Full Moon in Virgo February 2019 – The Art of Life

The Full Moon occurs at 15:53 (UT) on February 19, 2019 at 00°Vi42′.

This is an interesting lunation as it takes place on 0 degrees of Virgo. Zero degrees are about beginnings, yet Full Moons bring things to a conclusion. So, we have a decision, crisis or resolution that involves a new beginning. Our attention is on details, so we might want to tweak our health regime or schedule to make life run more smoothly. Perhaps we want to up our skillset to get a better job or to be of service to the world in other ways. Whatever the drive, there is the potential to make significant improvements by taking one step at a time.

As the Moon opposes the Sun in nebulous Pisces, the challenge is that life does not always run the way we would like it to. We can’t plan for every eventuality. Pisces is the clause in the insurance term that says, ‘except for acts of God’. This can leave Virgo flustered because it’s trying to make everything perfect. The more we try to manifest heaven on Earth or the more stuck we get on the ideal, the greater our potential for feeling like everything is one big mess. It isn’t a mess, it’s just life. We need to ebb and flow like the ocean and trust that we can adjust to whatever life brings.

This Moon however is well supported. Firstly, the Moon is acting as mediator between the critical degree opposition between Uranus and Pallas. That tug of war is ongoing but at least now emotionally we’re beginning to see that there IS a way round it. We can find common ground, despite our differences. The Moon’s trine to Uranus suggests we’re open to finding alternative methods that might help us to complete tasks. Yes, there is a feeling of urgency that comes from Uranus on this final degree of Aries, but it’s become motivating rather than anxiety provoking.  The sextile to Pallas brings in creative thinking and the ability to work together. Luna also trines Mars bolstering energy levels and bringing some muscle into the equation. Mars offers us the will to achieve our objectives.

Full Moon Feb19

It’s also worth noting that the rulers of the lights – Mercury and Neptune, have just made a conjunction on the same date as the Full Moon. Whilst this means that we need to work more on intuition than on facts, the suggestion is that something is coming together, despite the challenges. If we do get stuck, the best thing to do is to let go and let God instead of stressing. Work with what you can, leave the rest. This message is reiterated by a conjunction between asteroid Undina and the Moon. Undina was named after a water spirit so there is certainly a watery, emotional overtone to this lunation. Swim with the tide instead of against it. Trust your instincts.

Note that Chiron, freshly ingressed into Aries, will quincunx this Full Moon. At times we might find ourselves thinking that we’ll never get the work done, it’s an impossible task or that too much is broken for it to be fixed. And yet the quincunx often requires that we keep going, despite conflicted feelings. We’re never going to fully reconcile it. It’s about holding space for those impressions whilst not allowing them to dictate what we do or don’t do.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is :-

In A Portrait, The Significant Features Of A Man’s Head Are Artistically Emphasized

This Sabian suggests that we are looking for ways to enhance our lives. What we see depends on our perspective. We can either choose to lament the worst or choose to make the best of what we have. When we look at life through the eyes of an artist, everything becomes beautiful, even if it isn’t perfect.

Painting – ‘Self Portrait as an Artist’ by Vincent van Gogh