April 2017 Astrology Forecast

cypress-aprilThe early part of April is all about the retrogrades! Despite the Sun being in speedy Aries now, the atmosphere is slow, slow, slow. Venus retrograde returns to Pisces on April 3 where we surrender to unconditional love and let go of ego issues in relationships. It may be easier now to go with the flow and have a more meditative approach to any problems occurring around partnerships.

Saturn begins his annual retrograde on April 6 which asks us to check in with our responsibilities and how well we are managing our lives. Completing projects rather than starting new ones is important during this period as over-commitment now could prove problematic further down the line. We may be made more aware of our limitations during the retrograde and of the fears that hold us back. Often I find that the Saturn retrograde period can correlate to a time when you find yourself pushed to break through walls and denial. Working through what holds us back means we become more effective after the Saturn retrograde is over. It becomes easier to support ourselves and the structures of our lives are strengthened. Click here to read more about the Saturn retrograde cycle.

Mercury then follows suit, turning tail in Taurus on April 9. The cosmos is calling for a major review of all practical processes initially. Reflecting on your core values, cataloguing your possessions, accounting, working on self esteem – all these issues are brought into focus by Mercury stationing here. Taurus as first of the earth signs is also concerned with tangible results so it may be important now to see what your investment of time, love and money has brought you in very real terms.

The Full Moon in Libra on April 11 highlights the t-square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto which moves out of orb the following day. With the Moon conjunct Jupiter and opposite Uranus, it’s like a last ditch attempt to find our balance amidst great changes. Jupiter in Libra is looking to develop relationships but Uranus in Aries is awakening to independence. With both square to Pluto, the see-saw dance between these planetary heavyweights is mediated by how we handle our fears and how well we deal with irrevocable change. The Libra Full Moon, whilst generously accented by its closeness to Jupiter, may have us weighing up the costs to our freedom in our relationships. It makes me think of that track by the Clash ‘should I stay or should I go’.

Love Goddess Venus turns direct on April 15 so after our lunar deliberations, we begin to move forwards, clearer now about what we need in order to feel loved and valued. Mars’s sextile to Chiron on April 16 motivates us towards building bridges rather than picking fault.

Feeling more grounded is natural as the Sun moves into earthy Taurus on April 19. Again, the pace is still slow as Taurus never likes to do anything in a hurry. After the uprush of Aries excitement, Taurus is the sign that teaches us how to stay with a task in order to finish it. It’s here where we learn patience and the art of taking time to smell the flowers.

Mercury moves back into Aries on April 20 which prompts a change of focus in our retrograde review. Now Mercury is concerned with what inspires us. It’s like we need a mental jump start to generate fresh ideas. On the same day, Pluto stations for his annual retrograde which intensifies this highly reflective atmosphere and asks us to look at issues connected to power and control, death, endings and the nature of our inner shadow.

Thank goodness Mars gives us a little light relief when he moves into Gemini on April 21 where the most damage he does is talking it to death rather than doing it – whatever it is! This transit does give us a feisty desire to connect and to communicate and we may feel busier with meetings and paperwork. Mercury and Mars are now in mutual reception which means that these two planets can help each other out if they get stuck. Mercury retrograde can help Mars to think before speaking and Mars can give Mercury the courage to face challenging conversations in order to clear the air. This would be an excellent period to put on your thinking cap to brainstorm ideas and devise new strategies to achieve your goals.

The New Moon in Taurus on April 26 is blissfully unaspected aside from a trine to the North Node. Seeds of intention planted at this time aids spiritual progress. With ruler Venus precariously on the last anaretic degree of Pisces, rest, relaxation and appreciating simple pleasures may be the best way of working with this quiet lunation.

Venus re-enters Aries on April 28, covering old ground in a new way. We’re likely to be less backward about pushing ourselves forwards when it comes to attracting what we want in life. Ceres entering Gemini on April 29 asks us to nurture young minds. What we teach our children is what will impact the planet later down the line. As adults, it’s a time to be choosy about which books and information makes it past our filters to ensure our minds are fed by nourishing material.

The end of the month sees a pointed and painful square between Saturn and Chiron on April 30. Here we are forced to examine where feelings of rejection, disability or psychic wounds have limited us too much. Hard as it is, it’s time to take responsibility for our own healing instead of scapegoating others or believing that it just isn’t possible. The belief structures of Saturn in Sagittarius are now at odds with the soul healing required by Chiron in Pisces. Bringing this into alignment may require a leap of faith.

April 2017 Astrology Forecast Aspects

1st Venus conjunct Pallas 00°Ar47′ R 00°Ar47′ D
2nd Pluto trine Ceres 19°Cp19′ D 19°Ta19′ D
3rd Mercury trine North Node 02°Ta36′ D 02°Vi36′ R
3rd First Quarter Moon in Cancer 14°Cn11′ D 14°Ar11′ D
3rd Venus Re-enters Pisces 00°Ar00′ D 00°Ar00′ D
4th Sun square Juno 15°Ar12′ D 15°Cp12′ D
6th Mars trine Pluto 19°Ta20′ D 19°Cp20′ D
6th Saturn stations Retrograde 27°Sg47′ R
7th Sun opposite Jupiter 18°Ar15′ D 18°Li15′ R
8th Venus square Saturn 27°Pi47′ R 27°Sg47′ R
9th Mercury stations Retrograde 04°Ta50′ R
9th Sun square Pluto 19°Ar21′ D 19°Cp21′ D
10th Mars conjunct Ceres 22°Ta15′ D 22°Ta15′ D
11th Full Moon in Libra 21°Li32′ D 21°Ar32′ D
11th Uranus square Vesta 24°Ar18′ D 24°Cn18′ D
14th Mars sextile Vesta 24°Ta50′ D 24°Cn50′ D
14th Sun conjunct Uranus 24°Ar27′ D 24°Ar27′ D
14th Sun square Vesta 25°Ar01′ D 25°Cn01′ D
15th Venus stations Direct 26°Pi54′ D
16th Mars sextile Chiron 26°Ta35′ D 26°Pi35′ D
17th Jupiter square Juno 17°Li01′ R 17°Cp01′ D
17th Sun trine Saturn 27°Ar41′ D 27°Sg41′ R
17th Venus sextile Mars 26°Pi57′ D 26°Ta57′ D
18th Mercury trine North Node 01°Ta30′ R 01°Vi30′ R
19th Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn 29°Cp32′ D 29°Ar31′ D
19th Sun enters Taurus 00°Ta00′ D 00°Ta00′ D
20th Mercury Re-enters Aries 00°Ta00′ R 00°Ta00′ D
20th Pluto stations Retrograde 19°Cp23′ R
20th Sun conjunct Mercury 00°Ta20′ D 00°Ta20′ R
21st Chiron sextile Ceres 26°Pi52′ D 26°Ta52′ D
21st Mars enters Gemini 00°Ge00′ D 00°Ge00′ D
21st Sun trine North Node 01°Ta31′ D 01°Vi31′ D
21st Venus square Saturn 27°Pi36′ D 27°Sg36′ R
22nd Chiron trine Vesta 26°Pi52′ D 26°Cn52′ D
23rd Mars square North Node 01°Ge29′ D 01°Vi29′ R
24th Mercury trine Saturn 27°Ar31′ R 27°Sg31′ R
24th Mercury square Vesta 27°Ar29′ R 27°Cn29′ D
26th New Moon in Taurus 06°Ta27′ D 06°Ta27′ D
28th Mercury conjunct Uranus 25°Ar16′ R 25°Ar16′ D
28th Venus enters Aries 00°Ar00′ D 00°Ar00′ D
29th Ceres enters Gemini 00°Ge00′ D 00°Ge00′ D
30th Saturn square Chiron 27°Sg18′ R 27°Pi18′ D

Painting – ‘Cypress, April’ by Henri-Edmond Cross

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