Full Moon in Gemini December 2016 – Babble

nestThe Full Moon occurs at 00:05 (UT) on the 14th December 2016 at 22°Ge25′

The Full Moon in Gemini brings to a head issues connected to mental processing, learning and communication. Gemini is about conversation, news, gossip, tit-bits of information that click together piece by piece like one word after another creates a sentence. The Heavenly Twins and first of the Air signs, gathers a range of experiences from different realms in order to make sense of the world but sometimes there’s disagreement as to how the information is put together. Facts can become misinformation and disinformation. How information is presented and concluded depends heavily on beliefs (a realm of opposite sign Sagittarius).

With Saturn in Sagittarius opposing this Full Moon, strict philosophies and intractable opinions could divide the Twins or hold them back. It may feel like someone else is trying to impose their point of view on you and you feel the need to resist or refute. Alternatively, conflicts may be an internal affair where you feel like you’re missing an important piece of the puzzle or you’re lacking a final solution. You may feel unsure or like you’ve hit a mental brick wall. Negative thinking around this Moon is also possible when faced with what seem like impossible choices.

A sextile to the Uranus-Ceres conjunction encourages you to nurture independent ideas. Make your mind up without interference or direction from others. This may be challenging though with the Moon square to pained Chiron for you may fear being ridiculed for ‘funny ideas’ or being rejected for speaking your mind. Thinking about what hurts (Chiron) and what blocks you (Saturn) presents an internal dilemma but it’s necessary in order to make a carefully considered decision. Conversations now are measured, cautious, stunted. Speak little, listen a lot.

Mercury (ruler of this lunation) is now in the shadow zone and almost ready to retrograde. Coupled with slow coach Saturn, there may be a need to stop and think before making any decisions that have long term consequences. Nevertheless, you may find yourself fidgeting in this restless sign, even when you know you should stay still.

Full Moon in Gemini Dec16 Chart
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Meanwhile, in true Gemini multifaceted style, the blocks and pain in the chart are offset by a Grand Trine between the Moon, Mars, Pallas and Jupiter. In fact, with the Moon opposing Saturn, this pattern becomes an astrological Kite, pushing you to keep the big picture in mind and rise above the more difficult configurations. Optimism in the face of challenging limitations is key. You can either get wrapped up in Saturnian naysaying and denial or recognise that this is a window of opportunity to gain a greater understanding.

But still, it isn’t easy.

The Moon is conjunct asteroid Chaos which may make it feel like information is hitting you from all angles and the result is a babble of voices that makes no sense. This lunation also coincides with the Geminids meteor shower. Which falling star do you whisper your wish upon? If you find yourself utterly confused by overwhelm, best to follow Saturn’s advice and wait until until you can clarify the message, but be assured a choice is inevitable with Mercury conjunct Pluto. Saturn cautions that all paths need consideration. Gemini rarely likes to think deeply but here Saturn is pushing it to do just that.

This precarious position is also emphasised by the lunar Sabian symbol :-

Three Fledglings In A Nest High In A Tree

Do you choose to fly the nest or sit tight for a while? Mercury’s conjunction to Pluto feels like a life and death decision and yes if our young bird tries to fly too soon, that would spell disaster. There may be a growing feeling that you’ve outgrown your current position and that to stay as you are would mean further restriction. The urge is to fly but Chiron and Saturn’s tense aspects to the Moon could make it feel like your wings have been clipped and you fear falling. There may be no choice but to wait – but that could turn out to be a blessing. With Mercury’s upcoming station in Capricorn, commitments and responsibilities are going under review anyway so decisions taken now are apt to be changed later down the line. Maybe a vital piece of information is not yet available, hence the delay.

With both the high nest and the kite pattern figuring in this chart, some may try to distance themselves from the mess, to shut themselves up in an ivory tower and say ‘this doesn’t affect me or I don’t want to think about it’. But think we must because Mercury’s conjunction to Pluto demands the truth. Shutting down is not an option. These are hard times and there are chronic (Chiron) problems to address.

Sometimes it’s necessary to take the difficult road (Saturn) for the greater good.
The Grand Trine in the Full Moon chart shows that if we keep our heads (Pallas conjunct Mars) and focus on expanding our viewpoint (Jupiter), what seems an impossible choice now may be a much easier decision once the Mercury retrograde period is over. Take your time, learn all you can.

Painting – ‘Good Nest (Good Tree, Consolation For Eyes)’ by Nicholas Roerich

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