New Moon in Pisces March 2019 – Transcendental

the-boat-1902The New Moon occurs at 16:03 (UT) on March 6, 2019 at 15°Pi47′.

We’re floating in the middle of the ocean, drifting, dreaming. There’s an abundance of water in the chart but little fire. The combination suggests that whilst we may be filled with buoyant hopes and longing, there’s little inspiration to do anything about it. So, we float, bobbing in a small boat, hands trailing in the water. Sleepy, silent.

And some could find themselves crying, leaking eyes, memories falling back into the collective pool of the unconscious. Salt water stings yet cleanses. Sometimes it’s necessary. Pisces is a sign of compassion and empathy. Turn that kindness on yourself. Hold your hand over your heart. Reassure yourself that you are okay, even if you are lost, in pain or suffering.

Mercury is still stationary after turning retrograde yesterday on the final, anaretic degree of Pisces. Anaretic degrees are super sensitive, more so in tender Pisces. Words now have many layers of meaning, ripples of reflection, undertone, subtext. It’s difficult to hear what is said – or trust whether there is some other subliminal message trickling through. It’s like our ears are clogged after deep diving, sounds muffled. Anaretic Mercury is conjunct Chiron, also on a critical degree at 0 Aries. Words can hurt or words can heal – those we say to others and those we say to ourselves. The key is not to suffer in silence. With Chiron in Aries, we need to take action to find healing. It’s hard to do when you are down, depressed and utterly forlorn but take the initiative, reach out. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see a way forward or find an answer to problems.  Trust that you can find your way with a little guidance.

New Moon in Pisces

The Moon is conjunct Pisces ruler Neptune, making everything seem like a water colour painting. Lines are blurred, boundaries are blurred. There’s a tendency to idealise under Neptune’s influence. The Moon is also square to Jupiter, emphasising the Jupiter-Neptune square that forms the backdrop to this year’s events. Whilst Jupiter can give great faith, combined with Neptune, we could see what we want to see or believe what we want to believe. The problem is that if we lose touch with reality, we could end up feeling disappointed. Escapism too is an issue as Jupiter expands upon Neptune’s fantasies. Whilst this is the time to pay attention to our imagination and draw on its creative potential, some could find themselves disconnecting, immersed in Netflix, checking out with alcohol or drugs. Ground yourself. Practice mindfulness. Don’t get carried away. As a caution, stomachs are sensitive now too. Pay attention to food hygiene. Be careful with shellfish. Be mindful of foods and medications you already know you have a sensitivity to.

But still, despite the potential difficulties, as the Moon is also conjunct priestess Vesta, there is a highly spiritual tone to this New Moon. It’s perfect for focusing on your spiritual path, New Moon rituals, deity dedications, tarot card blessing or just simply tuning in to your soul. Right now, it’s important to let go of the noise and distraction of the outside world and go within. Get comfortable with silence. The Sabian symbol of this lunation is :-

In The Quiet Of His Study A Creative Individual Experiences A Flow Of Inspiration

In our busy modern world, often silence is something we rarely experience or actively avoid. Sit in the dark for five minutes to rest your soul or, if that seems too scary, wake up at sunrise and listen to the dawn chorus. Create space so that you can hear your breath. It’s in these times that vivid imagery can appear that puts you in touch with the part of you that is connected to all that is beyond your understanding.

The New Moon forms sextiles to both Mars and Saturn so there is help at hand too. We can become master builders when we listen to our intuition. With discipline effort and mature leadership, we can breathe life into our dreams. But still, Saturn cautions we must be realistic to gain the best from this hopeful chart. Neptune and Vesta remind us that we need to focus on what is most meaningful to us.

Uranus, The Awakener has just moved into Taurus bringing high frequency knowledge down to Earth. Yet with otherworldly Neptune conjunct the New Moon, this is like waking within a dream. Lucid dreams are extraordinary states of consciousness where you can interact with the dreamscape with full awareness that you are dreaming. Right now, we need to be open to understanding there are many layers of consciousness. There is much more to reality than we see. Neptune rules all those things that are invisible – ghosts, spirits, Gods, the spiritual thread that binds us all, other dimensions. We are interacting with something beyond the physical realms and sometimes it can be unsettling. With nothing tangible to draw upon, we could be tempted to say that our experiences aren’t real – yet we need to allow for miracles, impossibilities and all those things that go beyond the known world. Transcend your limits.

Painting – ‘The Boat’ by Odilon Redon