January 2019 Astrology Forecast

a-dream.jpgLargeJanuary starts as it means to go on with Mars entering home sign Aries on January 1. After paddling around in Pisces for the past two months, Mars will no doubt be relieved to get back onto dry land! This transit is a perfect kick start to the year, giving us all the motivation and courage needed to go after our goals. Those who have New Year resolutions may find it easier to stick to their guns and for all of us, somewhere in our lives, there’s a burning desire to get things moving. Mars will be in Aries for 6 weeks until mid-February, so we have plenty of time to spring forwards. As with every transit, there is always a shadow side so what we need to watch during this time is a tendency to push TOO hard. Mars in Aries can be one track, seeing only what it wants, never mind who or what gets in the way. Whilst it’s great for getting stuck into a challenge, some may become confrontational if they don’t get their way. Conflicts arise when we don’t take into account how our actions can affect others (the opposite sign to Aries is Libra). It’s good to bite the bullet, show initiative and be independent but not at the expense of our relationships.

Mercury’s entry into Capricorn on January 5 is a stabilising influence and slows down our thoughts. We may be more serious-minded during this transit but it’s perfect for constructing a plan and approaching ideas with due consideration. Mars might want to pile in and get the job done but Mercury in Capricorn puts out a hand and says ‘wait’. Capricorn is Mars’s sign of exaltation, so he might just listen. When Mercury is in Capricorn, we might find it harder to talk about our feelings but any conversations we have are taken seriously. Capricorn adds authority to the voice and suggests it’s easier for us all to listen to one another. We might not be as experimental as we have been, preferring tried and tested ways of doing things, but that’s okay. Sometimes it’s best to stick with what we know. We’re probably thinking more about work, career and responsibilities, so it would be useful to use this time to consider our objectives for the year ahead. Avoid getting into a heavy, negative mindset. Don’t think you have to climb a mountain in one day. Break down big tasks into bite-sized pieces.

We are heading straight into eclipse season too with a solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 6. This is the first of four Capricorn eclipses (two solar, two lunar) that will occur between now and July 2020. As this is a South Node eclipse, we can anticipate that what is revealed now will let us know what structures/limitations need to be released. Check back to January 2011 as there was a solar eclipse just two degrees away from this one. It may give you an idea of the themes raised during this eclipse period.

Also, on January 6, Uranus stations direct and for the first time in what seems like FOREVER, we have all planets in forward motion! “Onwards march”, shouts Mars in Aries! Uranus retrograde may have shaken us up at times but it’s been a necessary process to free us from restrictions. Anxiety and fear of the future give way to a new-found freedom where we can express ourselves uniquely.

Venus enters Sagittarius on January 7. Now she too is really digging the freedom vibe! After last year’s retrograde in Scorpio/Libra, the promise of new adventures and wide-open places has been a long time coming! No doubt, we all feel like kicking up our heels! Venus in Sagittarius denotes a time when we enjoy going into different environments. Whether we’re travelling or taking an art class, it’s good to feel inspired again. In relationships too, we’re more relaxed although for some, it may seem too relaxed as Venus doesn’t want to be tied down. Sometimes commitment can be an issue but if we can go with the flow of fun and frolics then this can be an enjoyable period.

The first of three squares between Jupiter and Neptune occurs on January 13. This, along with Saturn’s sextile to Neptune is going to be the defining feature of 2019. Jupiter square to Neptune amplifies spirituality, compassion, unconditional love. It also means an increase in the lost and forgotten, a magnification of confusion and uncertainty. Nothing feels solid, everything feels messy. It’s addiction and addictive, the great escape. It’s funny because as I write today (December 14, 2018), I have just seen a news item that says there is a spike in people Googling the meaning of the word ‘nebulous’. It’s a perfect description of Jupiter square Neptune.

The cosmic help we have on hand though is the sextile between Saturn and Neptune – the first occurring on January 31. Saturn sextile Neptune invites us to build our dreams. We can’t just dream it, we have to do it. We have to take responsibility for those who have fallen through the cracks. We can’t just Pollyanna through our days, positive thinking ourselves to paradise. The danger of Jupiter square Neptune is high hopes that come crashing down. Saturn reminds us that we must do the work – but he’s there on hand to help.

On January 20 the Sun enters Aquarius lifting spirits still further and really playing on the freedom vibe that reverberates through the month. With the dreamy Jupiter-Neptune square in the background and Venus living it up in Sagittarius, we’re likely to be thinking strongly of the future. It’s harder to just be present with what is. During this time, what is also illuminated is the group, the network, the higher mind. We need to connect but we also need to leave egos behind. Aquarius is a sign of teamwork.

On January 21, we have the next and final eclipse for this season – a lunar eclipse on the very edge of Leo. This is the last of the Leo eclipses. Think back to what you have learned over the past two years since the Leo eclipses began in February 2017. What have you discovered about your creativity, your ability to shine, your confidence? One final piece of the puzzle takes shape during this lunation, ready to be embodied and enacted.

The challenge during this eclipse is that Mars square Saturn also occurs on January 21 which could feel like someone just slammed on the brakes. If something stops us in our tracks, then maybe we are going too fast. Mars square Saturn suggests some caution is needed so that we don’t run head first into trouble. Patience is the best approach.

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 24, giving a mental lift and bringing mind in line with heart. Mercury in Aquarius blows away mental cobwebs and asks us to think outside of the box. Whereas before, we stuck with what we knew, now it’s time to try something different. Look up new information, turn the conversation around. Change the way you communicate with others. This is the hive mind at its best. At worst, as this is a fixed sign, we can also be curiously stuck in our opinion. It’s good to keep an open mind.

Mars trines Jupiter on January 25 so after the sudden slow down, we start rolling once again. This aspect is big on action and increases energy levels. With growing confidence, we can take advantage of the best opportunities available to us. As Saturn sextiles Neptune on January 31 as mentioned above, we seem to have the perfect mix of planetary inspiration to really start work on creating our vision.

Happy New Year!

January 2019 Astrology Forecast Major Aspects

01-Jan-19MarsentersAries02:19:4800°Ar00′ D00°Ar00′ D
01-Jan-19South NodeconjunctBlack Moon Lilith20:16:0726°Cp50′ R26°Cp50′ D
02-Jan-19SunconjunctSaturn05:49:2411°Cp31′ D11°Cp31′ D
03-Jan-19MercurysquareChiron22:41:3028°Sg11′ D28°Pi11′ D
04-Jan-19MercurytrineUranus05:12:5128°Sg36′ D28°Ar36′ R
04-Jan-19VenustrineNorth Node06:41:4426°Sc45′ D26°Cn45′ R
04-Jan-19SunsextileNeptune19:56:4914°Cp09′ D14°Pi09′ D
05-Jan-19MercuryentersCapricorn03:39:4300°Cp00′ D00°Cp00′ D
05-Jan-19VenustrineChiron18:00:2128°Sc14′ D28°Pi14′ D
06-Jan-19Solar Eclipse in Capricorn01:28:0415°Cp25′ D
06-Jan-19Uranus stations Direct20:26:1928°Ar36′ D
07-Jan-19VenusentersSagittarius11:17:5400°Sg00′ D00°Sg00′ D
08-Jan-19MercurysquareMars10:04:4704°Cp55′ D04°Ar55′ D
11-Jan-19SunconjunctPluto11:38:1120°Cp56′ D20°Cp56′ D
12-Jan-19SuntrineJuno13:08:3722°Cp01′ D22°Ta01′ D
13-Jan-19MercuryconjunctSaturn13:30:5712°Cp51′ D12°Cp51′ D
13-Jan-19JupitersquareNeptune18:58:0014°Sg22′ D14°Pi22′ D
14-Jan-19First Quarter Moon in Aries06:45:2523°Ar47′ D23°Cp47′ D
14-Jan-19MercurysextileNeptune13:13:0914°Cp24′ D14°Pi24′ D
15-Jan-19SunsquarePallas20:15:2025°Cp23′ D25°Li23′ D
16-Jan-19CerestrineNorth Node11:03:4126°Sc46′ D26°Cn46′ R
17-Jan-19SunconjunctSouth Node04:54:3826°Cp46′ D26°Cp46′ D
17-Jan-19SunsextileCeres14:32:4727°Cp10′ D27°Sc10′ D
18-Jan-19VenustrineMars16:49:1911°Sg53′ D11°Ar53′ D
18-Jan-19MercuryconjunctPluto20:03:1721°Cp11′ D21°Cp11′ D
19-Jan-19SunsextileChiron00:56:5928°Cp38′ D28°Pi38′ D
19-Jan-19SunsquareUranus01:30:3328°Cp39′ D28°Ar39′ D
20-Jan-19MercurytrineJuno07:43:4723°Cp35′ D23°Ta35′ D
20-Jan-19SunentersAquarius08:59:2700°Aq00′ D00°Aq00′ D
21-Jan-19VenussquareNeptune04:14:5614°Sg35′ D14°Pi35′ D
21-Jan-19Lunar Eclipse in Leo05:15:5900°Le51′ D00°Aq51′ D
21-Jan-19MarssquareSaturn11:47:3813°Ar46′ D13°Cp46′ D
22-Jan-19ChirontrineCeres02:07:5128°Pi45′ D28°Sc45′ D
22-Jan-19MercurysquarePallas05:57:2026°Cp43′ D26°Li43′ D
22-Jan-19MercuryconjunctSouth Node06:47:4926°Cp46′ D26°Cp46′ R
22-Jan-19VenusconjunctJupiter12:25:4416°Sg03′ D16°Sg03′ D
22-Jan-19PallassquareNorth Node12:59:1826°Li46′ D26°Cn46′ R
23-Jan-19MercurysquareUranus11:13:0328°Cp43′ D28°Ar43′ D
23-Jan-19MercurysextileChiron12:28:1128°Cp48′ D28°Pi48′ D
23-Jan-19MercurysextileCeres20:29:1329°Cp21′ D29°Sc21′ D
24-Jan-19MercuryentersAquarius05:49:1400°Aq00′ D00°Aq00′ D
24-Jan-19SunconjunctBlack Moon Lilith13:30:1004°Aq15′ D04°Aq15′ R
25-Jan-19MercuryconjunctBlack Moon Lilith11:02:3202°Aq01′ D02°Aq01′ R
25-Jan-19MarstrineJupiter17:53:0516°Ar39′ D16°Sg39′ D
25-Jan-19CeresentersSagittarius18:04:5600°Sg00′ D00°Sg00′ D
27-Jan-19Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio21:10:1407°Sc38′ D07°Aq38′ D
30-Jan-19UranussextileVesta02:40:0928°Ar50′ D28°Aq50′ D
30-Jan-19SunconjunctMercury02:51:3309°Aq54′ D09°Aq54′ D
31-Jan-19SaturnsextileNeptune14:14:5014°Cp54′ D14°Pi54′ D

Painting – ‘The Dream’ by David Burliuk