Weekly Astrology Forecast August 5 – 11, 2019 – PATREON

The week ahead feels full of promise and is relatively quieter than of late. First up is the Sun’s trine to bountiful Jupiter on August 7. With both bodies strong in their own signs we’re invigorated by thoughts of the future, visionary planning, self-improvement and making life bigger and better. It’s easier now to see where there are opportunities for growth. It’s about having the confidence to say yes to life. Make some travel plans, go on a date (or take yourself for a date!), take a class, stroll around Google maps (one of my favourite things to do!). The point is to see that there is more to life and to broaden your horizons. The creative possibilities are endless.


07-Aug-19 Sun trine Jupiter
Expanding horizons

07-Aug-19 First Quarter Moon in Scorpio
A turning point from dark to light.

07-Aug-19 Astrological Lammas
The Pagan festival of First Harvest. Give thanks for abundance.

08-Aug-19 Mars sextile Pallas
Strategic Meetings

08-Aug-19 Venus trine Jupiter
Heart Expanding

10-Aug-19 Pluto trine Vesta
Focused devotion

11-Aug-19 Jupiter stations direct
Ready for developments

11-Aug-19 Mercury enters Leo
Finding your voice

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