New Moon in Gemini May 2017 – Words Aren’t Enough

the-artist-s-father-reading-his-newspaperThe New Moon occurs at 19:44 (UT) on May 25, 2017 at 04°Ge46′.

Gemini is the first of the Air signs. It’s a flexible, changeable, curious sign that always seeks to make a connection. It’s Gemini’s role to hunt out new information – to collect data, sort, label and give things names. Whilst Gemini might not know any one topic in great detail, it can be counted on to provide us with titbits of information about a multitude of subjects. This is also the sign of our casual acquaintances. The chat with a neighbour or someone at the bus stop is a Gemini affair. Siblings too naturally fall under the sign of the twins.

Under Gemini and its ruling planet Mercury, we learn to talk, to speak, to count and to write. Gemini represents our early learning, the school instruction that moulds and shapes our minds. It’s Gemini we turn to when we need a dialogue and when we need to make a decision by looking at the pros and the cons

Below is a chart for this New Moon. I have recently begun working with the natural chart which sets Aries on the Ascendant for charts affecting the collective. I am finding this technique very expressive of current themes and will therefore read the house connections in this and future global transit charts.

New Moon in Gemini May 2017 Chart
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For chatty Gemini, this is a strangely quiet lunation with no ptolemic aspects (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition) from the major planets to the New Moon itself.

What we have here then is a seed idea – something untouched, untainted and yet somehow it scares us silly. The New Moon is exactly conjunct asteroid Medusa, known for having such a terrifying demeanour that she turned onlookers to stone. The Moon is also sesquiquadrate Pluto which could send us on obsessive tangents, as well as trigger overly fearful reactions.

This Moon feels like one of those moments when you have an idea that feels so big you just wanted to force it back down into your unconscious again. What was unconscious and unspoken now has a name and potential and we can’t shove it back where it come from. Medusa was destroyed from looking at her own reflection. We too must be brave enough to gaze upon our fears…and then open a dialogue with them.

Pluto is travelling through the 10th house, forcing changes in governments, the establishment and the system as a whole. What is going on with those in power may well be a talking point but at the same time it could be skewing our attention. Some may be thinking that they have no say, that they have no power but that’s not the truth.

This lunation also talks about the power of knowing, the power of information. In the wider world, having the right information, knowing the right people can get you into places you wouldn’t gain access to otherwise. This Moon may highlight those who are ‘in the know‘ or inform us of the disparity between those who have the information and those who don’t. Some may have news that freezes others in their tracks (note Mars has come to a screeching halt in opposition to Saturn). On all levels, with the slippery sesquiquadrate to Pluto, there can be a danger of confusing the need to know with the need for control.

Knowing on an inner level is also power. If you know your fear then you can work with it. If you know what you want, you can go for it. The right information can release you from stress, point you on the correct path.

The Moon is semi-square to Pallas and Venus who are conjunct in Aries. It’s about staying aware of how we use the information we have and how we talk to each other. Sometimes it’s right and necessary to hold back on what we say for the sake of being polite or for the sake of negotiations. The problem with Gemini is that it always wants to have the last word but sometimes harmony (Venus) means holding our tongues! At other times, harmony comes from being direct and to the point. Venus has just perfected a square to Pluto and is still opposing Jupiter. Diplomatic negotiations at this time aren’t necessarily easy but there is still potential to work out our differences.

Mercury, the ruler of this lunation is in a sweet sextile to spiritual Neptune. As is often the story, many of the issues that can tangle us mentally can be overcome by listening to our intuition. If you’re struggling to find clarity, clear your mind through meditation, spiritual practice, art or music. There are other ways to express your thoughts than words.

On a global level, Mercury’s sextile to Neptune suggests that talks (Mercury) about money (2nd house) available for helping (Neptune) the sick/unfortunate (12th house) could be the main topic of conversation. Certainly in the UK, the upcoming election is significantly focused on the survival of the NHS health system.

The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Revolutionary Magazine Asking For Action

Deep within this Moon is a message which says ‘words aren’t enough’. Once you have cleared your mind, once you know what scares you, once you have said your piece, practical steps must follow. Transformation cannot just be a cerebral affair. Change begins with a seed idea and ends with action.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel A. Barker

Painting – ‘The Artist’s Father Reading His Newspaper’ by Paul Cezanne