to be philosophical about what is happening. Carefree Sagittarius however doesn’t get caught up in feelings, instead it uses its creative fire to reshape experience by gaining a broader perspective.

The New Moon sits on the Sabian symbol :-

Within The Depths Of The Earth New Elements Are Being Formed

This powerful symbol shows the potential that is inherent in this Moon. A light is flickering in the dark, a glimpse of understanding that will change the shape of things to come. Your imagination is boundless. Bring the dream alive.

Sagittarius is a visionary sign. During this lunation, take time to think about how you see the future unfolding – your personal future and the wider collective path. Look at what you are aiming for – do you have a target or destination firmly in mind? Check in with whether the beliefs you hold are serving you and the greater good. Acknowledge where you are missing depth of understanding and take steps to find out what you need to know. Reach out to those who hold different, even opposing views and listen. Make a pact with yourself to never stop learning. Challenge yourself to go further than you have gone before without promising more than you can give. Follow your truth.

Lastly, whilst there are very serious situations happening across the globe, never forget your sense of humour. Cheerful Sagittarius knows there’s always a reason to smile.

With the Moon square to musical Neptune, you might like to check out the following composition by Michael Bianco from AstroSongs who writes music based on the features of an astrological chart. This is his musical interpretation of the energies at play for this New Moon.

Painting – ‘Youth Holding an Arrow’ by Giorgione

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  1. Beautiful music. This new moon is also on the day of my solar return. Different houses, (the new moon, etc. will be in the 3rd house this year) yet, definitely can see how the themes of your article will be running throughout the coming year (finding my new voice after spending a few years climbing out of the hole I fell into during the widowhood experience) – greatly appreciate the reminder of Sagittarius’ in-built sense of humor.

  2. Leah
    I feel as though you are intercepting all the feelings I am having at the moment. The Universe is calming me and giving me hope that all of our fears may fall away. I so look forward to your readings & hope you are gaining strength each day.

  3. nice calm energy , thoughtful reflection upon progressed mercury retro…timely for me and many others souls

  4. Most beautifully, artfully said.

    Very insightfull & easy to understand.

    Many thanks for sharing your knowledge

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