Full Moon in Scorpio May 2017 – A Question of Loyalty

moonlight-1896The Full Moon occurs at 21:42 (UT) on May 10, 2017 at 20°Sc24′.

The Full Moon represents a time of culmination. Sometimes it wraps up issues begun at the previous New Moon. Sometimes it brings things to a head. Because the Moon opposes the Sun, there can often be a dilemma between what’s going in ‘in here’ and what’s going on ‘out there’. You may feel torn, pulled in two different directions, needing to make a decision or conflicting with others.

The Moon represents our needs and what we need under a Scorpio Moon is connection – deep, intimate, powerful connection to another. Whilst this sign is linked to sex, the intimacy here is not necessarily sexual – it’s about feeling understood, known, heard and seen. But before we can truly be seen by another, we need to connect with ourselves.

During this time, we might not trust what we see. We know that there’s more going on under the surface and we want to find out what it is. Maybe you just feel that there’s more to a situation or person than meets the eye. Surface appearances mean nothing to Scorpio – it’s all about peeling back the layers, seeing with x-ray eyes. What tantalises us during this Full Moon is the mystery, the unknown. We become detectives, following clues that tease our senses.

Scorpio is complex whereas opposite sign Taurus is about simplicity. Whilst the Sun in Taurus suggests that right now we need to be practical and clear about our values, the Moon in Scorpio needs something more profound. We are caught between passion and relaxation, crisis and ease, emotions and practicalities. There may also be a dilemma over what is yours (Scorpio) and what is mine (Taurus). Scorpio instinctively needs to share whereas Taurus desires to keep.

So the mood is intense and this is emphasised by the Moon’s sextile to Scorpio ruler Pluto. This is a supportive aspect that encourages us to get rid of dead wood, to challenge ourselves to change. Standing in our truth makes us feel strong. The Pluto connection talks of raw honesty and a willingness to go within to mine the depths of our psyche for precious inner resources.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 2017 - Chart
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Mars, the co-ruler of Scorpio is not quite so well placed as he is waxing to a square with Neptune. Underneath everything we may be feeling a little vulnerable and unsure of ourselves. Motivation may be dissipating or perhaps you’re just unsure of the goal you are trying to achieve. As the Full Moon is trine to Neptune though, intuition is riding high – you just need to trust that inner voice.

Can you trust it?

The Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders

The problem is that sometimes what we’re fighting for is not what we really want. It’s important to sit down and check in with whether your goals are really your goals. Sometimes the targets we set ourselves arise from complex dynamics with others, from old family values, from the desire to be valued. The Moon is in an overwrought sesquiquadrate to Venus. We all want to be loved but sometimes in the pursuit of love, appreciation and worth, we can give away our power.

A trine from the Moon to Chiron suggests we can access and apply healing to some of the more different material in the psyche, to clear some of those inner voices that are not our own. Mercury is just past a conjunction with Uranus; a high frequency aspect that completed a series of three connections between these two planets due to Mercury’s recent retrograde. Mentally, we’ve been getting a wake-up call and we’ve begun to see things differently. Flashes of knowing and light-bulb ideas stimulate the desire to break free. Under a change of perspective, old loyalties begin to wane.

Juno is conjunct Pluto and therefore also sextile to this lunation. Juno conjunct Pluto is about the power of commitment. Consider what it would take to commit to your own vision, to wrestle back control, to stand up for what you truly believe in. Look to where you may need to change (Pluto) the contract (Juno) with yourself and/or others in order to be able to live your truth. The sextile shows that the opportunity is there but you have to take the first step. Deep down, you know what is right for you. Trust yourself.

Painting – ‘Moonlight’ by Ilya Repin