Lunar Eclipse in Leo January 2019 – Star Crossed

rainbow-1929The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 05:15 on January 21, 2019 at 00°Le51′.

The lunar eclipse is the star of the show on zero degrees of Leo. This is both a last hurrah and a beginning of something special. The first degree of Leo is all glitz and glamour, brilliant, shining, a smile to end all smiles! Yet this is a total eclipse so momentarily, the smile could slip. If we’re pretending to be happy when we’re not, the eclipse could reveal the reality of our situation. The cosmos invites us to come back to ourselves, to shine as we are – not who we think we should be to please the audience.

This is the last of the Leo eclipses. The first occurred back in February 2017. Think back to what you have learned since that time. In some aspect of our lives, we have all been encouraged to be more confident, to step up onto life’s stage, to take a risk. Now we see the results of those actions.

Lunar Eclipse in Leo

The Moon is in a tight but out of sign square to unpredictable Uranus so there may be some surprises in store. These revolutionary vibrations compel us to free up time and energy for personal pursuits. But Uranus is opposing Pallas in Libra, so we are also required to work with others, to partner up, find agreement, keep our balance, deal with our differences. Pallas in Libra is the ultimate diplomat, Uranus in Aries, not so much! Somehow, we need to find a way to express our inner rebel without breaking ties. We need to shine without taking away someone else’s light. We are all special in the eyes of the Gods, all unique. If we are true to our hearts and playful with life, then this could be a bold awakening. Pallas offers wisdom, a battle plan, a clever strategy that could put us at the top of our game if we’re willing to compromise. Think – what is out of balance? Where I have been holding back? What needs to change or be upgraded for me to be the best version of myself? The Moon is also in a wide out of sign opposition to Mercury so what we think, and feel are at odds. We need to acknowledge any surge of emotions around this time, even if they take us by surprise.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is :-

Blood Rushes To A Man’s Head As His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under The Spur Of Ambition.

For some this could be a rush of anger, boiling point, alarm bells ringing. If so, take your cue from the universe to acknowledge the problem. For others, this is rising passion, desire, the dream of something better. It’s inspiring!

As well as being in a Grand Cross, the eclipsed Moon is also part of a Thor’s hammer pattern with Venus-Jupiter and Neptune. A Thor’s hammer pattern requires the gentle touch because we can push too hard under its influence.

Venus and Neptune will square one another on the same day as the eclipse, activating the Jupiter-Neptune square and putting a soft focus on all that we see. It’s like a classic romance movie where we long to be one of the star-crossed lovers. It’s fairy-tale stuff for sure and with Mars square Saturn also on eclipse day, we could all be feeling like we need a little magic! The problem is that the great big rainbow arching over this eclipse will fade. It’s up to us to put the colour and meaning into our lives rather than to wait for someone else to wave a magic wand.

Painting ‘Rainbow’ by Martiros Sarian