Full Moon in Scorpio April 2018 – Naked

blue-nude-1952The Full Moon occurs at 01:58 (BST) on April 30, 2018 at 09°Sc38′.

At the Full Moon in Scorpio, emotions are intensified as we’re driven by a need for deeper connection, empowerment and transformation. Yet the pursuit of these things brings us to a moment of crisis where we must resolve inner and outer conflicts. We want the simplicity, stability and ease of the Sun in Taurus yet we need the complexity and challenge of change with the Moon in Scorpio. As we teeter on the edge of the abyss, fears loom large. If we have any hope of gaining greater insight and perception, we must face what makes us so afraid.

In Scorpio, we want to dive beneath the surface and resolve mysteries. Nothing is taken at face value. In every interaction, we’re aware of something unspoken and we’re super sensitive to ulterior motives. Our psychic radar is at peak level, but if we’re coming from a place of fear, signals can be misconstrued, and fears projected onto others. Things get complicated when trust is tested.

The Moon and Sun lie at right angles to the Nodal axis in this chart, creating a powerful fixed Grand Cross pattern. Ceres is just coming up to her third and final conjunction to the North Node in theatrical Leo. It’s like the final act of a great drama. As the Moon is at odds with Ceres, it could feel like a pushy mother, ushering her child into the spotlight before they’re ready. The Moon’s square to Ceres and the North Node reminds me of those kinds of dreams where you suddenly find yourself on stage in your underpants as the audience laughs hysterically and all you want to do is run home crying to Mum.

The complication of the Moon in Scorpio square to Ceres and the North Node suggests that there is a longing to be seen yet a terror of someone seeing the truth of who we are. The question we’re all dealing with in some form or another is, do I trust you enough to show you all of me? The only way we can find out is to reveal ourselves. We need to nurture (Ceres) our talents and allow ourselves to shine.

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The Full Moon is on the Sabian symbol:

A Fellowship Supper Reunites Old Comrades

This symbol reminds us that when we love and accept each other, warts and all, it feeds us emotionally. Often, it’s our oldest friends who have seen us at our best and our worst. The value of trust is priceless as it cannot be bartered, bought or sold. Trust can only be given which is why it is one of the greatest of gifts.

Asteroid Melusina (#373) is conjunct this Moon. In the story, freshwater spirit Melusine agrees to marry her human husband as long as he never comes to her private chamber on a Saturday. Driven by curiosity and mistrust, the husband breaks his promise and sees Melusine in her true form – half woman, half fish. Eventually, the couple break up after the husband shames Melusine by ridiculing her in front of others.

And this of course is what we often most fear – dying of shame, ridicule. The terror of being betrayed by those we chose to trust. The desolation of not being accepted for all that we are, both light and dark. And yet we cannot remain hidden forever because to do so would be a different kind of death – the soul suffocated by fear of the unknown. Scorpio is ‘do or die!’.

Saturn supports this lunation with a sextile to the Moon and trine to the Sun. The more we learn to trust both ourselves and others, the greater the chance for commitment and longevity in all our relationships. Saturn also reminds us to keep it real. True respect comes from authenticity. As an added bonus, when we have the support we need, it is easier to accomplish our personal ambitions. Emotional maturity is required as we navigate these dark waters. We also need to learn how to let go, particularly of toxic relationships. Scorpio reminds Taurus that death is required for nature to flourish. We need to eliminate what is no longer sustainable.

The Moon’s trine to Neptune adds to the receptivity of our psychic senses. Maybe a dream eloquently resolves complex problems. We’re tuned in to the undertow, the tidal tug of the unconscious. We need to trust our intuition to lead us to the kind of relationships and experiences that provide soul sustenance. Deep down, we just want to experience unconditional love and find meaning. Transparency and compassion are a light in the dark.

Neptune also puts us in touch with what has been missing or forgotten. Given Scorpio’s compulsive nature, we can no longer deny the intoxicating scent of an unrealised dream. To bring this ideal into reality though, we must trek through our shadowy underworld and deal with what we find there. It’s going to take great courage.

Luckily, we have this in spades as Mars and Pluto, the traditional and modern rulers of Scorpio, are still in a tight conjunction adding strength and vigour to this chart. Despite the challenges we face, we have power and energy at our disposal. The only downside is that our guard is up and we’re wary of perceived threats. If conflict hasn’t been addressed or we’ve become too territorial, this combination could generate some angry scenes or impulsive, irreversible actions. Still, if we stay on the high side of this combination, extreme daring could be the catalyst for profound transformation.

Painting- ‘Blue Nude’ by Henri Matisse