New Moon in Virgo September 2018 – Missing

the-handsThe New Moon occurs at 19:01 (BST) on September 9, 2018 at 17°Vi00′.

At this beginning of a new lunation cycle, the focus is on service and improvement. Virgo is ruled by dexterous, communicative Mercury so under this sign’s influence, we like to keep our hands busy and minds active. How can I help? says Virgo. What can I do to make this better? And then she does it, because this sign is ultra-practical and talking about it is NOT the same as doing it.

The element of Earth is strong in this chart, so it’s all about real world application – the things we can see, smell, hear, touch and taste. Fire however is distinctly lacking with only Chiron, Vesta and the North Node in signs representing this element. It’s possible that some may find themselves questioning why they are doing what they are doing. Inspiration could be lacking yet still we keep trying to ‘make it better’.

Mars too is on the very last degree of Capricorn. Mars is exalted in this sign and probably ecstatic to be back at work after the long retrograde cycle. But there is also a feeling of acute frustration wrapped into this degree. We want to see results, and we want to see them now!

With the New Moon sextile to Jupiter, there is an opportunity here to increase skills, improve circumstances and create more joy in our lives. Seed these intentions in the part of your life ruled by the house where the New Moon occurs (see article end for Sun/Rising signs). Mercury, the ruler of this lunation is close by (although not conjunct) in his own sign of Virgo and stabilised in a Grand Trine with conscientious Saturn and progressive Uranus. Thinking is realistic with a side helping of inventiveness, and we can apply ourselves effectively to the task at hand. Pallas is here too, tightly trine to Saturn and Uranus and conjunct Mercury, so we are also blessed with her creative wisdom. We don’t however, need to re-invent the wheel to revamp our lives. Attention to detail mixed with mental discipline gets the job done effectively.

New Moon SEP18
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The challenge is that we need to get underneath the drive for perfection and look at what is haunting us. How can we accept our human fallibility? Where do we need to surrender to a higher purpose? What ideals are we trying to live up to? The New Moon is opposed by Neptune in the global 12th house. It feels like something is moving behind the scenes. Maybe it’s the sound of the great sea of the unconscious, waves lapping at the shore. The soft and rhythmic roll of the tide beating out an inner call to rest, rest, rest. But Virgo cannot rest. She wants to make everything perfect…

And so, we work. We work hard during this New Moon, to fix and tidy our circumstances one tiny piece at a time. It feels good. It’s wholesome – like turning up your nose at processed pie and instead perusing healthy recipes with ingredients that will heal rather than harm the precious body. The Moon’s trine to Pluto encourages us to eliminate unhealthy attitudes, items and practices from our lives. Virgo rules those little rituals that we do daily. Change is a process, one that begins with specific and measurable actions day by day, week by week, year by year. Nine months ago for example, I started riding an exercise bike and was exhausted within two minutes on the lowest setting with no tension on the wheel! Each day I resolved to add a few more seconds. Today I can ride easily for 30 minutes, four tension settings higher than where I began. My legs feel stronger and wasted muscles are beginning to work again. It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting fit, writing a novel or trying to change the world – Virgo reminds us that small, regular actions is what counts.

But still there is Neptune, a soft voice calling your name from out of the shadows. It’s there at the edge of sleep and deep within dreams. Some part of you is aware of something MORE. So, despite the fact that there is a feel-good factor entwined in some energetic decluttering, we might feel something essential is missing. Even with the room straight, the to-do list ticked and perfectly pressed clothes, there could be an indefinable yearning to feel a greater sense of connection. ONENESS. Maybe you want to return back to the womb. Maybe you just want to sleep. Maybe all you need is a bit of silence and the space to just BE for a moment. Perhaps you miss the stars, the ocean, someone who graced your life but then slipped quietly to the other side, leaving a hole that cannot be stitched shut.

The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol An Ouija Board. Perhaps for some there will be messages from those who have passed over. With Neptune’s influence, we’re all more aware of that delicate divide between this world and others. It’s vexing for Virgo, who likes everything neat and tidy. She doesn’t like to waste time on such fanciful nonsense. But Neptune reminds us that it’s no use being busy for the sake of it. Neptune urges that the work we do is meaningful.

This symbol may also talk of how it is important we use our tools effectively. A Ouija board in the wrong hands can trigger all kinds of problems. We can’t force Spirit to do our bidding. We are here to do Spirit’s work. It’s not that our prayers go unheard. Sometimes we must be quiet enough to hear the answer.

Painting – ‘The Hands’ by Moise Kisling

The New Moon house for each sign

New beginnings are focused on the following areas of life.

Aries – 6th house
Health, the office, work, pets.

Taurus – 5th house
Children, creative self expressions, romance, pleasure

Gemini – 4th house
Home, family, roots, foundations

Cancer – 3rd House
Communication and mind, siblings, aunts and uncles, learning, schooling, short distance travel.

Leo – 2nd House
Money, possessions, what you value, self esteem, personal resources

Virgo – 1st house
Overall well being, appearance, personal initiatives, how you approach life.

Libra – 12th house
The unconscious, self sabotage, spirituality, wild places, deity.

Scorpio – 11th house
Friend, networks, groups, long term goals, politics.

Sagittarius – 10th house
Career, vocation, public role, parents and parenting, accomplishment.

Capricorn – 9th house
Studies, university, long distance travel, broadening horizons, religion, philosophy, law.

Aquarius – 8th house
Shared resources, intimacy and sex, fear, death, change, transformation, complexes.

Pisces – 7th house
One to one relationships – business and personal. Open enemies. Others.