New Moon in Libra October 2018 – Thorns

roses-in-a-champagne-glass.jpg!PinterestLargeThe New Moon in Libra occurs at 04:46 (BST) on October 9, 2018 at 15°Li48′ D

At the beginning of the lunar month, we’re drawn to look at how our relationships are working in our lives as well as to explore whether we’re in harmony with ourselves. This is a time of finding balance, understanding others, dealing with projection, acknowledging love…and hate. Libra is a sign that tries to bring together opposites.

The New Moon is conjunct Ceres – a symbol of nurturing, mothering, women. She is feast and famine, loss and gain, seasons and the cycles of life.  She is caring but feisty, kind but strong. Right now, we need to nurture our relationships with others and there’s potential for them to flourish. But the Moon is also square to Pluto so there is a complication and it’s connected to power. In the myths, Pluto abducted Proserpina, daughter of Ceres, taking her into his underworld realm and making her his queen. Ceres, bereft with grief, withdrew her energy and consequently the Earth died. The problem is that right now, maybe we feel wronged, betrayed, angry (Pluto can signify RAGE). Power dynamics may feel unequal and unfair. Trust is an issue. How can we trust one another? How can we make this world and our lives a fairer place? How can we love when people do terrible things to one another? How can we work together? Something needs to be resolved or let go of before we can start again.

The New Moon is quincunx Neptune. Added in with power issues, we also have uncertainty, second guessing, questioning. Maybe we feel like something is wrong but can’t quite put our finger on it. Something is emerging from the depths of the unconscious but as yet, we aren’t sure of its shape or what it means. Maybe that’s the problem, we’ve lost meaning or what was once meaningful is now no longer. How can I pray, when there is so much to be done? How could God let this happen?…

But the New Moon is trine to Mars in humanitarian and political Aquarius and this fortifies us, strengthens us. Yes, we can do something! We can assert ourselves. We can stand up and be counted. We can fight for what is right. We can join with other groups, talk with friends, find kindred spirits. This is about reaching out to make friends rather than attacking enemies (Pluto!).  We can also think about future goals because that may help us decide the best actions to take in the present. Sometimes in Libra we can get stuck trying to decide – especially if we’re trying to accommodate everyone else or over-compromise.

Libra New Moon

Venus, ruler of this lunation is retrograde in Scorpio. When it comes to love, we want the truth. Greater intimacy means going to a deeper place with one another. The underlying stories of this lunation are given extra intensity. Some may feel pressurised, pushed away, rejected. Some serious self-loving needs to happen to remind us that we deserve to be treasured. Venus in Scorpio appreciates the thorn as well as the rose. Venus is also square to Mars so maybe we know that what we want might not be good for us. Maybe what we have doesn’t make us feel alive, excited or passionate. Venus’s trine to Neptune says we must listen to what our soul needs and practice self-compassion. It also says that when we get over defeat and despair, the heart knows the Gods were there all along.

The Sabian symbol of this New Moon is :

After A Storm A Boat Landing Stands In Need Of Reconstruction

This is a time of restoration. Our broken hearts need tending, licked clean by Mama Bear. Reconstruction will take time. Save what can be saved, release the rest.

Painting – ‘Roses in a Champagne Glass’ by Edouard Manet