Full Moon in Aries September 2018 – Lighten Up

The Full Moon in Aries occurs at 03:52 (BST) on September 25 at 01°Ar59′.

The Full Moon represents a crisis, culmination or consequence to issues born from the previous New Moon. Right now, with the Moon in fiery, go-getting Aries, we’re focused on our goals, passions and conflicts. As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it tends to be associated with assertiveness, impulsiveness and courage but the Moon is also conjunct wounded healer Chiron. One thing that Aries really doesn’t like is to appear weak but our weaknesses are highlighted during this Full Moon.

It’s painful but it’s necessary. The opposition between the Moon and Sun is square to Vesta and Saturn in Capricorn creating a T-square pattern. Saturn at the apex of this pattern points us in the direction of where we’ve been holding back. Vesta sitting beside Saturn is holding a candle to him – “focus here” says the priestess. There’s work to be done. She means business. If we want to keep our inner flame alive, we have to deal with the fears that limit our progress.

Wounds are open – I’m ugly, I’m wrong, I’m different, I’m vulnerable, I’m weak, I’m not good enough, I’m sick, I’m sick of being not good enough!

Essentially, we’re afraid of being hurt if we go after what we want. With the Sun conjunct Mercury and therefore the Moon opposing Mercury, it’s the kind of stuff that’s hard to talk about – maybe even hard to think about. But we feel it. Oh yes, we feel it. It’s sharp and it burns. There’s a whole lot of worrying about what others (Libra) might think (Mercury).

In fact, Aries rules the face and the head so it’s like remembering your first embarrassing moment – the burning red face of shame. Sometimes we can laugh it off and forget, but there are other kinds of shame that root themselves deep inside and every time we begin to think yes, I can DO this, the shame stirs and quenches the flames of desire before we do something stupid and embarrass ourselves all over again. We fear being rejected, laughed at, an outsider.

The Sabian symbol of this Full Moon is a ‘A Comedian Reveals Human Nature’. * (see note below) It’s like the universe is saying lighten up! Yes, we need to feel the pain and be aware of our fears and so on, but we also need to see the humour in mistakes. We need to be able to smile ruefully when we realise where we went wrong. And most importantly, we need to be able to laugh even when we have experienced pain because we’re still ALIVE. We survived. Remember, Aries is first of the fire signs – being alive is what counts!

Full Moon in Aries SEP18
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So, Saturn at the apex of the T-square in the chart says, enough is enough. We need to get a handle on our pain. The Moon is also sextile Mars, the ruler of Aries, which promises we CAN get through this. We can take action, initiate change, go after long term goals. We can be brave. Mars is conjunct the South Node so we’re letting go of old enemies, inside and out. The Moon is also closely sextile to Black Moon Lilith and this also invites us to reclaim our true power. Instead of demonising ourselves because don’t feel enough, we can celebrate our power to create magic in our lives. Life doesn’t have to be one big competition.

Even though we may feel super-sensitive during this Full Moon, there are signs that the healing necessary during this time is leading us to greater things. Asteroid Hygeia is conjunct Chiron doubling the healing/cleansing message and both, along with the Moon, are trine the North Node in Leo. Our spiritual evolution right now is about having confidence and allowing ourselves to shine. This Full Moon is rather like a shamanic initiation ceremony. If we can allow ourselves to sit with what makes us feel vulnerable, we can find our way to our greatest strengths.

If you don’t know where this Full Moon will fall in your own personal chart, you can use this list below as a guide. For best accuracy, read for your Ascendant sign if you know it, otherwise read for your Sun sign.

In our Aries house, we want to appear strong, assertive, passionate, a go-getter, independent, feisty but the Full Moon’s conjunction to Chiron will highlight weakness as explained above. Look to the house to see which area of life where you may feel sensitive/vulnerable. Don’t forget that although Chiron will shortly re-enter Pisces, he will return to Aries next year for the long haul towards healing in this area of our lives. Topics raised now by this Full Moon are the beginning of this work.

1st House – Wounds around how you appear to others, how you present yourself, how you see the world, how you look.

12th house – Wounds around spirituality, self sabotage, everything that is unspoken, deep unconscious material. sleep and dreams, what is meaningful.

11th house – Wounds around friends, networks or groups, your place in society, politics, long term goals.

10th house – Wounds around your career or public image, public life versus private life, wounds around the relationship with a parent or being a parent.

9th house – Wounds around travelling or studying, religion and God, your idea of the future, knowledge and the unknown, self belief, faith.

8th house – Wounds around sex and intimacy, resources that are shared with others, debt, psychological complexes, death.

7th house – Wounds around one to one relationships, how you deal with others, your shadow, projection.

6th house – Wounds around your work, with colleagues, your routine, your physical body.

5th house – Wounds around children, your ability to enjoy life, romance, your creativity.

4th house – Wounds around home and family, the land you come from or live on, your emotional foundation, childhood.

3rd house – Wounds around communication, siblings, extended family, schooling, learning, mind.

2nd house – Wounds around money, what you value, possessions, resources, innate gifts.

  • There are some astrology programs that are returning this Moon as being at exactly 2 degrees Aries which would make it the next Sabian symbol along ‘The Cameo Profile Of A Man, Suggesting The Shape Of His Country’. I am just making a note of this so readers understand why some astrologers may mention this other symbol. 

Painting – ‘The Comedian’ by James Tissot