TriWheel US Chart SEP2018

Institutionalised Abuse and the US Chart

I recorded a spontaneous video today discussing, for the most part, the US progressed chart in light of the hearing that has captured the world’s attention where Christine Blasey Ford has accused Brett Kavanaugh of an historic assault. As soon as I pulled up the US chart, I could see the extraordinary correlations that are occurring with the progressed chart’s aspects. Please find an image of the chart discussed below.

All day I have had the song ‘The Burning Times’ by Christy Moore in my head. It feels like a witch hunt all over again.

In the US progressed chart, Pluto – symbol of power, control, transformation, abuse, the shadow, fear and sex is currently on the final anaretic degree of Capricorn – a sign associated with patriarchy, capitalism and the system.

Venus, Goddess of love and harmony and symbol of the divine feminine is also on an anaretic degree in the progressed chart, the 29th degree of Aries. Venus struggles to fully express herself in this Mars (Masculine) ruled sign.

The two planets are tightly square each other, evoking tension. There is pressure to change, a feeling of being backed into a corner. Pluto on the anaretic degree insists TRUTH must come out. But Pluto doesn’t want to let go of the reins of power. Pluto wants to force the point home.

The Sabian symbol of progressed Pluto currently is “A Secret Meeting Of Men Responsible For Executive Decisions In World Affairs”. —

Yes, really!!!

Progressed Venus is being transited by Uranus – the Awakener. We cannot go back to sleep. This is the dawn of a new day. Venus will move into Taurus, the sign she rules, in August 2019. 

Right now it’s hard and it hurts. We feel vulnerable and under pressure. Pluto is like a crushing weight on top of Venus, the monster pawing the woman beneath. But soon Venus will be restored as Queen – and she will NOT be silenced.



TriWheel US Chart SEP2018
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