October 2018 Astrology Forecast

The month begins with Pluto stationing direct on October 1. Since the last week of April, we’ve been encouraged, or rather, forced, to let go of whatever we have been holding onto – whether it be physical possessions, relationships, attitudes or behaviours. The retrograde action of Pluto intensifies an already intense journey, ensuring that we have cleared the way for the transformative process that lies ahead. Pluto reminds us that everything is changing, no matter how much we try to hold on to the status quo – especially in resistant Capricorn! The retrograde period is a time of digging deeper and finding ourselves face to face with absolute truths – like it or not. It is only by experiencing this brutal honesty that we can move forwards and inhabit our power. And so, after this inner experience which has led us to some rich resources buried deep in the psyche, now we’re ready to face the outer circumstances that require us to either take control or make room for that which we have no control over.

The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer occurs on October 2 (sign up for my newsletter for an analysis of the quarter Moons). The Moon is strong in Cancer and therefore we can be more attached, emotional and needy during this time, especially in the realm of our relationships as the Moon squares the Sun in partnership-orientated Libra. Issues with relationships are also about to become acute as Venus herself stations retrograde on October 5. I will be talking a lot more about this soon but suffice is to say that this is likely to be a period which uncover power dynamics with our nearest and dearest. Scorpio also relates to taboo topics so whatever has been swept under the carpet before has no place to hide during this transit. Yes, more clearing and cleansing is necessary but it’s rather like polishing the tarnish off copper. When we can face the darkness of ourselves and each other, that’s when we can open our hearts and fully embrace the depth of this experience we call love. If you would like a hint as to how this retrograde period might affect you, look back October 2010 and October 2002 as Venus repeats her pattern every 8 years.

Saturn creates a quincunx to the North Node on October 7. It appears as an irritating block, yet we know we’re in our own way. The gate is open but part of you is scared to walk through, counting the minutes, wondering whether to stay, whether to go. Resistance again, always resistance because none of us like the hard work that Saturn requires. But then again, often, it’s the thought of the work rather than the actual work, because we all now how good it feels to accomplish a goal or finish a difficult task. The quincunx is a fated aspect, one that says, you know you have to do this and yet still we question it because it feels heavy, difficult, too grown up. Watch what happens around October 15 when the Moon meets Saturn as this may reveal the emotions that are stuck and that need adjustment. Essentially, Saturn’s quincunx to the North Node feels more difficult than it is. Get out of your own way.

Mars will help as he finally leaves the shadow zone from the summer retrograde period on October 8. Now he’s on his way, people to see, goals to accomplish. He’s off to fight the good fight and all that experimental jazz. With the New Moon in Libra on October 9, we can make a pact to even out our lives and ensure there’s room for a little give and take. This is also an important New Moon given that ruler Venus is currently back-tracking through Scorpio. For our new beginnings to work, we will need to join hands with Venus as she explores the underworld. We also cannot expect new doors to open until others are firmly closed. The New Moon’s square to Pluto reiterates this. As Mercury also enters Scorpio on October 10, it’s probably true to say our heads are in the game now, along with our hearts. Communication has the potential to become more intimate as we express what we were afraid to say before. However, on the flip side, some may become more secretive if trust is a problem.

The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn on October 16 perhaps allows us to take some of the emotion out of the equation, challenging us to be accountable and adult in our dealings with others. We are also coming up to the end of Saturn’s square to Chiron as Saturn finally moves out of orb of this on October 19. It’s likely that many of us now have a better handle on old wounds and more effective management of chronic problems. Saturn square Chiron hasn’t allowed us to sit in our own suffering – rather it has pointed out where we have been inclined to resist taking responsibility because of past pain. Growing up means accepting that sometimes life is painful and not giving up in the face of that. Pain is a teacher, not one we necessarily like but a teacher nonetheless.

We then go deeper still into the dark half of the year (in the Northern hemisphere), diving into the midnight, velvet waters of Scorpio with the Sun’s ingress on October 23. Shadows are illuminated, and we can no longer deny that there are different aspects of our personality that we often keep hidden. Still, this is a time of welcoming in the darkness, a time of embracing death in all its forms. Trick or treat lanterns are being carved. Autumn leaves eddy on the pavement. The scent of bonfires is in the air and the part of us that is as old as the hills turns to face the bleakness of winter. Now we must draw within, close to the inner fire of the soul to listen to ghost stories because we must confront our fears.

The Full Moon in Taurus on October 24 has a surprising final harvest as it’s conjunct Uranus. Maybe what has manifested is not what we expected and now we must find a way to make peace with that. With retrograde Venus, ruler of Taurus, opposing the Full Moon, yes, we’re out of our comfort zone. Maybe we feel exposed. But still, sometimes that’s what it takes to shake off complacency or to snap new perspectives into place.

Mercury enters the shadow zone on October 29, yes, really another retrograde is building! It might feel like there’s been no let up at all this year. But the cosmos deems these reviews as necessary. This next retrograde will take place in the sign of Sagittarius where we will examine our judgements and beliefs. Mercury will also backtrack into Scorpio as well so coming on the heels of Venus retrograde through this sign, it’s clear we have a great deal of collective and individual shadow work to do!

As Samhain, the pagan festival of the dead arrives on October 31, the veils between the worlds of the living and dead are thin. With the Last Quarter Moon in theatrical Leo squaring the Sun in scary Scorpio also on this date, we have a perfect astrological scenario for dressing up in skeleton costumes and having a laugh at death’s expense. But also, there’s a deeper tension that reminds us that all light eventually fades, all fires burn out. As Mercury slips into visionary Sagittarius, we search for meaning in the face of death and perhaps, given the upcoming retrograde, we’re quietly beginning to question our beliefs. Uncertain of ourselves with goosebumps prickling, we turn to what we know, holding those we love a little closer as retrograde Venus re-enters home sign Libra also on October 31. If nothing else, death reminds us to be absolutely present because this moment is always passing and can never be reclaimed.

01-Oct-18Plutostations direct03:03:1218°Cp45′ D
02-Oct-18Last Quarter Moon in Cancer10:45:2009°Cn08′ D09°Li08′ D
02-Oct-18NeptuneoppositePallas20:19:5314°Pi24′ R14°Vi24′ D
03-Oct-18MercurysquarePluto01:03:2318°Li45′ D18°Cp45′ D
05-Oct-18Venusstations retrograde20:04:1410°Sc50′ R
07-Oct-18SunconjunctCeres11:01:3314°Li05′ D14°Li05′ D
07-Oct-18SaturnquincunxNorth Node16:05:3603°Cp19′ D03°Le19′ R
09-Oct-18New Moon in Libra04:46:4515°Li48′ D15°Li48′ D
10-Oct-18MercuryentersScorpio01:40:0300°Sc00′ D00°Sc00′ D
10-Oct-18MercuryoppositeUranus18:35:5001°Sc05′ D01°Ta05′ R
11-Oct-18VenussquareMars03:29:0010°Sc16′ R10°Aq16′ D
11-Oct-18MercurysquareNorth Node17:45:1402°Sc34′ D02°Le34′ R
11-Oct-18PlutotrinePallas20:02:1818°Cp47′ D18°Vi47′ D
12-Oct-18Junostations retrograde05:02:5300°Ge39′ R
12-Oct-18SunsquarePluto05:10:4818°Li47′ D18°Cp47′ D
12-Oct-18MercurysextileSaturn09:19:5303°Sc34′ D03°Cp34′ D
14-Oct-18VenussextileVesta21:40:3609°Sc12′ R09°Cp12′ D
15-Oct-18MercuryconjunctVenus21:20:2608°Sc50′ D08°Sc50′ R
16-Oct-18MercurysextileVesta13:51:2109°Sc51′ D09°Cp51′ D
16-Oct-18First Quarter Moon in Capricorn19:01:3423°Cp19′ D23°Li19′ D
17-Oct-18PlutosquareCeres22:40:0518°Cp49′ D18°Li49′ D
19-Oct-18MercurytrineNeptune10:46:5414°Sc03′ D14°Pi03′ R
19-Oct-18MercurysquareMars18:23:0314°Sc30′ D14°Aq30′ D
22-Oct-18MercurysextilePluto20:13:2918°Sc52′ D18°Cp52′ D
23-Oct-18SunentersScorpio12:22:1800°Sc00′ D00°Sc00′ D
24-Oct-18SunoppositeUranus01:46:4300°Sc33′ D00°Ta33′ R
24-Oct-18Juno retrograde re-enters Taurus08:49:4830°Ta00′ R30°Ta00′ R
24-Oct-18VenussextileSaturn13:51:3104°Sc21′ R04°Cp21′ D
24-Oct-18Full Moon in Taurus17:45:0501°Ta13′ D01°Sc13′ D
24-Oct-18SunsquareNorth Node20:27:1401°Sc19′ D01°Le19′ R
26-Oct-18SunconjunctVenus15:16:0003°Sc06′ D03°Sc06′ R
26-Oct-18NeptunesextileVesta16:29:5013°Pi55′ R13°Cp55′ D
28-Oct-18SunsextileSaturn02:51:5504°Sc37′ D04°Cp37′ D
28-Oct-18MercurysextilePallas12:44:4926°Sc37′ D26°Vi37′ D
29-Oct-18MercuryconjunctJupiter11:04:3427°Sc49′ D27°Sc49′ D
30-Oct-18MercurytrineChiron01:56:4128°Sc36′ D28°Pi36′ R
30-Oct-18MercuryoppositeJuno12:59:2029°Sc11′ D29°Ta11′ R
30-Oct-18VenussquareNorth Node17:13:1700°Sc37′ R00°Le37′ R
31-Oct-18MercuryentersSagittarius04:38:1100°Sg00′ D00°Sg00′ D
31-Oct-18VenusoppositeUranus08:44:5100°Sc15′ R00°Ta15′ R
31-Oct-18Last Quarter Moon in Leo16:40:1408°Le12′ D08°Sc12′ D
31-Oct-18MercurytrineNorth Node16:51:1900°Sg37′ D00°Le37′ D
31-Oct-18Venus retrograde re-enters Libra19:41:3730°Li00′ R30°Li00′ R
Painting – ‘Pumpkinhead – Self-Portrait’ by Jamie Wyeth