New Moon in Gemini June 2019 – Maestro

The New Moon occurs at 11:01 (BST) on June 3, 2019 at 12°Ge33′.

The New Moon in Gemini brings an opportunity to explore the multitude of options available. This cerebral sign is drawn to gather information, take part in conversation and pursue idea after idea. Flitting from one topic to another keeps the Gemini mind active and nimble, flexible enough to acquire a large amount of knowledge and connect the dots. Gemini is a sign of basic education, communication, information. It collects and sorts data, gives things names, divides and separates to tell the difference between one thing and another.

The house with Gemini on the cusp in the natal chart is where we need to have a constant flow of mental stimulation and where we seek out information. This is the area of life that makes us think and generates conversation. The New Moon in Gemini generates new information and ideas to work with.

This New Moon in Gemini triggers the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune square which will be exact on June 16. The Moon and Sun widely oppose Jupiter and widely square Neptune. Ruler of the lunation, Mercury, is strong in its own sign but also opposes Jupiter, scattering thoughts and making us prone to exaggeration and misjudgement. Throw in the fact that Mercury is also Out of Bounds at the moment, this is akin to throwing all the rules out of the window. What happens around this time is anyone’s guess because the game is now off the field – perhaps even out of sight.

I wrote something like 20,000 words last month – and that’s without comments and emails, a personal copious diary, scribbled thoughts, notes and a ton of prep for a ton of client readings. As I Kondo my drawers and wardrobe, delighting in my (rare) neatness, I keep the knowledge that in cyber space my digital life is akin to a hoarder’s house carefully quiet. Besides, when I close the lid of my laptop, it disappears like magic!

But this New Moon, the lid is wide open. We’re piling through computer folders finding little treasures, forgotten pieces of prose, lyrics from some 80’s band, an unfinished story, plans for a holiday never taken, lists and lists of books to read – and so many sample chapters on your kindle that your heavy heart knows there will never be enough hours to read all of them.

New Moon in Gemini Chart
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In the outer world too, minds are overwhelmed. Emails are coming out of our ears, social media drags us from one opinion to another, puppy memes pleasantly distract, and fake news is rife.  Fact and fiction mix to make fascinating stories – great for fiction writers and creatives, not to mention those who seek to sway our thoughts like politicians, the media and the advertising industry. As Neptune is at the apex of the T-square there are illusions, delusions, mirages, lies. – yes indeed.

This lunation is lovely for meetups, long chats with friends about everything and nothing. Call your siblings, your aunt or knock on your neighbour’s door for a cuppa. But overall, we could feel scattered and it’s hard to make decisions in this atmosphere.

Probably the greatest challenge is that the Jupiter-Neptune square seems filled with promise and we’re so touched by the possibility of something better that we could make errors of judgement. The background Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction means there’s a general sense of foreboding. Life feels hard, serious and toxic. The planet is falling apart, tensions are escalating, and no government seems to be taking any responsibility. So, Jupiter and Neptune’s abundance of possibilities and vast array of options could feel very attractive right now. But we absolutely need to keep our feet on the ground. It’s not that there aren’t any workable ideas nor chance to improve our quality of life – it’s just that we need to ensure that we’re not chasing a rainbow. Write down your thoughts. Open a dialogue. Start a debate or discussion. Give yourself time to think but favour your intuition for making the final call.

The Sabian symbol of this New Moon is :-

A Famous Pianist Giving A Concert Performance

Despite the issues, there is an element of brilliance with this degree. To give a virtuoso performance, however, takes hours and hours of practice. The chances of hitting a bum note are high if we go out there and wing it. We need to keep our rhythm, know our part, be willing to slow or staccato as instructed. The more prepared and flexible we are, the better the chance we will make a success of any endeavour seeded at this New Moon.

Painting – ‘Young Woman at the Piano’ by Pierre-Auguste Renoir