Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2018 – Bogeyman

crab-on-it-s-back-1889The Solar eclipse occurs at 03:47 BST on July 13, 2018 at 20°Cn41′. This is a partial eclipse visible only from parts of Australia.

The Sun and Moon are nestled in the global 4th house in the sign of Cancer. During this New Moon we’re hoping to set new plans in place that will help us to feel more connected, settled and supported. In this comforting, nurturing sign, we need to feel safe and secure. The problem is that this is an eclipse and eclipses tend to be somewhat unpredictable.

One of the things we have to contend with is that dominating, power hungry, government official, hard landlord Pluto, is knocking at the door. Despite wanting to curl up and wait for him to go away, we can’t. We have to open the door and look him in the eye because otherwise, fear will drive us underground out of sight. We can’t keep asking Mum to check under the bed to make sure the bogeyman isn’t going to leap out in the night. We must muster up the courage to dare to take a peek ourselves. It’s empowering and life transforming.

Solar Eclipse in Cancer JUL18
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Cancer as a sign has a tough side that we often forget about. Cancer the crab has claws and she’s tenacious about getting what she wants. You can be sure as eggs are eggs that if there WAS a bogeyman under the bed, Cancer would drag him out by his ear and give him what for. This sign can switch from being helpless child to ferocious Mama in a blink of an eye. The eclipse may reveal where we too have claws or in-built armour, hanging in the closet, ready for use.

Yes, Pluto is tough, but we’re tougher because the Moon and Sun are supported in a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Neptune. Granted the trine to Jupiter is wide enough to make me add on half a degree to my normal orbs (!) but I think it stands. The Moon herself is strong in her own sign and Jupiter and Neptune could make us feel like whatever the threat, God (or deity of choice) is on our side. In fact, if we feel scared, we only have to conjure up an image of sticking our tongue out at the Devil whilst singsonging Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!  “My Mum’s bigger than your Mum, so there!”. Sometimes recapturing childish ways can serve us if it teaches us to shake off the fears that like to stick to us like toffee.

So, there is some sweetness to this Moon, despite sometimes feeling forced to eat our vegetables. We get a dessert once we’ve downed a few sprouts. Well, unless you are five-year-old me who has the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Mars in fixed signs and therefore would rather sit until the meal is cold than touch boiled carrots!

The Sabian symbol of this eclipse is :-

A Famous Singer Is Proving Her Virtuosity During An Operatic Performance

Sometimes we have to step up and show what we can do even if life’s stage makes us nervous. Maybe too some of us are singing a swan song, letting go of what no longer serves us. Pluto can represent the rubbish, all that needs to be released and left to rot so that it can fertilise new growth. The opera singer also has supreme control over her breathing and voice. If Pluto or indeed the eclipse makes us quake in our boots, all we need to do is breath and remember that there are some things that are in our control.

Painting – ‘Crab on It`s Back’ by Vincent van Gogh