Full Moon in Gemini November 2018 – Doublespeak

the-sisters-schwartz.jpg!BlogThe Full Moon occurs at 05:39 (GMT), on November 23, 2018 at 00°Ge52′ D

At the Gemini Full Moon, there is some kind of culmination, crisis, completion or critical issue connected to how and what we communicate and/or what we know or think. Gemini, symbolised by the Heavenly Twins, is a curious, fast moving sign. Its action is to flit between different experiences and share stories to gain further information. Gemini also rules siblings, our neighbourhood, the people on the outer circle of our immediate family. The third global house where Gemini lives also rules over schools, short journeys, cars, computers, emails, letters, debate and discussion. These are potentially the areas of life that may be called into question during this lunation.

This is a talkative Moon but the ruler of this Moon (Mercury) is retrograde in Sagittarius. We need to rethink our philosophy, backtrack on our ideas, change our beliefs or apply our minds to gain a deeper insight. The problem is that mentally, we may be struggling with overwhelm, firstly because of Mercury’s placement and secondly because the Moon opposes the Sun-Jupiter conjunction. Don’t forget, Mercury is the sign of the TWINS and we need to think twice before reacting or making a major decision!

Jupiter is now in his home sign, potentially lording it over everyone as he’s conjoined with the Sun. We may feel up against brilliant minds, zealots, crusaders. Someone is getting evangelical about what they believe and maybe we feel torn. It’s true that there may also be a sense of buzzing potential around this time. Big ideas, big promises – we’re talking big! But there could also be the potential for going too far, agreeing to too much, promising more than we have to give.

Full Moon in Gemin

Mars in Pisces creates squares to the Moon-Sun opposition and is still square to Jupiter. This gives us a T-square pattern, and everything is falling on our inner warrior’s shoulders. The problem is that Mars in Pisces doesn’t really want to do anything but float, drink wine and sleep. Our inner warrior is resting, happily drunk as a skunk (bear in mind the square the extravagant Jupiter!) and some part of us just wants to run away or escape. Given that Mercury is also square to Mars, we could find ourselves split, with one half arguing with the other about what to do or where to go.

As well as Mars being in Pisces, Mercury is also square to nebulous Neptune. Things are confusing right now. There could be distraction tactics going on. Information is distorted. We’re doing wishful thinking, carried away on a wing and a prayer. However, if we look to the positive side of these placements, we see that the best way to avoid overwhelm is to rest for a while. meditate, pray. We need to get comfortable perhaps with doing nothing despite the pressure to act NOW.

The Sabian symbol of this Full Moon is :-

A Glass-Bottomed Boat Reveals Undersea Wonders

Perhaps we’re back to Mars having one drink too many! This Sabian seems apt for talking about what we can see through the bottom of a glass! However, the main interpretation of this symbol is to look more deeply. Gemini is famed for skimming the surface but right now, we need to go beyond what we think we know. It also helps to be transparent. We need to be honest with ourselves and others about the opinions we hold, the thoughts we have.

Let go of any idea that you need to act quickly to take advantage of what seems to be on offer now. It’s possible that great opportunities could come with some hidden clauses. You don’t need to push to get the result you need. The tide will turn of its own accord.

Working in our favour is a flowing Grand Trine between the Sun, Chiron and the North Node. It’s out of sign as the Sun is in Sagittarius but still, there is a soothing and comforting backdrop behind all the noise. The Moon sextiles both the North Node and Chiron. It’s about tuning out all the clamouring and pontificating and turning within because this is where the medicine is. Inside is the inner shaman, waiting to reconnect our warring halves and make sense of ambiguity.

Painting – ‘The sisters Schwartz’ by Anders Zorn