March 2019 Astrology Forecast

March is a busy month in the cosmic calendar. On March 1, Venus enters Aquarius, bringing a friendlier but detached vibe in relationships. As this is an air sign, we need to make a mental connection. Politics may matter more, becoming either the glue that sticks us together or the issue that marks our differences. Sometimes people think of this sign as cold, and yes it can be. Tick of Venus and she’ll switch off like a light switch. But when a relationship is working, Aquarius is loyal and committed – remember Saturn is the co-ruler of this sign. Detached doesn’t have to mean unloving. On the high side, detachment can allow partners room to grow and space to breathe.

On March 5, we have the first Mercury retrograde of the year. This retrograde will take place in Pisces so we will be exploring the turbulent territory of our deep unconscious mind. Mercury can struggle in this sign because what is felt here can often defy words. In the mundane world, we may struggle to know what is real and not real. ‘Fake news’ may be even more of a thing! It’s difficult to know what is truth and what is lies. And yet also, this could be a beautiful retrograde because it leads us into a place of silence where the inner voice can finally be heard. If we can let go of demanding clear answers, we can go soul diving into the pool of the collective unconscious and allow our imagination to tell us healing stories. Write down your dreams!

Uranus completes his mission in Aries and enters Taurus on March 6. We now begin a new chapter where old practices are changed to allow for new growth. It’s not an easy relationship as Taurus is a stick-in-the-mud, preferring to take the familiar, well known path that assures security. But now, the cosmos suggests, we have become too stuck. Our values need to change, as does the way we use our resources. I note that school children in the UK have just protested about climate change just as this transit is coming into view. Taurus is the ground we walk on so we can anticipate that our relationship with the Earth herself needs to change with revolutionary Uranus here. I wrote a big article on my website about this transit so you can read more about it here. For all of us, there will be a part of our lives that has got too comfortable that needs a big overhaul. It may not be easy but ultimately it will give us room to grow something new and valuable in our lives or discover a resource that we weren’t utilising effectively.

The New Moon in Pisces is also on March 6 so this is a powerful day in the skies. This New Moon will be conjunct Neptune and square Jupiter so there are big dreams, a great escape, wanderlust. Maybe we want to drift off somewhere lovely and forget about all this nonsense that’s going on. But the Moon is also sextile to Saturn, anchoring us in place. A sextile to Mars also suggests that we can do something with these big dreams, wishes and hopes that threaten to overwhelm us.

Mars will continue to interact with the Saturn-Neptune sextile, forming a sextile to Neptune on March 10 and a trine to Saturn on March 14. Yes, there is a chance here to do something constructive. These aspects bring out the spiritual warrior in all of us. Bearing in mind the Mercury retrograde through Pisces, it reiterates the message that we need to be listening to the subtext. We need silence. Because that’s when we can understand our mission and define what it is that we want to do. Mars trine Saturn is great for building muscle and confidence and just getting the job done. It might be dirty work, but Mars trine Saturn is going to accomplish what he sets out to do. If you have some unpleasant tasks that you’ve been putting off, drawing on this energy can help you to tackle it. The First Quarter Moon is also on March 14, so this is the first test, the first push since the ethereal New Moon in Pisces. Squares require action. With the Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Pisces, the challenge is that we could feel unsure of whether we’re making the right decisions. Sometimes we can only work with the information we have. Intuition and faith can fill in the blanks.

The Sun enters Aries on March 20, taking us back to the beginning again, of the zodiac. This is also Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and International Astrology Day! It’s helpful that we have Aries ruler Mars in a trine to Pluto today as well because this will fortify the ingress chart as well as us. As Chiron is still in the early degrees of Aries, the conjunction between the Sun and Chiron suggests we may be struggling with motivation issues and feeling weakened by our wounds. But generally, this is the time of year to initiate projects that have been waiting for our attention and sow new seeds for the astrological year ahead. Aries asks that we are bold, brave and willing to go after what we want.

On March 21, we have a Full Moon in Libra which will take place on 0 degrees of this partnership-orientated sign. It means that we will also have a second Full Moon in Libra this year which will take place in April on the 29th degree of this sign. Both the Libra Full Moons this year then are on critical degrees. New agreements are struck (0 degrees) and old partnerships are released or come to crisis point (29 degrees). These are interesting dynamics, especially in the political arena right now with things being as tense as they are! Diplomacy is certainly going to require some careful handling with these hot degrees involved!

As Mars sextiles the North Node on March 22, we are made aware that the actions we take around this time have an opportunity to open doors. This is an evolutionary aspect that invites courage. Follow your passion!

Venus moves into Pisces, the sign of her exaltation on March 26. The situation around our relationships, values and money becomes fluid. This can be a dreamy time as it opens hearts and allows for the flow of unconditional love. Some however could find love affairs become confusing or money slips through our fingers. Lines and boundaries become blurred. Still, if there have been problems, it’s much easier to forgive and forget. Make sweet music with your honey, play with colouring pencils, visit an art gallery, practice metta meditation. This is a gentle, empathic transit that work well for creative and spiritual unfolding.

The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn squares the Aries Sun on March 28. Now we must attend to last minute business in this lunar month. What we need now is to work with what we have even though the Sun in Aries yearns to start something new! The biggest message is ‘finish what you start’. On this date too, Mercury stations direct so we’re feeling a little wobbly and distracted anyway. The fog is clearing, and things will start to move forwards again shortly but it’s best we ground ourselves in practical tasks and responsibilities (Capricorn Moon) during what might be a disorientating time.

At the end of the month, Mars enters Gemini on March 31 which fires up the mind but possibly scatters focus. Yes, we might be able to multitask better during this transit, but often multi-tasking can mean that nothing gets completed. But this is the perfect time to be brainstorming ideas, gathering books, speed reading, speaking your mind and giving a speech. At least after all the Piscean muddles this month, this transit might help clear the air and give us clear information to work with.

Painting – ‘Blossoming branch in a vase’ by David Burliuk

01-Mar-19VenussquareUranus12:31:4729°Cp47′ D29°Ar47′ D
01-Mar-19VenusentersAquarius16:45:1500°Aq00′ D00°Aq00′ D
02-Mar-19VenussextileChiron05:55:3100°Aq38′ D00°Ar38′ D
05-Mar-19Mercury stations retrograde18:18:3729°Pi38′ R
06-Mar-19NeptuneconjunctVesta01:06:5916°Pi07′ D16°Pi07′ D
06-Mar-19UranusentersTaurus08:26:5400°Ta00′ D00°Ta00′ D
06-Mar-19New Moon in Pisces16:03:5215°Pi47′ D15°Pi47′ D
07-Mar-19SunconjunctNeptune00:59:4316°Pi09′ D16°Pi09′ D
07-Mar-19SunconjunctVesta22:12:1217°Pi02′ D17°Pi02′ D
09-Mar-19SunsextileSaturn07:10:0218°Pi25′ D18°Cp25′ D
10-Mar-19MarssextileNeptune16:19:4816°Ta17′ D16°Pi17′ D
10-Mar-19SaturnsextileVesta23:48:5218°Cp32′ D18°Pi32′ D
11-Mar-19VenustrineJuno00:14:1711°Aq03′ D11°Ge03′ D
11-Mar-19VenussextileCeres13:54:5911°Aq44′ D11°Sg44′ D
13-Mar-19SunsextilePluto14:29:0222°Pi43′ D22°Cp43′ D
14-Mar-19SunsquareJupiter01:29:0123°Pi10′ D23°Sg10′ D
14-Mar-19MercurytrineNorth Node09:19:0424°Pi50′ R24°Cn50′ R
14-Mar-19MarstrineSaturn10:02:1218°Ta48′ D18°Cp48′ D
14-Mar-19First Quarter Moon in Gemini10:26:5923°Ge33′ D23°Pi33′ D
15-Mar-19SunconjunctMercury01:47:2424°Pi11′ D24°Pi11′ R
15-Mar-19SuntrineNorth Node17:40:5024°Pi50′ D24°Cn50′ D
15-Mar-19MercurysquareJupiter23:16:2323°Pi19′ R23°Sg19′ D
16-Mar-19MercurysextilePluto13:08:0022°Pi46′ R22°Cp46′ D
17-Mar-19MercuryconjunctVesta14:31:5221°Pi46′ R21°Pi46′ D
18-Mar-19MercurysextileMars03:23:0821°Pi17′ R21°Ta17′ D
19-Mar-19PlutosextileVesta18:44:5822°Cp50′ D22°Pi50′ D
20-Mar-19MarstrinePluto11:41:0322°Ta50′ D22°Cp50′ D
20-Mar-19MercurysextileSaturn14:26:4819°Pi12′ R19°Cp12′ D
20-Mar-19SunentersAries21:58:2000°Ar00′ D00°Ar00′ D
21-Mar-19Full Moon in Libra01:42:4500°Li09′ D00°Ar09′ D
21-Mar-19VenussquareMars08:07:0723°Aq24′ D23°Ta24′ D
21-Mar-19VenussextileJupiter14:16:2423°Aq43′ D23°Sg43′ D
21-Mar-19JupitersquareVesta14:38:0623°Sg43′ D23°Pi43′ D
22-Mar-19MarssextileVesta07:36:3524°Ta03′ D24°Pi03′ D
22-Mar-19MarssextileNorth Node13:56:1224°Ta14′ D24°Cn14′ R
22-Mar-19VestatrineNorth Node15:40:3324°Pi13′ D24°Cn13′ R
22-Mar-19SunconjunctChiron18:37:5101°Ar50′ D01°Ar50′ D
22-Mar-19VenustrinePallas20:19:4425°Aq13′ D25°Li13′ R
23-Mar-19NeptunesquareJuno19:08:1616°Pi47′ D16°Ge47′ D
24-Mar-19MercurysquareJuno06:32:5517°Pi00′ R17°Ge00′ D
24-Mar-19MercuryconjunctNeptune17:27:2316°Pi49′ R16°Pi49′ D
26-Mar-19VenusentersPisces19:43:1000°Pi00′ D00°Pi00′ D
27-Mar-19JupitersextilePallas07:56:4924°Sg01′ D24°Li01′ R
27-Mar-19VenussextileUranus16:45:1301°Pi03′ D01°Ta03′ D
28-Mar-19Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn04:09:3507°Cp11′ D07°Ar11′ D
28-Mar-19PallassquareSouth Node07:48:4723°Li44′ R23°Cp44′ D
28-Mar-19PallassquareNorth Node07:48:4723°Li44′ R23°Cn44′ D
28-Mar-19Mercury stations direct13:58:4116°Pi05′ D
30-Mar-19PlutosquarePallas21:55:1923°Cp00′ D23°Li00′ R
31-Mar-19MarsentersGemini07:12:0300°Ge00′ D00°Ge00′ D