Mercury Retrograde July 2019


Mercury stations retrograde at 00:14 (BST) on July 8, 2019 at 04°Le27′ R

This is a particularly vibrant retrograde period given the aspects that Mercury makes and the fact that we are in eclipse season. I have already been noticing signs during the shadow period which began on June 20. Trump’s historical moment crossing the border into North Korea and ‘friendly’ talks with Kim Jong Un were quickly followed by North Korea accusing the US of being ‘hell bent on hostile acts’. In other news, the Dalai Lama was forced to explain recent comments regarding women and migrants that had generated heated debate. Retraction, review, rethink, re-evaluate, repair – these are all the typical ‘re’ words that we can attribute to the retrograde period.

Mercury’s station will occur on the day that Mercury and Mars form the second of three conjunctions this year. The first conjunction was on June 18, the last will be on September 3. Perhaps then, we can anticipate that ideas which generate new goals might not be clarified until September. Every two years, Mercury and Mars meet three times for discussion and debate but sometimes this aspect can descend into arguments and accusation. Mars inflames, heats, antagonises, reacts and Mercury communicates. We can’t hold our tongues, we can’t think for seeing red, we’re making snap decisions – all possibilities that we need to do our best to avoid.

The conjunction between Mercury and Mars will also be just a couple of degrees away from a square with Uranus so added to the mix is a feeling of unpredictability and instability. Uranus brings in rebelliousness, shock, surprise, anxiety. Decisions made now have unpredictable results – as do arguments.

It’s possible that we’re easily triggered because Venus is also square to Chiron as Mercury stations. This brings up fears around whether we are liked, loved or appreciated. Mercury in theatrical Leo wants everyone to listen. “Look at me!” says Leo. Leo needs recognition and praise, like a little child showing off their new dance routine. But with Mercury stationing retrograde stage fright sets in. We muddle our lines, become too conscious of the audience. We want to be seen but we’re terrified of making a public mistake. Venus square Chiron is super-sensitive about appearances. But Mars being Mars, he likes to push so our efforts to entertain or impress can become ham-fisted, over-acted, over-stated. Dramatic scenes and drama queens could be a key theme of this station unless we pay close attention to where we feel hurt, upset, triggered, angry, defiant, rebellious.

This combination of planets can suggest being accident prone, mostly because we’re not paying attention with minds pre-occupied. Mars likes everything to happen quickly so people driving too fast and running a red light are possible manifestations of this influence. Walking round on high alert fearing what’s going to happen isn’t helpful – instead, just be mindful of what you’re feeling. Anger in particular can often make us hasty. Impatience can get the better of us. Slow down. Breathe. Plan for delays. Don’t let pride get in the way of your interaction with others.

The best way we can use this powerful aspect pattern is to get creative. Be brave. Think outside of the box. Whilst it may be best to wait before implementing new plans, this would be an ideal time to brainstorm. More importantly, as Leo rules the heart, this is about getting back to our heart centre. We don’t need to strive to impress or force people to listen. When you do what you do and say what you say based on love, then no applause is required or needed. Yes it’s nice to be recognised but doing what you love for the sake of it has it’s own rewards. It brings a genuine sense of warmth, connection, rightness. You don’t need someone else to validate your experience.

The Sabian symbol for the station retrograde is ‘Rock Formations Tower Over A Deep Canyon’. I don’t know about you, but this symbol immediately made me think about the earthquakes in California! I noted back in my post on Uranus in Taurus that we are likely to see an increase in earthquake activity during this transit.

This symbol however can also talk of feeling like you’re between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes we have to make a leap of faith to get out of a difficult situation – but still, we must guard against being impetuous and impulsive. Again, we need to come back to the heart whilst carefully gauging the reality of our circumstances.

Mercury and Mars will remain in orb of a conjunction until July 16. This is the date of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Mercury then trines Ceres on July 18 the second of three trines due to this retrograde period. The final trine to Ceres will be on August 13, after Mercury has stationed direct.

In the mundane world, this repeated aspect between Mercury and Ceres could relate to the ongoing conversation about the separation of migrant mothers from their children. Ceres (Earth Mother), is currently in an extended stay in Sagittarius, the sign associated with international travel as well as law. Of course, right now we have the North Node travelling through Cancer, so families and mothering have been clearly in the headlines, not only with the migrant issues and detention camps but also with the abhorrent new rulings on abortion in the US. Here in the UK, other shocking events have occurred such as the murder of a pregnant woman. These themes then are uppermost in the collective psyche at the moment.

In our own lives, Ceres in Sagittarius asks us to nurture our sense of adventure, our sense of wonder, excitement, positivity. Mercury retrograde in Leo is asking us all, where did you stop taking risks and why? Where have you been too afraid to shine? Where have you been afraid of showing what you can do? Where have you been afraid of being seen, acknowledged, loved? Mercury trine Ceres suggests we need to have a conversation about these matters, a kinder dialogue with our inner mother. We need to connect with the part of ourselves that is like an inner cheerleader, cheering us on every step of the way, loving us unconditionally regardless of performance.

Mercury then re-enters Cancer on July 20, changing the conversation and the vibe. Now we’re rethinking how we communicate our feelings. Maybe we’re talking about family, home, personal matters. Perhaps we need to reassess how we discuss our emotions. How can we verbalise what’s going on at the core? Is this where the fear of taking centre stage comes from?

The Sun’s conjunction to Mercury on July 21 marks the midpoint of the retrograde and the moment mind is illuminated with insight. After this date, Mercury will become a morning star, rising like we arise from sleep, enlightened by dreams. The Sabian symbol of the Sun-Mercury conjunction is :-

A Greek Muse Weighing Newborn Twins In Golden Scales

This symbol suggests carefully weighing things up, balanced decisions and not allowing personal beliefs and judgements to bias the scales. A baby is a blank slate, a beginning, open to information. Gold is the colour often associated with the crown chakra. Higher consciousness must guide our decisions.

Mercury then joins with Venus on July 25, again reiterating the idea of communicating from a place of love and appreciation. It’s a softening after the hard Mars conjunction. It’s cuddles after a fall out. It’s making up after a row. This is sweet talking, words falling like honey, flattery, diplomacy, talking things out to find an agreement. We’re talking about relationships or money or what’s going on in our hearts. In the news we might see stories that correspond to the idea of damage limitation, especially if there’s been some fighting talk around the beginning of this retrograde period.

On July 30, Mercury retrograde opposes the lunar eclipse point, possibly bringing some activation or insight regarding whatever occurred around that time (16th July). Mercury then stations direct on August 1 less than an hour after the New Moon in Leo. Like the station retrograde was animated by Mars, the station direct is amplified by the New Moon – really consolidating this retrograde period as a standout event – perfect for the Leo influence! It seems to suggest a new start that is accompanied by a turnaround of events. Perhaps the revelations of the retrograde period has lead us to a new beginning, one which sees us finally stepping up onto life’s stage but now our script is fully rehearsed and we’re ready to say our lines.

Mercury stations direct on the Sabian symbol Sabian :-

A Woman And Two Men Castaways On A Small Island Of The South Seas

This is a symbol that discusses how we get along with one another. It’s a symbol of crowding – or it’s a symbol that can represent family, bonding, finding a way to work with one another. Perhaps then, there is an over-arching story in this retrograde period. Instead of fighting and jostling for the limelight, maybe we need to realise that the world is much bigger when we allow each other to shine. Instead of vying for attention, it’s about letting what’s in our hearts speak for itself.

Mercury Retrograde July 2019 – List of important Dates

18-Jun-19 Mercury conjunct Mars
20-Jun-19 Mercury enters shadow zone
27-Jun-19 Mercury enters Leo
29-Jun-19 Mercury trine Ceres
08-Jul-19 Mercury stations Retrograde
08-Jul-19 Mercury conjunct Mars
18-Jul-19 Mercury trine Ceres
19-Jul-19 Mercury re-enters Cancer
21-Jul-19 Sun conjunct Mercury
25-Jul-19 Mercury conjunct Venus
30-Jul-19 Mercury Rx opposes the Lunar Eclipse degree
01-Aug-19 Mercury stations Direct
02-Aug-19 Mercury Direct opposes the Lunar Eclipse degree
11-Aug-19 Mercury re-enters Leo
13-Aug-19 Mercury  trine Ceres
15-Aug-19 Mercury exits shadow zone
03-Sep-19 Mercury conjunct Mars

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