New Moon in Aquarius February 2019 – You’re Hired!

portrait-of-a-businessman-k-artsybushev.jpg!PortraitThe New Moon occurs at 21:03 (UT), February 4, 2019 at 15°Aq45′.

With this lunation taking place in the global 11th house, it features new starts in connection with groups, friends, networks, political alliances, humanitarian causes, future plans and technology. Aquarius is a sign associated with innovation and change. Typically, it’s a sign that brings something different to the table. Under Aquarius influence we’re encouraged to think outside of the box and express our individuality. Aquarius upgrades, innovates, invents because progress is what is important. We can’t stay stuck. We must move forwards.

The New Moon is on the midpoint between the recent Saturn-Neptune sextile. It suggests then that this lunation will help us to access the best this aspect has to offer. We are being encouraged to build our dreams and manifest imaginative potential but to do this, we need to be brave enough to take a radical stance and trust our unique vision.


The New Moon is also conjunct Mercury. Mercury is also conjoined with witchy Black Moon Lilith, bringing her into the conversation. Mercury is about communication and Lilith knows the name of God. Words have power around this time. Use that mantra, incantation or affirmation! Speak your truth! Lilith also has no qualms about drawing the line at what isn’t right for her. For some, it’s possible that a ‘no’ to opportunities that don’t fit is enough to start things moving again. To hell with convention! says Lilith. Let’s do it differently!

Even though we might feel that things are getting shaken up by revolutionary new ideas, the New Moon’s sextile to Jupiter blesses any willingness to explore new possibilities. A little adventurousness could serve us well during this time. We also benefit from studying, reading, travelling and consulting archetypal systems such as the tarot and astrology. Sometimes it helps to distance ourselves from what we are looking at to ensure we have the correct perspective.

Whilst Aquarius is associated with being cool and detached, this Moon has extra emotional kick given that Mars is heading towards a conjunction with modern Aquarius ruler Uranus. Old Aquarius ruler Saturn too has just entered a dance with intense Pluto. It feels like there is an urgent desire to complete a task or change in our lives because we know that there is heavy work ahead and we need to be prepared.

There’s also Chiron, hanging out at the end of Pisces, swimming with all his strength to get to dry land. Some of us could feel out of our depth, afraid of rejection or just tired of treading water. We need to follow Aquarius’s advice, take a breath, stay objective. That way we can tap into the best this chart has to offer.

The Sabian symbol of the New Moon is :-

A Big Businessman At His Desk

It’s time to get our lives in order. We need to make big decisions with confidence and have the commitment to carry them forward. Sometimes, the people who are most successful are the ones who think outside of the box, yet they also know how to play the system to their advantage. This symbol isn’t about screwing people over – although of course that is the shadow side. It’s about knowing what you want, taking calculated risks, working overtime to make it happen. The big businessman reminds us that the buck stops here. Keep your cool. You’ve GOT this.

Painting ‘Portrait of a Businessman K. Artsybushev’ by Mikhail Vrubel