July 2019 Astrology Forecast

Good grief this is a busy month! It’s eclipse season, Mercury is about to go retrograde and there’s a whole bunch of activation of the Saturn-Pluto-South Node business that we have got going on in Capricorn. Buckle your seatbelts my little stars, it’s going to be a wild ride.

Mars enters all singing, all dancing Leo on July 2 and well, that’s a relief at least! After floundering in Cancer, our red planet feels far more welcome in warm and fiery Leo plus he’s no longer kicking off with Saturn and Pluto. What motivates us now is enjoyment. We need to feel like we are enjoying what we are doing. The downside is that if we’re not having some fun, temper tantrums can ensue. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about simple entertainment – a night at the theatre, an afternoon at the game, gosh, even a date! When life is busy, often the first thing we lose off the ‘to do’ list is free time for ourselves. But if we don’t let off steam, tension can build.

The sign Mars is travelling through indicates how we go after our goals. Mars in Leo is proactive, passionate and sometimes a little too impetuous. If we’ve been too scared to take a risk, this transit is helpful – but we do need to make sure it’s a calculated risk before going off half cocked.

July 2 is also the beginning of eclipse season with a solar eclipse in Cancer. This amped up New Moon brings to the foreground issues connected to home and family, deep feelings rooted in the past. It’s also connected to women in general, the homeland we identify with and our history. Eclipses tend to reveal previously hidden information and it could bring us up short as the eclipse opposes Saturn. We may be forced to ‘grow up’ or ‘toughen up’ in some area of our lives. It’s also possible that we become aware of instinctive responses or behavioural patterns that have held us back. How we respond to a simple ‘no’ may also be part of the picture.

Venus enters Cancer on July 3 softening hearts. We are tender, sentimental, filled with nostalgia about old loves and past times. This is a cuddly transit, a blessing on a healthy relationship as we’re more likely to show how we feel with genuine affection. The problem comes when we don’t have what we need as the instinct is to withdraw into our shell, nurturing hurt feelings and old grudges.

Saturn makes its second conjunction this year to the South Node on July 4, possibly bringing the July 2 eclipse to life. Once again, we are pushed to release limiting behaviour. Some questions to think of here are :- by whose authority do you make your decisions? Do you make decisions based on whether there will be approval or disapproval from others? What commitments need to be released so that you can achieve your ambitions? What ambitions need to be released because they no longer resonate with the person you are today? How connected are you to your inner parent? How can you step into your own authority? Where do you fear that you are not ‘good enough’? What unfinished business needs to be laid to rest for good?

Mercury stations retrograde in Leo on July 8. We may experience a loss of confidence when it comes to creative self-expression or letting others know opinions or ideas. Mercury will backtrack into Cancer during this retrograde period too so we will also be exploring the roots of our feelings that perhaps effect our ability to be the hero of our own story.

Chiron stations retrograde on July 9 so now all three fire signs are tenanted by retrograde planets – Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in the Sagittarius create the trio. Chiron retrograde in Aries asks us to look wounds we have encountered since February this year – especially those that have compromised our ability to assert ourselves or our independence. Chiron in Aries can manifest as feeling ‘I don’t have the right’. It’s hard to fight our way forward when we feel broken, outcast or weak. The fire signs overall stand for our inspiration and creativity so all of us on some level may be sensing lack in this area. Demotivated, dispirited, we need to reconnect to the fire within to ensure we thrive in a world that can be painful.

The First Quarter Moon in Libra also on July 9 pushes us to find our equilibrium, despite old emotional content coming to the surface. The Sun is also conjunct the North Node on this date too, shedding light on our karmic evolutionary path. Mars then trines Chiron on July 11, boosting energy levels and giving us some of that confidence we were looking for. However, we need to ensure that this doesn’t result in impulsive action as Mars will also square Uranus at the same time. We’re restless for change and still unsure of what to do. Sometimes it feels like any action is better than none, but we need to guard against frying pan-fire scenarios. It is eclipse season after all!

The second and final eclipse is on July 16, a lunar eclipse in Capricorn in an intoxicating conjunction with Pluto. Feelings are intense and we’re exploring issues around power and control. Who has the power, who doesn’t? Our personal and collective shadow is also on view and maybe we don’t like what we see. Still, how we respond to that is part of the process.

Mercury retrograde then backtracks into Cancer on July 19 where we may be uncharacteristically reserved when it comes to expressing our feelings. Family issues that have been rumbling below the surface could bubble up at this time but also offers the opportunity to have cleansing conversations. As Mercury leaves Leo, the Sun enters on July 23, so even with all the potent planetary action that is happening, we’re still encouraged to let ourselves shine. The spotlight is on our talents and our ability to fall in love with life.

July 25 sees the Last Quarter Moon giving us one final test in this lunation cycle. The Sun in royal Leo likes a whole bunch of pomp and circumstance but the Moon in Taurus savours simple pleasures. After all the action this month, taking a quiet moment to smell the roses will probably be much appreciated. This is also the date that Mars trines Jupiter, increasing motivation and propelling us towards future goals. This combination of influences suggests that the more we appreciate the present, the better prepared we are for whatever we desire for the future.

The month ends with a transiting yod pattern from July 27 – 29 as Mars forms quincunxes with both Saturn and Neptune. Yods can be strange patterns because we feel pressure to resolve irresolvable complexes. Mars in Leo drives us to take risks and follow our hearts but the quincunxes to Saturn and Neptune bring reservation and uncertainty. Despite the second guessing, the wondering whether we’re doing the right thing, we must still go after our goals because the Finger of God points firmly to Mars. As Venus enters Leo on July 28, perhaps we get a little help aligning our deepest values with our child-like desires. If we can curb attention seeking behaviour and problems with pride, we can express the more positive traits of this transit which is warmth and generosity.

Painting – ‘St. Jerome and the Lion’ by Hans Memling


02-Jul-19MarsentersLeo00:19:1500°Le00′ D00°Le00′ D
02-Jul-19Solar Eclipse in Cancer20:16:0510°Cn37′ D
03-Jul-19ChirontrineJuno10:39:0905°Ar55′ D05°Le55′ D
03-Jul-19UranussquareJuno13:39:2605°Ta59′ D05°Le59′ D
03-Jul-19VenusentersCancer16:17:5900°Cn00′ D00°Cn00′ D
03-Jul-19MarstrineCeres18:42:2501°Le07′ D01°Sg07′ R
04-Jul-19SaturnconjunctSouth Node08:28:0317°Cp36′ R17°Cp36′ D
07-Jul-19SunsquarePallas06:34:3214°Cn51′ D14°Li51′ D
08-Jul-19Mercury stations retrograde00:14:2004°Le27′ R
08-Jul-19VenussquareChiron12:42:1905°Cn56′ D05°Ar56′ D
08-Jul-19VenussextileUranus16:31:5006°Cn08′ D06°Ta08′ D
08-Jul-19MercuryconjunctMars23:27:0004°Le25′ R04°Le25′ D
09-Jul-19Chiron stations retrograde00:39:2505°Ar56′ R
09-Jul-19First Quarter Moon in Libra11:54:4516°Li58′ D16°Cn58′ D
09-Jul-19SunoppositeSaturn18:07:0417°Cn12′ D17°Cp12′ R
10-Jul-19SunconjunctNorth Node04:37:0317°Cn37′ D17°Cn37′ D
11-Jul-19SuntrineNeptune05:30:5418°Cn37′ D18°Pi37′ R
11-Jul-19MarstrineChiron08:29:2505°Le56′ D05°Ar56′ R
11-Jul-19MarssquareUranus19:00:4806°Le12′ D06°Ta12′ D
11-Jul-19JupitersextilePallas21:43:3315°Sg54′ R15°Li54′ D
14-Jul-19VenussextileVesta12:36:4113°Cn17′ D13°Ta17′ D
14-Jul-19SunoppositePluto15:51:0521°Cn53′ D21°Cp53′ R
15-Jul-19SaturnsquarePallas11:21:2816°Cp47′ R16°Li47′ D
16-Jul-19Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 22:38:0524°Cp04′ D
17-Jul-19VenusoppositeSaturn06:33:5416°Cn39′ D16°Cp39′ R
17-Jul-19Ceres stations direct20:07:4500°Sg30′ D
17-Jul-19VenussquarePallas21:16:5917°Cn25′ D17°Li25′ D
18-Jul-19VenusconjunctNorth Node01:45:2617°Cn38′ D17°Cn38′ R
18-Jul-19MercurytrineCeres13:28:2200°Le31′ R00°Sg31′ D
18-Jul-19PallassquareNorth Node17:24:4917°Li38′ D17°Cn38′ R
18-Jul-19VenustrineNeptune19:02:3618°Cn31′ D18°Pi31′ R
19-Jul-19Mercury Rxre-entersCancer08:06:0700°Le00′ R00°Le00′ D
21-Jul-19VenusoppositePluto09:31:5621°Cn43′ D21°Cp43′ R
21-Jul-19SunconjunctMercury13:33:5128°Cn28′ D28°Cn28′ R
22-Jul-19JupitertrineJuno18:14:1415°Sg06′ R15°Le06′ D
23-Jul-19SunentersLeo03:50:1600°Le00′ D00°Le00′ D
23-Jul-19SaturntrineVesta10:24:3916°Cp13′ R16°Ta13′ D
23-Jul-19SuntrineCeres19:28:2000°Le37′ D00°Sg37′ D
25-Jul-19MercuryconjunctVenus01:26:0126°Cn13′ R26°Cn13′ D
25-Jul-19Last Quarter Moon in Taurus02:17:5501°Ta50′ D01°Le50′ D
25-Jul-19MarstrineJupiter13:22:2314°Le57′ D14°Sg57′ R
27-Jul-19VestasextileNorth Node17:32:5417°Ta33′ D17°Cn33′ D
28-Jul-19VenusentersLeo02:53:4400°Le00′ D00°Le00′ D
28-Jul-19VenustrineCeres19:54:4200°Le52′ D00°Sg52′ D
29-Jul-19SuntrineChiron04:43:0605°Le46′ D05°Ar46′ R
30-Jul-19SunsquareUranus00:14:0106°Le32′ D06°Ta32′ D
30-Jul-19NeptunesextileVesta08:32:2118°Pi20′ R18°Ta20′ D
31-Jul-19MarssquareVesta08:39:3018°Le38′ D18°Ta38′ D