December 2018 Astrology Forecast

We begin December with Mercury retrograde re-entering Scorpio on December 1. This sign has already seen a lot of action this year with the Venus retrograde here. It seems then, as though the universe would like us to spend some time contemplating issues connected to fear, sexuality, intimacy, and deep bonding. Mercury in Scorpio is something of a detective, diving for the truth laying at the bottom of Scorpio’s dark pool. In my mind’s eye, I see a woman scrying using the reflection of the waters. Maybe we’ve experienced a ghost of an idea, a nudge that there’s more to know – and so Mercury dives in, hunting for the facts.

Venus comes to join in on December 2, also re-entering Scorpio but unlike Mercury, she is in forward motion. She has already helped us to recognise what is valuable in these hidden depths. Relationships intensify again and there may be the feeling that we are covering the same ground as before. But now we have insights that weren’t available to us back in September when Venus first visited this sign. With Chiron also trine the North Node on this date, it’s clear that some old wounds have been cleansed and bandaged. Now that pain has been alleviated, we are ready to continue with our soul journey and life lessons.

Mercury stations direct on December 6, finally ending the relay race of six months of retrogrades. We’re here. We reached the finish line! What have you learned? Look back to June this year and consider how things have changed – how you have changed. This has been a powerful year for reconnecting with our true motivations and values and consequently rethinking opinions, ideas and decisions.

The New Moon in visionary Sagittarius on December 7 asks us to look to the future and begin new adventures however the squares to Mars and Neptune could be like a mirage on the horizon. We need to be certain that we’re not chasing rainbows before we set out. Mars perfects the conjunction to Neptune on the same day encouraging us to have imagination when it comes to our goals but also to let our intuition guide our actions.

Chiron stations direct in Pisces on December 9 signalling that the Wounded Healer is almost finished with his journey through this sign. Our collective pain may be more obvious around this time and we may be more sensitive to the suffering of those who have fallen by the wayside in this materialistic world. In our personal lives, we are coming to the end of a period where we have had to come to terms with broken dreams and learned to accept that some wounds cannot be healed. Chiron in Pisces has asked all of us at some level to question where our faith has been shaken and where we have felt disconnected from the divinity within. Essentially, the key to healing with Chiron in Pisces is transcendence. We can go beyond suffering when we accept the parts of ourselves that were hidden and rejected.

Mercury direct re-enters Sagittarius on December 12 and once again we are covering ground where we have wandered before but this time we’re likely to feel clearer about our destination. Sometimes judgementalism can be a problem with this transit but hopefully by now, we have a better grasp of the big picture. Once we reach December 15, that ‘big picture’ viewpoint is going to helpful given that Uranus and Neptune will make the fourth in a series of five semi-squares. When these two met in 1993, they were both in the sign of Capricorn. Technical Uranus and imaginative Neptune can certainly come up with some amazing inventions but we have reached a point where we must test ideas to see whether they are truly workable. Also, as I mentioned in TMA back in the October/November 2017 edition, “Technological innovation must be met with spiritual advancement.”. Reading about how much investment is going into augmented and virtual reality, it seems we are barrelling towards these unlimited possibilities. But there is also the potential that we are taking ourselves into a direction with unforeseeable consequences, given the unpredictable nature of Uranus and the uncertainty of Neptune. The First Quarter Moon in Pisces also on December 15 seems to echo these topics of thought and discussion. The Moon in Pisces is open to suggestion, flexible, malleable, intuitive but the Sun in Sagittarius needs a direction to let his arrow fly. Both signs are ruled by Jupiter so there is optimism and hope, but we may need to address moral quandary’s that challenge our beliefs.

Mars sextile Pluto on December 17 however is fortifying. It seems we are recovering our strength. We feel stronger, more decided, more empowered. We have the courage to change things and an opportunity to renew our motivation. As Venus exits the shadow zone from her retrograde on December 18, relationships seem to be marked for increased passion and focused desire. This would be the perfect time to attract what we want into our lives.

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, heralding the turn of the pagan wheel and the change of season. We are now at winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. It is time to honour the light of the Sun as it returns to those of us in the North and reaches its zenith to those in the South. It catches my attention that Mercury will also meet Jupiter on this date too imbuing the solstice with big ideas, far reaching conversations and a global outlook.

A Full Moon in Cancer on December 22 is challenged by squares to both Chiron and Mars. Part of us might want to retreat into our shell but painful conflicts cannot be left unattended. We need to challenge our insecurities and look to where past experience has coloured our perceptions and altered our goals. The Moon’s sextile to Uranus suggests we change our habitual responses.

Mercury exits the shadow zone on December 24 although we may still need to watch Mercury’s square to Neptune which occurs on December 25. Those who like to have a Christmas tipple may find themselves blurting out more than intended. Loose tongues can either make for plenty of bubbly giggles or some confusing or even upsetting words.

Mars’s trine to the North Node on December 27 recovers our composure and sends us marching off in the right direction. Jupiter’s semi-square to Saturn also on this date asks us to remain optimistic in the face of challenges. With both planets in their own signs, we are strong enough to maintain our faith even in the face of difficulties.

Mars finally joins up with Chiron on December 29. This is a challenging combination on the face of it as Mars dislikes feeling vulnerable. But sometimes we need to let down our guard. This aspect asks that we stop fighting our weaknesses and instead recognise we can turn them into strengths. Working at its best, Mars gives us the courage to face pain and to reconcile parts of ourselves that have been lost. With the Last Quarter Moon in Libra also on this date, inner balance in more important that material ambitions.

Painting – ‘Christmas tree bargain’ by Boris Kustodiev

December 2018 Major Aspects

01-Dec-18VenusoppositeUranus02:12:5429°Li09′ D29°Ar09′ R
01-Dec-18PlutoconjunctBlack Moon Lilith09:52:0019°Cp38′ D19°Cp38′ D
01-Dec-18Mercuryre-entersScorpio11:11:5300°Sg00′ R00°Sg00′ D
01-Dec-18MercurysextileVesta14:13:5829°Sc52′ R29°Cp52′ D
01-Dec-18VestaentersAquarius20:39:0700°Aq00′ D00°Aq00′ D
02-Dec-18VenusentersScorpio17:01:3500°Sc00′ D00°Sc00′ D
02-Dec-18South NodeconjunctBlack Moon Lilith23:28:3927°Cp55′ R27°Cp55′ D
02-Dec-18ChirontrineNorth Node23:37:4127°Pi55′ R27°Cn55′ R
03-Dec-18SunsquareMars00:34:0810°Sg46′ D10°Pi46′ D
04-Dec-18MercurytrineChiron05:52:4627°Sc54′ R27°Pi54′ R
04-Dec-18SunsextilePallas08:38:0312°Sg07′ D12°Li07′ D
04-Dec-18MercurytrineNorth Node16:40:2627°Sc42′ R27°Cn42′ R
05-Dec-18SunsquareNeptune22:21:3713°Sg43′ D13°Pi43′ D
06-Dec-18VenussquareVesta04:27:3002°Sc01′ D02°Aq01′ D
06-Dec-18Mercury stations direct21:21:5927°Sc16′ D
07-Dec-18New Moon in Sagittarius07:20:1515°Sg07′ D15°Sg07′ D
07-Dec-18MarsconjunctNeptune14:11:0413°Pi44′ D13°Pi44′ D
07-Dec-18MercurytrineNorth Node16:30:0027°Sc19′ D27°Cn19′ R
09-Dec-18Chiron stations direct07:52:0927°Pi53′ D
09-Dec-18MercurytrineChiron16:07:0527°Sc53′ D27°Pi53′ D
12-Dec-18MercuryentersSagittarius23:42:3300°Sg00′ D00°Sg00′ D
14-Dec-18NeptunetrineCeres01:18:0313°Pi47′ D13°Sc47′ D
15-Dec-18UranusSemisquareNeptune11:11:2128°Ar48′ R13°Pi48′ D
15-Dec-18First Quarter Moon in Pisces11:49:0923°Pi26′ D23°Sg26′ D
16-Dec-18VenussextileSaturn14:26:2209°Sc34′ D09°Cp34′ D
17-Dec-18MarssextilePluto06:57:0520°Pi06′ D20°Cp06′ D
17-Dec-18MarssextileJuno21:04:4620°Pi30′ D20°Ta30′ R
19-Dec-18SunsquareChiron22:02:2327°Sg56′ D27°Pi56′ D
20-Dec-18SuntrineUranus16:21:3228°Sg43′ D28°Ar43′ R
21-Dec-18MercurysextileVesta14:21:5509°Sg24′ D09°Aq24′ D
21-Dec-18VenustrineNeptune17:11:1813°Sc53′ D13°Pi53′ D
21-Dec-18MercuryconjunctJupiter17:36:5309°Sg34′ D09°Sg34′ D
21-Dec-18SunentersCapricorn22:22:3800°Cp00′ D00°Cp00′ D
22-Dec-18JupitersextileVesta03:23:2809°Sg39′ D09°Aq39′ D
22-Dec-18Full Moon in Cancer17:48:2900°Cn49′ D00°Cp49′ D
23-Dec-18South NodeconjunctBlack Moon Lilith15:47:5926°Cp51′ R26°Cp51′ R
23-Dec-18PlutotrineJuno20:04:3820°Cp19′ D20°Ta19′ R
24-Dec-18Juno stations direct02:55:0020°Ta19′ D
25-Dec-18MercurysquareNeptune00:31:5913°Sg57′ D13°Pi57′ D
26-Dec-18PlutoconjunctBlack Moon Lilith21:45:0620°Cp25′ D20°Cp25′ R
27-Dec-18MarstrineNorth Node11:19:3826°Pi53′ D26°Cn53′ D
27-Dec-18VenusconjunctCeres15:05:1119°Sc17′ D19°Sc17′ D
27-Dec-18JupiterSemisextileSaturn19:17:3610°Sg52′ D10°Cp52′ D
28-Dec-18PlutosquarePallas11:35:2720°Cp28′ D20°Li28′ D
28-Dec-18VenusoppositeJuno19:55:0220°Sc25′ D20°Ta25′ D
28-Dec-18VenussextilePluto21:30:5820°Sc29′ D20°Cp29′ D
29-Dec-18MarsconjunctChiron05:40:5028°Pi04′ D28°Pi04′ D
29-Dec-18Last Quarter Moon in Libra09:34:1207°Li36′ D07°Cp36′ D
29-Dec-18MercurysextilePallas23:39:5420°Sg55′ D20°Li55′ D
30-Dec-18JunooppositeCeres19:04:0720°Ta31′ D20°Sc31′ D
30-Dec-18PlutosextileCeres20:38:2120°Cp33′ D20°Sc33′ D
31-Dec-18PlutoconjunctBlack Moon Lilith07:30:4720°Cp34′ D20°Cp34′ D
31-Dec-18PlutotrineJuno12:48:2120°Cp34′ D20°Ta34′ D