Full Moon in Sagittarius May 2018 – Followers

church-procession-spanish-stepsFull Moon in Sagittarius May 2018

The Full Moon occurs at 15:19 (BST) on May 29, 2018 at 08°Sg10′.

Sagittarius is the sign of the believer, the preacher, the philosopher. It’s the last of the fire signs, full of enthusiasm and up for an adventure. Sagittarius wants to travel to new places, experience other cultures, see what hasn’t been seen before. After the ‘death’ of Scorpio, Sagittarius wants to find meaning, hence its endless roaming from one end of the Earth to the other. Sagittarius searches for spiritual truth.

The Sagittarius Full Moon brings into play the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. With the Sun in Gemini we are caught up in linear language, categorising, sorting, labelling from A – Z. Gemini doesn’t distinguish between what is useful information and what is not. To Gemini, all information is valuable. Sagittarius is about symbolic language, depth of meaning, higher education, knowledge. Ruled by Jupiter, it’s about having breadth of vision. But Sagittarius can become dogmatic and take the moral high ground at every opportunity. Both signs have their blessings and their shadows.

Jupiter is the leader of this chart’s locomotive pattern. All the of the planets are lined up around the chart like the carriages of a steam train. It’s the perfect pattern for a Full Moon in the sign of the traveller. We’re on a quest but as Jupiter is retrograde in the complex emotional sign of Scorpio, this is an inner quest, one that takes us into the depths of ourselves.

Full Moon in Sagittarius May 2018
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We have just had the second in a series of three trines between Jupiter and Neptune so there’s a strong spiritual thread to this lunation. It’s like we’re searching for the divine within, called to God or Goddess, hearing the voice of the universe in every other conversation. Maybe we’re reading great religious or spiritual works that move the soul. Something enormous is emerging from the shadows and now instead of being afraid, we feel inspired, buoyed up, strengthened. Jupiter and Neptune are also trine Venus in Cancer creating a Grand Water trine. We’re searching for unconditional love and heart-opening experiences. We’re carried on the wings of doves, up, up and beyond. Those who are creatively inclined may find themselves caught up in the flow during this Full Moon, communing with their muse. Love opens the way.

The Moon is sextile to confident Mars in Aquarius. The broader our outlook, the bigger our social circle. There is the potential for friends in every port…and online as the 9th house rules the internet and Aquarius rules technology! This would be the perfect Moon to promote a website or a cause as the Jupiter-Neptune-Venus trine brings devoted followers.

The challenge for this Full Moon is to decide who or what is worth following. Tension comes from the Sun in intellectual Gemini who prefers evidence in writing and school books. The Moon in Sagittarius however shows that we’re feeling things at gut level that goes beyond words. Faith doesn’t need a textbook. The Moon is trine to the North Node, suggesting that we sense a cosmic opening, a way through, a creative solution. The Moon’s wide trine to Chiron too provides healing energy, centaur to centaur. Asteroid Karma is conjunct the Moon showing that there are karmic lessons are work too, buried in our dreams and visions of the future.

The Sun sextile the North Node forms the base of a yod with Saturn in Capricorn at the apex. The Earth school can be tough sometimes. Saturn brings up doubts about ourselves (the Sun) and our spiritual evolution (the North Node). Somehow, we must reconcile our inner questioning with real world commitments and responsibilities.

Note that Mercury is on the anaretic degree of Taurus. It is critical to address fixed mindsets. This particular degree is also associated with ‘The Weeping Sisters’ and was traditionally considered to be ill-fated. With asteroid Karma conjunct the Moon and the Moon trine to the karmic North Node, maybe there is a gentle warning here that we need to take care of what we say and how we think. We are not just living karma from the past and working out karmic lessons predesigned before coming into this life-time. We’re also creating karma in this life – new experiences, new lessons, new connections. The decisions we make in this incarnation may also have consequences in other lifetimes. Perhaps too there are conversations to be had that we have held back from verbalising. Maybe a piece of us is clinging to what we think we know because admitting we’re wrong or unsure means yet more questions to be answered. It’s okay not to have all the answers. Part of the excitement of Sagittarius is about exploring the unknown and going off the beaten track to find the truth.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is :-

A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway

Who do we trust to lead us? The task this Full Moon is to help each other rise up. We are all on a journey, all searching for meaning. We are all both followers and leaders. There is always another step and a higher perspective. Keep looking up. Trust you will be shown the way.

Painting – ‘Church Procession, Spanish Steps’ by Childe Hassam